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Snake arrived gorgeous and clean and healthy. Shipped correctly and very professional. definitely recommend
Rating by j***6 for Yellow Head Tiger Reticulated Python ($300.00)
Thank you I love my snakes!
Glad your snake arrived safely and hope is doing well in new home!
Rating by z***6 for Goldenchild Reticulated Python ($300.00)
I bought a male golden child born 7/3/23. He arrived today. He is in shed, but otherwise he looks good. Excited to see his progress!
Rating by l***z for Goldenchild Reticulated Python ($275.00)
Extremely happy. My guy got here promptly and seller was in communication throughout the whole process over one of the best experiences I have had!
Rating by l***a for San Felipe Rosy Boa ($300.00)
I purchased this guy in storeand he was even more beautiful in person. It’s been a week now, and he’s already pooped, shed, and eaten for me. He’s an absolute sweetheart of a snake.
Rating by k***3 for Coral Glow Pastel Ball Python ($325.00)
Definitely worth the wait...great snake beautiful color! Keep up the videos yall! Keep living the dream God is Great!
Thank you Matthew! We hope you enjoy your snake and keep Living The Dream!
Rating by s***c for Motley Goldenchild Het Albino Reticulated Python ($2,500.00)
They boa is doing great.
Rating by s***s for El Rosario Rosy Boa ($400.00)
I truly appreciate you taking time out to answer all of my questions. This process was quick and simple…. I can definitely tell you spend time making your animals social because this guy is a puppy dog.. I definitely will be coming back
Rating by p***4 for Tiger Pied Prob. Platron Reticulated Python ($3,500.00)
Good communication and toad arrived healthy and well taken care of.
Rating by g***h for American Toad ($35.00)
Rating by p***s for San Matias Rosy Boa ($300.00)
Communication with the seller was excellent: fast to respond and happy to answer all my questions. My snake arrived in perfect condition. She was clearly taken care of very well at the facility! I would absolutely recommend this seller to my friends.
Rating by k***i for San Matias Rosy Boa ($325.00)
Smooth transaction
Rating by j***8 for Ortiz Rosy Boa ($300.00)
Jay and his staff is absolutely awesome. And I recommend them 100%.
Rating by a***s for Firefly Phantom Ball Python ($425.00)
Everything was almost perfect! This was my first time ever buying a pet online and was absolutely amazing! There were a few small hiccups in communication, but there was always a valid reason. My boa arrived happy and healthy in great packaging.
Rating by r***4 for Hualapai AZ Rosy Boa ($325.00)
Overall very happy with this male. It was the perfect male for us and I am glad we were able to purchase him. The packaging was next level and the Anthrax male was in perfect health.
Rating by e***h for Sunfire Anthrax Het Albino / Mocha Reticulated Python ($750.00)
The entire experience was outstanding. I had contacted a different seller originally, but the transparency of Prehistoric Pets was much better. Quick and informative replies, they were extremely professional and friendly throughout the process. A+!
Rating by h***1 for San Felipe Rosy Boa ($325.00)
Great company to buy from and great quality animals. Highly recommend
Rating by r***m for !SALE OF THE WEEK! $399 SHIPPED Super Tiger Reticulated Python ($399.00)
Jay and his crew was excellent to work with. Quick responses and would definitely recommend and purchase from them again
Rating by k***5 for Lav Motley Tiger Reticulated Python ($500.00)
Communication via text was great! Paid and shipped within a few days. Couldn’t have asked for better service from these guys. Would not hesitate to buy from them again.
Rating by r***s for Fire Clown Ball Python ($475.00)
Thank you for this beautiful baby Ball Python, He will be loved here at Nor Cal Reptile Adventures. Our transaction was the best again Thank you Kenni Huff
Rating by n***a for Banana Super Pastel Super Mystic Ball Python ($850.00)
Everything was good
Rating by j***8 for Purple Suntiger Motley Reticulated Python ($750.00)
Rating by m***s for Motley Anthrax Het Albino Reticulated Python ($1,350.00)
The communication was absolutely amazing and she arrived super healthy and properly socialized! I am absolutely in love with this baby, would definitely recommend these guys!
Rating by t***e for Mojave Cinnamon Ball Python ($250.00)
She came in great condition!
Rating by m***s for Candino Ball Python ($400.00)
I paid for a female lacertas up front, told me it was shipping out and to be ready, then didn't ship it out, ghosted me for a full week, then told me they had sold my Lacerta to someone but had more females and were unwilling to sell me one. Awful.
