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Beautiful snake that looked healthy on arrival and didn't have to wait to long for delivery, so far all good.
Rating by r***d for CB21 Pastel Highway Ball Python (GB£525.00)
I ordered the female ladder snake off Reptasia. It couldn't of gone any better. I will definitely be ordering from again. They are extremely helpful and I can't praise them highly enough. Very impressed.
Rating by s***e for CB19 Ladder Snake Other Colubrid (GB£100.00)
Love the snake got fed up with waiting for a delivery date so travel 2 hours to go get it and no refund for delivery however good clean shop very helpful staff and had a lot of fun there
Rating by m***k for CB21 Biak Green Tree Python (GB£750.00)
I feel cheated. I paid for the animal. In the end they couldn't send it to me because they didn't inform me about the transport, and they didn't want to give me my money back. In the end I insisted that they refunded me all but 25%. They are thieves
Our page clearly states no refunds on animals. You arranged the courier via a different company, told us you had it sorted and paid. The fact that you didn't have it arranged is not on us. We both know what you have stated here is false information
A different compI always understood that Reptasia Animal Couriers belonged to Reptasia, or at least coordinated in some any case I never told you that I had paid the courier.I told you what the courier told me, that they could take the animal.
Rating by b***4 for CB21 White Albino 50% Super Dwarf Reticulated Python (GB£290.00)
good seller, prompt responses
Rating by a***e for Chahoua Gecko (GB£275.00)
Awesome experience all round. Will shop with Reptasia in the near future.
Rating by i***e for CB21 Super Dwarf Ultra Ivory Poss Het Albino And Foulsham Reticulated Python (GB£290.00)
Drove 200 miles to collect what I was told was a female Boiga irregularis, was even told it was possible gravid in the shop while I was there. On my own and a fellow Boiga keepers inspection the snake is in fact a definite male.
Thank you for taking the time to review. This snake was probed as female and has also been locked with the male we have in store. Hence why sold as possibly gravid.
Rating by o***_ for Brown Tree Snake Other Colubrid (GB£250.00)
my experience overall was very good. the snake came and was very calm and happy. he is doing very well and has already eaten.
Rating by i***9 for Pewter Tessera Het Sunkissed Corn Snake (GB£140.00)
Very friendly staff and animal arrived fit and healthy and has already fed
Rating by g***0 for Sunkissed Blood Red Tessera 100% Het Charcoal Corn Snake (GB£150.00)
Super responsive and helpful with advice, pics etc but I did not receive the snake I paid for, same morph but completely different colour and pattern.
Rating by b***7 for Scaleless Ph Anery Hypo Caramel Sunkissed Amel Corn Snake (GB£350.00)
Overall really happy with my purchase, great communication from seller would recommend.
Rating by j***s for Normal 100% Het Sable/Caramel 66% Het Evans Hypo Western Hognose (GB£125.00)
The seller was helpful and friendly, very happy with purchase. I experienced great service, recommend seller.
Rating by m***1 for CB19 Ghost Het Clown Ball Python (GB£195.00)