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Excellent seller, communication was top notch, fast shipping and red foot tortoise is extremely healthy. Highly recommended seller..
Rating by m***a for Adult Red Foot Tortoise 9-12" Red-Footed Tortoise
The best experience I’ve had, I was afraid of purchasing online but this website really help me out in getting the pets I want ♥️🩵🩵🔥
Rating by h***1 for Flying Gecko More Gecko
My overall experience was very positive! This was my first ATB so I had to learn really fast how to take care of a baby ATB. I fed him the day he arrived and he's been a little bitey but overall he's a little sweetheart.
Rating by r***n for CH Baby Amazon Tree Boa Male (ATBM112)
Good seller will buy from again later
Rating by m***0 for CBB 2023 Ornate Uromastyx Babies
Probably one of the easiest transactions I’ve made on MM. they were quick. The animal was healthy and I received it in a timely manner. And the animal has already eaten. Two thumbs up.
Rating by b***s for Exceptional High White With Orange Speckling Green Tree Python Female (AGTPF39)
We placed our order and got confirmation and received our new snake in excellent condition just as they had said we were very pleased with the whole traansaction
Rating by t***g for Emerald Tree Boa Juvenile Female (JETBF04) Northern Emerald Tree Boa
Flawless transaction. Very quick replies/communication. Fast shipping and tortoises arrived safe and sound and as described in ad.
Rating by j***f for Adult Red Foot Tortoise 9-12" Red-Footed Tortoise
Awesome animals!
Rating by h***s for Ornate Uromastyx Adult Male (AMOU2)
This is my first captive bred uro I’ve gotten and I’m very impressed. Fat and beautiful and eating well from the first day it arrived. Really happy and will definitely be back!
Rating by i***s for CBB 2023 Baby Ornate Uromastyx
Scorpion came as described with fast shipping. Only thing was the container could've been a little bigger for the size it was. Otherwise very professional!
Rating by j***9 for Malaysian Blue Claw Scorpion
Very good. Quick communication. Excellent shipping and quality
Rating by j***a for African Giant Pixie Frog (Pyxicephalus Adspersus) Bullfrog
Good center
Rating by 9***4 for Albino Sulcata Tortoise 4"
There was some comunication problems but im new and it was Easter weekend. I got what i wanted and The animal is Beautiful so it all worked out.
Rating by v***7 for Biak Green Tree Python (BGTP38)
I have ordered from Reptile Pets Direct twice before and have been happy with the animals received. However, this order consisting of 3 baby Green Tree Pythons and a pair of adults arrived with a heavy load of mites. Bummer
Rating by s***r for Sorong Green Tree Python (SGTP12)
Great transaction. Fast, smooth, and professional.
Rating by s***3 for Emerald Tree Boa Juvenile Female (JETBF05) Northern Emerald Tree Boa
Communication was lacking but shipping was super fast.
Rating by r***9 for Flying Gecko More Gecko
Thank you for adding to my collection.
Rating by j***i for Southern White Lip Python Male (SWLM01) White-Lipped Python
Purchased a sorong gtp neo, I got the exact snake I was looking at/looking for. Honestly wanting to purchase purchasing another.
Rating by a***1 for Sorong Green Tree Python (SGTP15)
Like others have said, communication is spotty but I have received 2 separate shipments of Green Tree Pythons from Reptile Pets Direct and have been very happy.
Rating by s***r for Manokwari Green Tree Python (MGTP23)
Amazing transaction
Rating by l***r for Green Tree Monitor CH Babies
Will buy from again. Healthy snake.
Rating by b***i for Emerald Tree Boa Male (ETBM101) Northern Emerald Tree Boa
I just received, 1.1 geckolepis maculata Both were correctly sexed, and arrived in decent condition considering these are wc. Will do business again in the future.
Rating by s***8 for Golden Fish Scale Gecko (Geckolepis Maculata) More Gecko
Little confused at first, but we were able to work things out. Efficient, to the point, and good overall experience
Rating by s***7 for Biak Green Tree Python (BGTP35)
First time customer, and will be one again. Good communication and the snake shipped on time in excellent condition.
