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Another purchase from Mike. Brilliant service as always. Ball python arrived healthy and a good size. Communication was great throughout, would highly recommend this seller and will definitely be buying again in the near future. Thanks again
Rating by b***d for Desert Ghost Clown Ball Python (£7,500.00)
Mike is fantastic to deal with. The snake is beautiful and a good size for a Male! Thanks so much Mike will look forward to doing more business together in the future.
Rating by l***s for Fire Puzzle Het Clown Ball Python (£3,000.00)
Great breeder will purchase again
Rating by m***3 for Confusion Spotnose Leopard Enchi 50% Het Clown Ball Python (£900.00)
Great communication from Mike from the moment I enquired right up to delivery. Received both ball pythons tonight, over the moon absolutely stunning. Would highly recommend this seller and definitely will be purchasing again in the future 👍
Rating by b***d for Enchi Yellowbelly Pin Clown Pied Ball Python (£4,000.00)
Fantastic animal ! Excellent quality and a please to deal with Mike.
Rating by s***s for Clown Dbl Het Hypo Puzzle Ball Python (£1,000.00)
Highly recommend quality animal
Rating by f***s for 2kg Blackhead Het Lavender Ball Python (£500.00)
Beautiful animal, clearly well cared for and in perfect health. Thank you 🙏
Rating by j***3 for Yellowbelly Pied Het Clown Ball Python (£1,200.00)
Animal as described & in fantastic condition. Great addition to anybody’s future breeding team! Would happily buy from this breeder again.
Rating by c***n for Yellowbelly Pied Het Clown Ball Python (£1,800.00)
Great quality animal. Good communication throughout. Easy to deal with.
Rating by h***s for Fire Leopard Clown Ball Python (£1,150.00)
Great communication!, Great snake! and Great service! Highly recommend!
Rating by v***s for Leopard Clown Ball Python (£600.00)
Great communication, Amazing quality snakes! Definitely recommend.
Rating by v***s for Orange Dream Clown Ball Python (£1,250.00)
Great service and really helpful all round
Rating by l***4 for Pastel Spotnose Orange Dream Het Clown Ball Python (£1,250.00)
Really pleased with our lovely new female. Service was excellent and the snake is incredible. couldn't be happier. 100% recommend buying from Rattlesnacks Ltd!
Rating by n***s for Pastel Leopard Orange Dream Yellowbelly Het Clown Ball Python (£1,250.00)
Excellent seller, good communication - very happy with the snake!!
Rating by u***s for Orange Dream Leopard Clown Poss Het Pied Ball Python (£1,700.00)
Great experience & a great snake, would highly recommend!
Rating by p***c for Pinstripe Het Clown Ball Python (£150.00)
Excellent service would recommend
Rating by p***y for Pastel Ghi Banana Ball Python (£250.00)
Great seller very responsive answered all questions. Would buy from mike again.
Rating by j***6 for Ghi Mojave Ball Python (£175.00)
Such a great purchase. Can’t fault the seller one bit.
Rating by l***8 for Triple Het Lavendar Albino, Clown, Pied Ball Python (£300.00)
Absolutely lovely person to work with and the snake is absolutely stunning. I’m over the moon with her. The person had no problem with my request to try and transition her onto frozen thawed food before she got to me which I really appreciated!
Rating by b***o for Ghi Banana Ball Python (£200.00)
Beautiful snake! Couldn't be happier with her right now! Collected from the Doncaster show. Would definately recommend.
Rating by l***s for Fire Banana Ball Python (£180.00)