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Very helpful and answered all my questions. I bought two beautiful house snakes that arrived healthy. Thank you!
Rating by k***n for African House Snake ($50.00)
What an amazing 1st experience! Excellent communication, care and a beautiful, healthy new addition to my family! Thank you!
Rating by a***3 for Bearded Dragon Central Bearded Dragon ($50.00)
Beautiful animals and was great to deal with for the Whole process.
Rating by e***4 for Texas Alligator Lizard Other Lizard ($225.00)
Excellent transaction.
Rating by a***x for Ghost Tessera Blood Pied Corn Snake ($99.00)
Our baby arrived active and healthy. She ate within 24 hours and has settled in very nicely! Would definitely purchase from this seller in the future.
Rating by b***3 for Apricot Pueblan Milk Snake ($119.00)
Bradley Awesome, great and will do more business with him in the near future and refer him to others as well
Rating by d***7 for (Amyae) Knob-Tailed Gecko ($600.00)
They were extremely helpful and i’d recommend them to everyone. There was no issues with them and they seem very knowledgeable. I’ll be purchasing from them again.
Rating by n***m for Red Eye Tree Frogs Red-Eyed Tree Frog ($50.00)
I purchased a pair on Sanzinia from Predators and everything was great! The boas arrived in great condition and I couldn’t be happier - thanks again!
Rating by t***n for Madagascar (Western Sanzinia) Pairs Tree Boa ($5,000.00)
Great seller great shipper great staying in contact 100% perfect seller and snake
Rating by r***8 for 50/50 California Kingsnake ($150.00)
Was amazing at responding to questions in a quick manner. Packaged perfectly and fast will buy from again in the future
Rating by d***3 for Apricot Pueblan Milk Snake ($119.00)
Seller responded promptly to emails sent directly to him on his website. Beautiful snake exactly as pictured. Well packaged, timely arrival. He worked with me to find the exact snake I wanted. Would have liked to know when she last ate.
Rating by a***1 for Apricot Pueblan Milk Snake ($119.00)
Fantastic response time, my new baby woma python is in excellent health, alert, and I highly recommend Predators Reptile Center!
Rating by k***9 for Woma Python ($600.00)
Both snakes were packed up and secured very well. A cooling pack was included which helped a lot with the extreme heat wave we've been dealing with in June. Thanks a ton PRC!
Rating by j***z for Savannah Pair Western Hognose ($2,000.00)
Excellent snakes, experience, and im very happy! Thank you.
Rating by r***x for Flamingo Mandarin Extreme Okeetee Corn Snake ($99.00)
Second time using this seller. Excellent to work with.
Rating by w***n for European Legless Lizard Other Lizard ($150.00)
Seller answered all my questions and was patient. Animals were packed well and shipment made it alive despite being trapped at the Memphis hub an extra day. I got 3 snakes and 2 millipedes and all appear very healthy. I would buy from them again.
Rating by r***o for Super Fork Gopher Gopher Snake ($275.00)
Very happy with my order. Millipedes arrived safe and alive, even after being stuck at the Memphis hub an extra day! Would purchase from this company again.
Rating by r***o for African Giant Millipede ($150.00)
Thank you for an awesome new family memeber. Outstanding service.
Rating by i***h for Caiman Lizard Other Lizard ($550.00)
Bad ass
Rating by b***8 for Death Stalkers Scorpion ($50.00)
Great communication, great little snake, great seller. I have followed the store and I will be shopping with this seller first for my next house snake.
Rating by t***l for African House Snake ($50.00)
They were fairly quick to respond and I got a beautiful Rough green snake!! I can’t wait to watch her grow
Rating by k***2 for Rough Green Snakes Other Colubrid ($30.00)
Second purchase from this store and I am COMPLETELY satisfied. Amazing, quick communication and all questions answered. Only thing with this one specifically was I thought it was female when it was actually male, but the sex was not listed so no prob
Rating by a***o for Woma Python ($600.00)
Seller was responsive, offered to delay shipping as requested, animal arrived on time, safe and sound and is doing great.
