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Jesse R Parsley

Burlington, NC, USA

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Formerly QCB Reptiles, RTLM exotics is a small, family oriented business based out of Burlington, North Carolina owned and operated by Jesse and Ashley Parsley. My wife (Ashley) and myself (Jesse) along with our four children (Ryan, Trystan, Levi, and Madisyn) love spending our time working with these amazing animals! We derived our business name, RTLM Exotics from our kids’ first name initials as an effort to incorporate them more into the business side of things. We strive to run this business as a family teaching our kids valuable lessons like how to manage time, how to treat animals, people, finances, etc..

Our biggest objective is to maintain a healthy, thriving collection of animals that produce quality offspring that will thrive in captivity! We put our customers first by putting the care of our animals at the top of the list. This way when you buy an animal from us you can be confident the animals are healthy, eating and thriving! We pride ourselves on producing quality animals, in excellent health, for everyone’s budget.

Our customer service is second to none. We want each and every customer to feel like part of the family when you buy an animal from us. We will work with anyone in any way we can to make sure you can get the animal you desire! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Store Policy

Refunds, Returns, exchanges
The health of our animals is guaranteed! If you feel that an animal you receive is not healthy we need to be notified within 4 hours of delivery. We will ask for documented proof of any issues. We will need to first see videos of animal exhibiting the symptoms you are referring to. If it is determined that there could potentially be an issue then buyer will be responsible for purchasing return shipping label and sending the animal back to us. We will take the animal to our reptile vet an have them thoroughly checked. If it is determined that there is an issue we will offer full refund or exchange plus reimbursement of the return shipping label. If health checks out at vet then buyer would either have to pay for the shipping label to get the animal back or would be entitled to a refund (of the animal only, no shipping costs) minus the 20% non-refundable deposit.
If an animal is incorrectly sexed when you receive it, we will offer a full refund/return of animal or an exchange for another animal. There are a few stipulations here. First, we must be notified of the suspicion that the animal is sexed incorrectly within 4 hours of delivery and receive video of animals being sexed. If vet paperwork is going to be provided then that must be provided within 48 hours. Buyer must offer their own proof of the incorrectly sexed animal (video of them popping it or vet paperwork). If we determine that the proof provided by the buyer is sufficient then buyer must purchase the return shipping label to send the animal back to us and I will verify the sex of the animal again myself and if I am unsure I will also have my vet look at it. If it is proven that the animal is in fact the incorrect sex you will be entitled to the full refund plus the cost of the return shipping label (if you had to have vet check the sex I will reimburse that fee as well), or an exchange worth the original amount and a reimbursement of the return shipping label and we will cover the cost of shipping you the new animal. If my vet says the animal is the correct sex it was supposed to be and my findings are the same, then I will honor an exchange since I already have the animal back in my hands at this point but no refund will be offered or I can send the same animal back. In this scenario, buyer would be responsible for shipping cost to get animal back.
We guarantee live arrival but do not offer a health guarantee much beyond that due to the fact that there are so many factors that are out of our control once the animal leaves our facility and gets to you. Once you have the animal you have all the control over that animal's well being and we can't be held accountable for that. As stated above we need to be notified within 4 hours of delivery of any potential issues.
With all of that said, we appreciate your cooperation and at the end of the day, we anticipate no issues but just have to cover our butts because, well, of some people that try to take advantage of certain situations.

Payment Processing
We accept multiple forms of payment including paypal, credit/debit card, cash app and as always cash if you are local.

Holding animals/payment plans
Animals can only be held for a 20% non-refundable deposit. How long I will hold the animal varies based on price of the animal and payment plan discussed at time of purchase. Typically I do not do payment plans on any animal under $400, but I assess this on a case by case basis so don't hesitate to reach out! Depending on price of animal purchased and length of payment plan, there may be a small weekly fee added to the total cost to cover my additional expenses (food, bedding, cleaning supplies, heat) incurred by holding the animal for payment plans. This is usually $7per week for hatchlings/juveniles and $10 per week for adults. Again, this is assessed on a case by case basis and we will discuss at time of purchase.

In most cases I prefer to ship to your closest fedex hub location for you to pickup. This is just a safer option for the animal versus it being thrown around in the back of a hot or cold fedex truck for potentially hours. In some cases I will ship to your door but only in optimal weather conditions. Please just plan for picking the snake up at your local fedex facility.
All shipping dates must be set for within one week of the close of any payment plan, unless otherwise discussed before hand. Our ship day is usually Tuesday for Wednesday arrival. I can ship on Wednesday if needed, but that needs to be communicated before purchase. I work another job aside from this and trying to ship on a day besides Tuesday usually requires me to plan at least one week ahead at that job. Please note, I do not ship on any days other than Tuesday or Wednesday. I use ship your Reptiles and Reptiles to you as my shipping services.
Shipping costs vary based on location, amount of animals, and weight of those animals. All shipping costs will be quoted prior to purchase and will be charged to buyer unless otherwise discussed and agreed on.
Weather is a big variable when it comes to shipping animals. We will monitor weather in both our location and the location we are shipping to in order to ensure safe travels for your animals. We do not charge any holding fees if we feel the weather isn't safe enough to ship the animal. We will hold as long as needed to ensure safe shipping.

We thank you for your support and look forward to doing business with you!

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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