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We are a husband and wife team of ball python breeders. We are focusing on banana gene combos and the BEL complex. We strive to be honest and transparent in all aspects of the trade. We are starting with our first clutches in 2022. We hope to meet new people and grow with the industry. We are always available for questions.

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Store Policy

Animal Information/Guarantees

We guarantee that our animals are sold healthy, pest free, sexed to the best of our ability, and eating regularly. However, we cannot be held responsible for the temperament of the animal(s).
There will be an information sheet that comes with your purchase. There you should be able to find sex, genetics, current diet, estimated weight, last shed, etc. We believe it is important for you to receive all this information with your purchase to better care for your animal(s).
We will make every effort to ensure the animal is properly sexed. However, you must check the sex of the animal when you receive it. We must be notified within 48 hours of arrival. Proof from a reptile specialist or vet must be presented within 5 days of arrival. We will only address discrepancies that are brought to our attention within the 48-hour limit stated above.
Genetics will be identified to the best of our ability.

Live & Healthy Arrival/Guarantees

We guarantee that our animals will be shipped out alive and in a healthy state. If the animal(s) is substantially sick or injured upon arrival, we must be notified within 2 hours of arrival. It must be proven by photos and videos. If needed, proof may also be requested from a reptile specialist or vet. Mites Do Not fall under the definition of “substantially sick or injured.” Any buyer who wishes to have guarantees based on animal virus testing should discuss this with us prior to purchase.

In the unfortunate event that an animal(s) dies during shipping, we will issue a full refund or credit for the full amount of the purchase price that can be used toward any available or future animal(s). We have the right to request proof of the death of the animal(s). This must consist of video(s) sent to us. Failure to provide proof of death within 2 hours will void any guarantees, refunds, or credit. The time of delivery will be determined by pick-up / delivery time FedEx provides. If an animal(s) is not picked up within 2 hours of arrival at the FedEx hub, or if door delivery is insisted upon, the buyer must assume the risk and the live-animal guarantee is no longer valid. The Live Arrival Guarantee is also void if the buyer provides an incorrect address, is not delivered on the first attempt, or FedEx loses, damages, or significantly delays your package more than 24 hours.


Currently, we are only shipping within the United States. Payment must be made in full before shipment or delivery of the animal(s). We recommend hub to hub shipping through FedEx as it is much safer for the animals. Shipping is only done on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when temperatures at both shipping and receiving destinations are between 40℉ - 90℉. The shipping day must be planned and agreed upon prior to shipping. Shipping dates may change due to weather at the FedEx hubs. Weather does not constitute a refund if shipping is delayed due to weather, animal safety is top priority.
Shipping costs are subject to change and are based on weight of the animal and size of the box needed to ship.

Payment Methods

Accepted payment methods include cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
No Checks will be accepted. All sales are final.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are determined on a case by case basis on purchases of $501 or more. The minimum deposit is 25% and order must be paid in full within 30 days of receipt of deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. Once deposit is received, the animal(s) will be placed on hold. Once paid in full, shipping can be arranged. Other payment plans may be discussed under unusual circumstances. If other payment arrangements are agreed upon, additional contracts must be signed.
All prices are subject to change without notice, unless a deposit has been received.


If for any reason at any time you decide that the purchase is not a good fit or are unable to care for the animal. Please contact us to allow us a chance to help rehome the animal. Refunds at this point are invalid, as all sales are final. This only allows us a chance to see to it that the animal is receiving continued care.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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