Rating by c***n for African Giant Millipede ($150.00)
I had to repeatedly ask one of there workers when is the snake gonna be shipped and if the snake would be shipped on time
Rating by c***9 for Egyptian False Cobra Other Colubrid ($300.00)
I received my false water cobra from them today and they are absolutely beautiful. Exactly as portrayed in the pictures. They were absolutely great to work with and always answered me promptly. I would highly recommend them.
Rating by k***2 for False Water Cobra Other Colubrid ($500.00)
We asked for pictures of the snake ahead of time and the seller was courteous and helpful in sending them. Snake received was precisely what was pictured. Seller assisted us in purchase process, and snake was delivered in full health only days later.
Rating by t***k for High White California Kingsnake ($200.00)
Great service all around! Communication was fast, clear, and professional. Received my deathstalker scorpion the next day. It was very alert, active and healthy. Packaging was incredible and very safe for the scorpion and for myself!
Rating by l***n for Death Stalkers Scorpion ($50.00)
Everything arrived just fine. Seller did not communicate until after the animal was shipped. It would be better if the customer could have some say in the shipping date.
Rating by r***v for Monkey-tailed Skink ($450.00)
Great communication, the skink I received was in perfect shape, came out active and calm. Definitely recommend!
Rating by m***n for Monkey-tailed Skink ($450.00)
Millipede was healthy and got here very quickly during a time of cool Temperatures where we live. A+ Service!
Rating by b***1 for African Giant Millipede ($200.00)
Sale went great , shipping was quick and the next day. Package was great and safely arrived ,but i had a feeding question I sent an email about and still have yet to get a response .
Rating by t***7 for Hypo Burmese Python ($900.00)
No complaints and all went smoothly.
Rating by j***c for Dragon Snake Other Colubrid ($500.00)
I received a nice healthy Frilled Dragon. He was eating crickets and drinking right out of the box. He has settled in nicely. I would recommend Predators Reptile Center.
Rating by p***o for Indonesian Frilled Dragon Other Lizard ($300.00)
Everything was as described and fast shipping with good packaging!
Rating by s***8 for African Giant Millipede ($200.00)
I ordered a giant African millipede on a Monday and received it on Wednesday! Seller was excellent with communication and there were no issues with the transaction.
Rating by l***3 for African Giant Millipede ($200.00)
purchased 2 times from seller and both were awesome reptiles and experience , very good people to deal with.
Rating by d***s for Egyptian Uro's Spiny-tailed Lizard ($400.00)
Everyone was super helpful! The snake is very healthy so far and is very docile. Thanks Predators for helping me get my dream snake!
Rating by h***3 for Eastern Indigo Indigo Snake ($1,600.00)
Another beautiful little snake. Thank you so much. Would always come back for more.
Rating by g***t for T+ Albino African House Snake ($225.00)
Beautiful little snake. Great communication. Would definitely buy from again.
Rating by g***t for African House Snake ($50.00)
Everything went well other than fed ex messing up the shipping and the snake is exactly what was pictured, very happy overall with this company
Rating by d***6 for Albino Burmese Python ($500.00)
Great seller with beautiful healthy animals.
Rating by b***r for Tri-color Hognose ($400.00)
Very satisfied. Animal was packaged for shipping very well.
Rating by l***1 for Super Mossy Leaf-Tailed Gecko ($300.00)
Got a trio of these beautiful tri-colored hognose snakes. Great communication and the snakes are in perfect condition.Great packing as well. Thank-you very much.
Rating by k***s for Tri-color Hognose ($400.00)
Seller did a great job on packaging, animal was exactly the one pictured and in pristine condition. I would definitely buy from them again.
Rating by n***y for Loma Alta Grey Band Gray-banded Kingsnake ($450.00)