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Beautiful snake great service 😊
Rating by b***y for Hypo Banana Enchi Ball Python
Highly recommend RCD! Packing was superb! Snake is doing great and is healthy as can be! Looks better in the natural! Very professional! Will be looking for more at RCD!
Rating by d***n for Yellowbelly Black Pastel Pied Ball Python
Garrick is absolutely the best !!! I have many animals from him and they are all perfect !!! He is as honest as the day is long and that's hard to come by these days !! Thank you kindly Garrick!!
Rating by g***s for Yellowbelly Pied 66% Possible Het GCR Axanthic Ball Python
Immaculate hypo/pied het ultramel , couldn't be more pleased. Great communication with seller and timely response
Rating by k***3 for Hypo Pied 100% Het Ultramel Ball Python
I picked up the snake at a show. That went smoothly. He’s very pretty. Took a long time to get him to eat and still doesn’t eat well. Seller tried to help as much as possible and gave a lot of advice. We appreciated his quick response and efforts.
Rating by m***5 for Albino Black Pastel Leopard Ball Python
Awesome snake that is in great shape and very well started. Always a pleasure talking snakes and doing business with Garrick. Thank you!
Rating by r***s for Enchi Clown 100% Het Toffee OR Albino Ball Python
Everything was what it was supposed to be.
Rating by s***s for Albino Bamboo Pinstripe Ball Python
My experience with Garrick was great. He was very knowledgeable answering all my questions and his response time was darn near perfect. My solid white pied ball python arrived as he said it would, i couldn't be happier. Thanks Garrick
Rating by k***k for Solid White Yellowbelly Pied (Possible Orange Dream Black Pastel) Ball Python
Amazing quality and very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks Garrick!!!
Rating by b***7 for Pastel Sugar 100% Het Lavender Albino Ball Python
It was great. We were even able to go pick her up from his warehouse because we were close enough. His communication was amazing and she is wonderful.
Rating by b***s for Clown 100% Het Pied Ball Python
Garrick is extremely great to work with and I will definitely be purchasing a ball python from him again. He answered all my questions in a timely manner, kept me updated on her shipping, and worked with me with anything I needed to know about her!
Rating by a***s for Black Pastel Pied Ball Python
Professional seller and transaction.
Rating by m***s for Ultramel 100% Het Pied 50% Possible Het Hypo Ball Python
Professional seller and transaction.
Rating by m***s for Ultramel 100% Het Pied 50% Possible Het Hypo Ball Python
Amazing snake with an even more amazing guy! Garrick is the man!
Rating by s***3 for Bongo 100% Double Het Ultramel Clown Ball Python
Great customer service, prompt and careful delivery, and beautiful snake! We are so pleased:) thank you so much!!!!
Rating by s***c for Black Pastel Pied Ball Python
4th breeder female I have picked up from him always in perfect condition and shape
Rating by c***n for Vanilla Scream Breeder Ball Python
I could not complain about this purchase at all! Garrick helped me out by getting a great female for my future success. Thank you again for your help!
Rating by a***m for Banana Super Enchi Hypo Ball Python
Garrick's a kind, genuine person and his reputation speaks for itself. He's a Corner Stone in the Ball Python Community. His animals are second to none and my girl arrived in stellar condition. I'm very proud to have a DeMeyer Pied in my collection!
Rating by d***e for Black Pastel Pied Ball Python
You can never go wrong buying from him his snakes are always in perfect condition and he is where I buy all my breeders
Rating by c***n for Orange Dream Enchi Fire Breeder Ball Python
Psst, purchase multiple animals from this RCD if you find ones that fit into what you need. Seller is great! Much appreciated.
Rating by b***t for Hidden Gene Woma Parkway Ball Python
This one arrived well over the weight from the ad. I'm not mad about it. She's eating well and without issues.
Rating by b***t for Orange Dream Pastel Butter Genetic Stripe Breeder Ball Python
Hard to find snake with specific genes without additional ones that I didn't want. Seller had great communication and combined multiple snakes into one order.
Rating by b***t for GHI Pied Ball Python
Big girl that was shy at first. She's eating well without any problems. Multiple snakes purchased and all arrived in great condition.