Rating by c***r for "Melanistic" Jeweled Lacerta ($300.00)
She arrived healthy and quickly
Rating by j***f for Champagne Ball Python ($225.00)
Got here super quick and in great health
Rating by c***o for Sunfire Anthrax Het Albino / Mocha Reticulated Python ($750.00)
We picked up our female Pied & we’re very impressed & everyone was very nice. I was sad I didn’t get to meet Jay, but we all need a day off sometimes. I did meet his daughter she was very sweet and helpful. Thank you A+++ service!
Rating by p***8 for Pied Ball Python ($475.00)
Excellent communication when we had questions, and our new Dumeril's boa arrived very healthy and exactly as described.
Rating by d***4 for Dumeril's Boa ($700.00)
Everything was GREAT & the snake is amazing!
Rating by t***7 for Motley Citron Reticulated Python ($375.00)
I was contacted same day and delt with Ed. I was impressed with how knowledgeable and friendly Ed was. Excellent customer service from start to finish. I will definitely buy from Prehistoric Pets again.
Glad to hear! We wish you the best if luck with your breedings! And hope to hear back soon
Rating by j***4 for Albino Coastal Rosy Boa ($375.00)
Beautiful snakes and great pricing and fast responses honest sellers super appreciate the quality customer service and fast replying! Been looking for this spefic combo n they locked me in fast!
Rating by t***0 for Dwarf Anery Motley Goldenchild Reticulated Python ($4,000.00)
Snake is healthy and beautiful.
Glad he arrived safely!
Rating by n***7 for 37.5% Dwarf Purple Sunfire Pos Het Snow Reticulated Python ($1,250.00)
Great customer absolutely beautiful snake
Rating by s***n for Lavender Albino Reticulated Python ($400.00)
Jay and the group were very easy to deal with. Very reliable when it came to communication. I will be purchasing from them again in the future.
Rating by m***7 for Sulcata 75lbs Sulcata Tortoise ($700.00)
Great response time. Excellent service. Very pleased thank you.
Rating by e***9 for T- Negative Albino Blood Python ($500.00)
Great service and always quality animals.
Rating by b***2 for Super Motley W/ Size Reticulated Python ($1,200.00)
Snake is awesome picture does it no justice looks way better in person and she arrived quick and safe will be ordering another one from them again soon
Rating by c***2 for Motley Tiger Het Albino Reticulated Python ($475.00)
Great experience. Will be buying from them a lot more
Rating by j***1 for Motley Tiger Het Albino Reticulated Python ($475.00)
I love Jay and Tim. Purchaced a few retics from them. Awesome breeders. Prehistoric Pets!!
Rating by r***d for Lavender Super Motley Pos Super Sunfire Tiger Reticulated Python ($1,600.00)
Prehistoric pets were awesome. Great packaging,stayed in contact the whole way .bought a beautiful female pied retic n she seems really well taking care of. Her pictures didn't do her justice. She's stunning!!
Rating by r***5 for PIED Reticulated Python ($1,250.00)
Awesome experience! My girl came perfect and healthy! She looks ever better in person! Thanks everyone at Prehistoric Pets!
Rating by c***t for Lavender Super Sunfire Motley Reticulated Python ($1,200.00)
He's a cool retic, gonna pair nicely with my motley kalatoa girl pretty soon. Thanks to Jay for knocking 100 bucks off the price and not charging for shipping. Definitely gonna go check out your shop in person in a few weeks.
Rating by p***y for 50% Dwarf Goldenchild Pos Het Anery Reticulated Python ($975.00)
Seller was very helpful and informative about all the questions I had regarding the snake. Made sure I got exactly what I wanted and that the reptile was in perfect condition. I look forward to purchasing from Prehistoric Pets again.
Rating by n***z for (Sale Of The Week!) Suntiger Het Albino Reticulated Python ($350.00)
Perfect animal and transaction. Would definitely buy from this guy again for sure.
Rating by k***d for 43% Dwarf Het Anery Pos Het Albino Reticulated Python ($400.00)
I will purchase from them again
Rating by c***2 for Lavender Platinum Reticulated Python ($500.00)
They were quick to respond to my inquiry, they were very friendly and helpful the service overall was great
Rating by e***7 for Pastel Genetic Stripe Ball Python ($300.00)
Very good
Rating by g***5 for Wild Type Reticulated Python ($249.00)
My little boa was way more beautiful in person and he has such a gentle disposition. There was some mishaps with the delivery, but they were incredibly helpful and reassuring and everything went smoothly in the end. Very happy with my purchase!
Rating by b***c for Hypo Motley Boa Constrictor ($300.00)