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Awesome seller. I had a great experience and my kids love the pink belly side necks. Thank you so much for everything. I highly recommend this seller! Thanks 🙏
Rating by a***e for Pink Belly Sidenecks Side & Snake-necked Turtle ($35.00)
Purchased 2 yellow foots…Smooth transaction. Good communication. Fast shipping. Nice tortoises.
Rating by m***z for Yellow Foot Tortoises Cb Yellow-Footed Tortoise ($250.00)
This was the first time I’ve purchased something on morph market and I am extremely pleased I bought from this seller as my first experience here. He was super fast in replying to me and was able to ship exactly when and where I needed. 2 👍🏼!
Rating by b***k for Leopard Tortoise ($175.00)
Cameron answered all my questions even after the sale, very responsive and animal was as descripted. Picked up my animal healthy and have had no problems. They were and still are in great condition, looking forward to seeing the little guy grow!
Rating by r***d for Redfoot Tortoises Red-footed Tortoise ($135.00)
Cameron answered all of my annoying questions. I had a great prices and next day shipping with the signature required. All four baby box turtle arrived beautiful and healthy and are doing greatOverall a great guy great animals and a great experience.
Rating by h***l for 3 Toe Box Turtles Box Turtles & Terrapin ($100.00)
Great breeder beautiful creature. Could not be happier will definitely be a long time customer!!!!!!!
Rating by t***1 for Elongated Tortoise ($185.00)
Tortoise arrived healthy, however; in the future a different logistics company might be better due to the complete disregard to the priority overnight shipping. The package was mishandled and lost at one point and arrived a day late.
Rating by b***3 for Sulcata Tortoise Spurred Tortoise ($65.00)
Cameron was very pleasant and easy to work with. Responds very quickly as well. My baby arrived later than expected (due to FedEx), but healthy and happy. Can't wait to spend our years together!
Thank you so much
Rating by a***s for Eastern Hermann's Tortoise ($170.00)
Baby eastern box turtle arrived today. Well packaged and arrived quickly. Turtle is very alert and energetic. Great deal and great seller to work with.
Rating by a***3 for Eastern Box Turtles Box Turtles & Terrapin ($125.00)
very responsive answered all questions terrapins are in great shape active and eating
Rating by r***f for Northern Diamondback Terrapins Box Turtles & Terrapin ($150.00)
There was great communication with the seller. The tortoises were as described. They arrived in good condition and they are very healthy. Very happy with the purchase-Thank you Cameron.
Rating by s***r for Well Started Leopards Leopard Tortoise ($250.00)
Cameron has been awesome to work with. He was very responsive and shipped the tortoise out very quickly. Tortoise arrived healthy and had a ton of energy when I took it out of the container. I will definitely be buying from him again.
Rating by j***1 for Sulcata Tortoises Spurred Tortoise ($80.00)
Cameron was very responsive on any question I had & the turtle was very alert & healthy when I received it
Rating by p***6 for Branderhorsti Sideneck Turtle Side & Snake-necked Turtle ($125.00)
The seller was very helpful, and went above and beyond with leaving a detailed care guide. The tortoise arrived well within the specified time frame and the packaging was very secure. Great communication through out, would use them again!!
Rating by t***0 for Eastern Hermann's Tortoise ($170.00)
5 star
Rating by b***5 for Honduran Wood Turtle ($75.00)
I cannot say enough good things about Cameron Lamb Exotics! Super fast response every time contact was made (even over multiple week's time), super easy to do business with and shipping/arrival time went off without a hitch. Highly recommend!
Rating by a***e for Eastern Hermann's Tortoise ($170.00)
Tortoise arrived fast and appeared to be in great shape.
Rating by j***a for Eastern Hermann's Tortoise ($170.00)
Just FedEx being dumb was the only issue the rest was amazing
Rating by h***2 for Cuban Iguanas Other Iguana ($350.00)
A very smooth and easy buying experience. Seller also was happy to wait until I was above 50F to ship. Turtle is in perfect health! Can’t wait to see him grow
Rating by u***r for Honduran Wood Turtle ($75.00)
This was an fantastic transaction from first inquiry to delivery. Communication was rapid and always relevant. Shipment was as rapid as possible. The baby tort was perfect healthy, walking around 2 min after opening box. Eating and drinking in 5 min
Rating by s***5 for Burmese Star Tortoise ($700.00)
The Tortoises arrived well and in good condition. The packing was to spec. with proper heating and cooling for the weather conditions. The package was held at the HUB for pickup as requested. All required labels and paperwork was in place.
