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100% recommend and would buy from seller again (:
Thanks I appreciate it! Hope they are doing well for you
Rating by s***y for Group Of Adult And Baby Mourning Geckos More Gecko ($300.00)
Jake really goes above and beyond to make sure you have the best gecko. With a purchase comes with a nice laminated birth certificate with lineage and a nice sticker. Also check out his YouTube with all the free knowledge. Will definitely buy again.
Appreciate it!!!!!!🙏🏼
Rating by w***7 for Super Blotch Gargoyle Gecko ($605.00)
Looking for an amazing gecko!? Look no further!! Red Rhac is one of the best people we have purchased geckos from so far!! He was punctual, educated & courteous the whole time! It even came with a very nice thank you letter & birth certificate! 11/10
Thank you so much it means a lot!!
Rating by l***s for Red And Green Pine Island Chahoua Gecko ($550.00)
Incredibly swift communication, great shipping, and great packing; all for a gorgeous animal. This is YOUR GUY for Gargoyle Geckos. I also greatly appreciate the included birth certificate! Super helpful for regular keepers and breeders alike!
Thank you Bryson!!!!!!
Rating by h***s for Neat Pattern Blotch Gargoyle Gecko ($225.00)
First I'm a big fan of Red Rhac, second everything from start to finish went better than I expected never doubt Jake. I like the picture updates sent, she is a beautiful and healthy gargoyle that I am glad to add to my reptile fam.
Thanks so much Ivan I appreciate it!
Rating by r***1 for Red/Orange Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($325.00)
She is absolutely gorgeous! Very healthy and I am over the moon with her demeanor. Jacob was a pleasure to deal with. Answered all my questions in a timely manner and was more than helpful. I’m sure I will be purchasing another from him soon!
Rating by a***1 for Orange Reticulated Female Gargoyle Gecko ($240.00)
The pictures didn't do justice on this animal I was more than pleased and WILL be dealing with Jake in the future!
Much appreciated Devon🙏🏼
Rating by d***9 for Red And Orange Stripe Female Gargoyle Gecko ($490.00)
Great seller! Very hands on and very good at working with you. His Geckos are stunning! One of the best breeders out there in my opinion, he really knows what he’s shooting for as a responsible breeder. With looks and promising genetics. 5 star!👌
Rating by r***e for Red Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($300.00)
This was amazing! I received the little guy a bit late, through no fault of the seller, as the fedex depot in Memphis was really busy. Such a sweet little chewie, and for a great price! I recommend anyone looking into new cals buy from RedRhac
Rating by t***3 for Pine Island From Red/Green Parents Chahoua Gecko ($500.00)
beautiful gargoyle gecko, and amazing communication. answered all my questions effectively and in a timely manner! would highly recommend. :)
Rating by b***1 for Female Red Stripe/ Light Base Gargoyle Gecko ($260.00)
Great seller! Amazing gecko! Will definitely buy from again.
Rating by m***y for Orange Stripe 39g Gargoyle Gecko ($450.00)
If I could give him more stars on communication I would. Responses were always quick and answered all questions.
Rating by j***v for Red Stripe/Light Red Base Gargoyle Gecko ($325.00)
Great seller, great communication, fast to respond, shipping was on time, would recommend for sure!
Rating by h***m for Red Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($350.00)
Jake is awesome! Great communication! He help me with any questions I had and then some. He really knows what he is doing. I’m so happy with the interaction and the quality of my new gargoyle!
Rating by j***d for Red Stripe Gargoyle Gargoyle Gecko ($265.00)