Rating by v***t for Red Biak Green Tree Python Male (RBGTP12)
Very nice young female yellow tree monitor at a great price. Very pleasant transaction.
Rating by b***2 for Yellow Tree Monitor Female (Varanus Reisingeri)
The entire transaction was flawless. Thank you.
Rating by d***o for Sorong Barneck Scrub Python (SBBN01)
I DO NOT recommend buying from this seller! Beautiful snake! I am so happy to have her. However, they claim she is a "captive hatched" snake and there's pretty obvious signs that she could be wild caught. Also seller communication was awful!
Rating by s***7 for Mangrove Snake Female (MGSF20) More Colubrid
Good people to work with helpful I'm going back to them
Rating by g***2 for Schneider's Dwarf Caiman Smooth-Fronted Caiman
Health beautiful baby ornate uromaystyx. Thanks!
Rating by s***5 for Ornate Uromastyx
Very happy with my cayman lizard beautiful a strong, great health and temperament😊
Rating by j***9 for CH Peruvian Caiman Lizards
Saw the post on my tortoise and noticed it was local. Went directly to the store and bought her. She seems super healthy and well taken care of. The person working the counter was very helpful and filled me in on what he knew about my tortoise.
Rating by h***_ for Libyan Greek Tortoise Females
I received my new ETB today and he's is doing great! Reptile Pets Direct flexed with me to get the ideal shipping date and the packaging was perfect. Very happy with my purchase!
Rating by j***9 for Red Emerald Tree Boa Baby Male (Betb023) Northern Emerald Tree Boa
I asked for the “biggest” and “most unique” frog. Reptile Pets Direct delivered in every way possible! I was sent a large, gold flaked, absolutely gorgeous girl. She’s fat, healthy and all around one of the best purchases I’ve ever done!
Rating by c***t for Whites Tree Frogs White's Tree Frog
Arrived in good health beautiful snake and seller was great
Rating by w***4 for Yellow Biak Green Tree Python Male (YBGTP2)
I ENDED UP PURCHASING TWO ATBS, a yellow and a patternless,and when I say gorgeous I mean it the animals look well taken care of no mites no marks no abrasions just stunning . This was my first purchase from rpd, and I definitely will purchase again
Rating by t***y for Yellow Amazon Tree Boa Female (FATB33)
Despite it being the holiday season, seller was very communicative. I was probably overly annoying due to how excited I am for this purchase, but seller was kind and got her out to me quickly. She arrive timely and healthy, great experience
Rating by d***e for Yellow Biak Green Tree Python Female (YBGTP5)
Awesome snake
Rating by j***5 for Yellow Amazon Tree Boa Female (FATB34
All good on delivery. Great seller!
Rating by l***a for Emerald Tree Boa Female (ETB024) Northern Emerald Tree Boa
All good on delivery. Great seller!
Rating by l***a for Emerald Tree Boa Male (ETBM027) Northern Emerald Tree Boa
Great communication fast shipping.
Rating by j***1 for Ornate Uromastyx Baby Male (OBM27)
Quality snake, fast shipping. Great packaging job.
Rating by m***7 for CB Emerald Tree Boa Male Baby Green (GBE01) Northern Emerald Tree Boa
I ordered a cute little rain frog from this seller and they were quick to respond and send out my little frog! She arrived safely and quickly and she's been in high spirits since arriving! Thanks so much, I definitely would buy from them again!
Rating by d***d for Bushveld's Rain Frog Other Frog
Very happy with my purchase from RPD. What a beautiful Merauke!!!!
Rating by m***l for Merauke Blue Tongue Skink (MBTS02) Merauke Blue-Tongued Skink
Caiman lizard arrived on time still warm and healthy despite it being winter. Very responsive seller and a gorgeous animal!
Rating by s***l for CH Peruvian Caiman Lizards
Animal is wonderful! My only gripes were it was listed as green eyed tokay, gecko smithi. Did not research and assumed it to be a standard tokay. Communication could have been better since inquired through mm but only got a response on the website.
Rating by j***s for CBB Green Eyed Tokay (Gekko Smithi) Tokay Gecko