Rating by r***s for Well Started Eastern Hermann's Tortoise ($170.00)
This was my second purchase for Cameron. Both purchases were packaged very well. Animals were healthy and very out going
Rating by d***s for Well Started Leopard Tortoise ($265.00)
Great seller. I bought leopard baby tortoises. Seller was very responsive to messages and shipped on time. The babies arrived next day and are very healthy. They are very active and eating great. So Happy with my purchase.
Rating by j***s for Marbled Cherry Head Tortoises Red-footed Tortoise ($500.00)
Very nice experience! And been helping me a lot with taking care of my hatchling.
Rating by s***4 for Leopard Tortoise ($170.00)
He communicated very well and replied fast. I got my product quickly and they are doing great.
Rating by t***n for Leopard Tortoise ($170.00)
Seller was very easy to work with and responded quickly. He shipped in timely fashion in a very well packed container. Animals i picked out arrived in good shapeand are eating and active
Rating by d***s for Burmese Star Tortoise ($750.00)
This animal arrived safely and hungry. The mountain tortoise began eating as soon as we placed it in the enclosure. Could not have asked for a better and smoother transaction!
Rating by l***_ for Brown Mountain Tortoise Asian Brown Tortoise ($300.00)
Got 2 baby 3 toe turtles and they are great! Fast response time, great communication and everything was perfect!
Rating by g***s for 3 Toe Box Turtles Box Turtles & Terrapin ($90.00)
Great communication, fast shipping, well packed, and Gorgeous Gecko! Thank you Cameron!
Thank you very much!
Rating by b***r for Amyae Knob-Tailed Gecko ($400.00)
Very good tortoises! Very good communication! Thank you
Rating by k***r for Ivory Sulcata Tortoises Spurred Tortoise ($650.00)
A great pleasure doing business with. Thank you
Rating by i***1 for Leopard Tortoise ($165.00)
Beautiful tortoise just as pictured.
Rating by h***2 for Ibera Greek Tortoise ($170.00)
Couldn't ask for a better transaction. Communication was phenomenal! Thanks again!
Rating by j***9 for Cherry Head Tortoises Red-footed Tortoise ($250.00)
Couldn't ask for a better transaction. Communication was phenomenal! Thanks again!
Rating by j***9 for Albino Red Ear Sliders Slider Turtle ($150.00)
Great communication, packing and beautiful hatchlings!
Rating by s***c for Eastern Hermann's Tortoise ($170.00)
Cameron made the process of buying a tortoise online very easy. He always updated me with any questions I had and was super fast to respond. I cannot possibly recommend a better person to buy from.
Rating by j***s for Eastern Hermann's Tortoise ($170.00)
I bought 5 Red Foots from Cameron - they arrived this morning in great shape. Communication was spot on, a great overall experience. Thank you, Cameron!
Rating by t***n for 4 Inch Redfoots Red-footed Tortoise ($165.00)
Satisfied everything went well thank you
Rating by k***4 for North American Wood Turtle ($185.00)
I purchased a pancake tortoise from Cameron and the little guy is absolutely perfect. Cameron was an excellent communicator and helped me with questions about diet and set up for him. He was very careful in packaging and shipping him. 100% positive!
Rating by a***a for Well Started Pancake Tortoise ($400.00)
Awesome Albinos
Rating by c***9 for Albino Red Ear Sliders Slider Turtle ($200.00)
All was perfect. Dbt was very lively. Very fast responses. Shipped on time an when agreed upon.
Rating by j***h for Concentric And Northern Diamond Back Terrapins Box Turtles & Terrapin ($70.00)
Rating by s***7 for Cyclura Lewisi Other Iguana ($425.00)
I got an awesome lot of Green and Golden Bell Frogs. They came in healthy and lively. Was packaged very well with a cool pack since I am in Florida and it was in the nineties. They were a nice size and I am happy with my order.
Rating by f***e for CB 20 Golden Bells Other Tree Frog ($25.00)
Responsive and professional.
Rating by u***s for Albino Red Ear Sliders Slider Turtle ($200.00)
the babies were beautiful and in good health. I would highly recommend them.
Rating by f***y for Albino Red Ear Sliders Slider Turtle ($200.00)
The transaction went smoothly,. confidentiality, and professionally.
Rating by o***f for Pardalis Pardalis Leopard Tortoise ($275.00)