Rating by b***t for Banana Leopard Firefly Ball Python
This one is a picky eater. Not really the fault of the seller though. Snake arrived healthy and without issues. Great communication and I highly recommend getting multiple animals in a single order.
Rating by b***t for Pastel Enchi Parkway Ball Python
Excellent communications with seller and snake was packed well for shipping in the cooler temps! Sweet female, very out going once she was settled into her quarantine. Highly recommend this breeder for purchases!
Rating by a***r for GHI Lavender Albino Ball Python
Second time buying from him always arrives on time and in good health will be back again
Rating by c***n for Banana Pastel Yellowbelly 100% Het Clown Breeder Ball Python
I received my beautiful snake exactly as pictured. He was packed well and shipping went very smooth. What I really appreciated was the customer service! Communication was excellent and prompt....Will definitely recommend Royal Constrictors !!!!
Rating by l***n for Toffee Ball Python
Great communication and patience. Beautiful animals top quality
Rating by d***c for Banana Cinnamon GHI Genetic Stripe Ball Python
Everything was as described, snake is calm and beautiful, seller is fast with responses.
Rating by j***z for Toffino Black Pastel Ball Python
Will be doing business again soon. Thank you.
Rating by m***1 for Chocolate Mystic 100% Het Lavender Albino Breeder Ball Python
More pics on add or by email would of been great. Seller was A+
Rating by 2***p for Blue Eyed Leucistic (Super Butter) Ball Python
Amazing animal and great customer service, very happy with my purchase!
Rating by w***8 for Albino Clown Ball Python
Definitely purchasing from this seller again! Very good at communicating and shipped very quickly! The snake is beautiful and healthy! Super sweet too! Thank you so much!
Rating by s***e for Toffino Black Pastel Ball Python
I got 8 perfect....beautiful...healthy animals in this shipment. They were packaged perfectly!! Garrick was super fast answering all my questions!! Gotta of the best folks I've ever dealt with. What a class act !!! I will be back!
Rating by g***s for Enchi Leopard Toffee Ball Python
Garrick was very responsive and was great to talk to. We’re very excited about our new boy!
Rating by m***h for Banana Mojave Yellowbelly Clown (Female Maker) Ball Python
Was better in person than in photos .
Rating by p***2 for Pastel Lesser Hypo Clown Ball Python
Animals arrived on time and in good health. Garrick was friendly, and easy to deal with. Would highly recommend.
Rating by d***l for Ultramel Pied 100% Het Hypo Ball Python
Seller was great from initial conversation to perfect packaging. A healthy and alert snake was delivered and I wouldn't hesitate to shop here again.
Thanks so much for your business!
Rating by b***x for Banana GHI Clown Ball Python
Packaged perfectly for the weather and arrived with no issues. Animal looks great and was sexed correctly, ate the first time I offered. Looking forward to working with Garrick again.
Rating by b***s for Lavender Albino GHI Black Pastel Ball Python
She is gorgeous. We actually bought two snakes. They arrived next day in perfect shape. Both girls where packed well and warm. Garrick even called after my purchase to switch one of the females out for another that was more flashy.He is great!
Rating by r***9 for Toffino Ball Python
One of the best out there.
Rating by m***l for Calico Yellowbelly Clown Ball Python
Great to do business with I would definitely recommend him
Rating by n***y for Toffino Pastel Leopard Ball Python
Great deal, a great annimal and great to work with! I would definitely recommend. Dave.
Rating by d***s for Enchi Parkway Ball Python
Love this guy’s ball pythons!! Stunning yellow belly calico clown, absolutely stunning!!! Packaging & Shipping was stellar as always!!! I’ll always be back for more. Thanks 🙏🏼
Rating by r***s for Calico Yellowbelly Clown Ball Python
Beautiful selection.
Rating by f***a for Toffino Mojave Ball Python
Working with Royal Constrictor Designs was a great experience. Would 100% purchase from again.
Rating by s***r for Pastel GHI Mystic Breeder Ball Python
Absolutely phenomenal animal and customer support.
Rating by s***s for Coral Glow GHI Pied Ball Python
Quick painless precise and 100% as advertised I absolutely will be buying from Garrick again
Rating by r***k for 100% Double Het Toffee Pied Breeder Ball Python
Everything went great
Rating by k***s for GHI Pied Ball Python