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Richard Deadman

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I am a Hobbyist ball python breeder, specialising in recessive genetics, my Aim is to produce top quality animals and I sometimes have surplus hatchlings and adults available for sale.
I use a courier within the UK for any surplus hatchling.

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Store Policy

I am a hobbyist breeder of ball pythons, BLUE TONGUE SKINKS, CRESTED GECKOS. I occasionally have surplus hatchlings available for sale, And as I replace my breeding stock with younger animals I will have some adults for sale. Payments plans are available on animals over £250. Happy to do “deals” on multiple animals but not on payplans.
When hatching multi gene animals often times breeders will identify the combination of genes by making an educated guess based on past experience. In these cases the genetics can only be verified through actual breeding trials. All customers should understand the risk associated with purchasing an animal with a theoretical or presumptive ID. Sometimes the animal you end up with may prove to have a different genetic make up than anticipated. This could turn out to be good if the customer ends up with a new or extra genes. Or it could be bad if the customer ends up with less or an undesirable gene. Be sure to understand the difference between definitive and theoretical labels on animals you purchase from us or elsewhere. Ask about the parental stock that produced the offspring and consider the outcome carefully. The only guarantee that anyone can make regarding Theoretical IDs is mistakes will happen, presumptions will on occasion prove false.
We can only guarantee that multi-gene animals with a “Theoretical ID” will be identified to the best of our ability and we will NEVER intentionally mislead or deceive a customer regarding the genetic make up of an animal.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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