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Amazing help, and customer service! Will buy from him again:)
Rating by w***3 for DH Mai Tai * No Reserve * Western Hognose
Seller was a pleasure to work with. When a problem arose with one of my chosen snakes, they offered multiple options for how to make it right and ensure I was satisfied. They really care about their snakes. Would buy from again.
Rating by h***s for Watermelon Jag Conda Ext Red Het Albino Western Hognose
It was a pleasure doing business with you! Thanks again!!
Rating by j***1 for Hypo Enchi Yellowbelly No Reserve Ball Python
Very happy with my new addition!!
Rating by a***z for Het Albino Western Hognose
Was great with communication and packaging.
Rating by c***s for Het Albino Ph Axanthic Western Hognose
Extremely pleased throughout! A flawless transaction! Package was perfect! I would recommend anyone to buy!
Rating by j***7 for Pastel OD Clown Ball Python
Can’t say enough positive things about the Pastel YB DG I received. My expectations were pretty high and they got blown out of the water! Excellent purchase all around.
Rating by d***8 for Pastel Yellowbelly Desert Ghost Ball Python
This was a nice, big, healthy normal. Can't wait to get him up and see that het Sunset side put to work next year! Thanks, Nick!
He ate on first attempt. Doing great. It wasn't my intent in that first feedback to say that he wasn't YB. He is. Good looking, too. But the het Sunset was obviously the point I intended to make.
Rating by j***s for YB Het Sunset Ball Python
Seller was very responsive and I will definitely be doing business with them in the future!
Rating by m***e for Pastel Het Sunset Ball Python
TBM Reptiles from start to finish was extremely insightful and was quick at responding. Their payment plan was helpful just so it didn't have to all come out of pocket at once. I will definitely be purchasing from them again in the future.
Rating by t***2 for Het Axanthic Ph Albino Western Hognose
The vendor was awesome! Kept in touch from beginning to end, sent updated pics and answered any questions I had. I'm really pleased with the interaction and my purchase!
Rating by g***i for Jag Conda Het Axanthic Ph Albino Western Hognose
Mark was amazing! Very responsive and communicative. And my little guy was absolutely perfect and arrived healthy.
Rating by b***3 for Jag Conda Axanthic Ph Albino Western Hognose
Just got in a western Hognose from nick and he was awesome! Communication was excellent, shipping was very fast and my little game arrived perfectly safe. Would buy from him again if I’m looking for any reptiles in the future!
Rating by b***5 for Het Albino Pos Het Axanthic Western Hognose
Nick is ALWAYS super easy to deal with and per the norm my new little female is amazing and a monster eater! Thanks for helping me improve my plans once again man!
Rating by j***r for Arctic Snow Western Hognose
Nick is awesome and helpful and accommodating and just all-around: WONDERFUL! Snakes he produces are equally amazing! We will, undoubtedly, be purchasing from TBM again!
Rating by s***c for Axanthic Het Hypo Western Hognose
They were super friendly and the snake was exactly what I wanted! Great experience!
Rating by s***r for Het Albino Western Hognose
Nick An amazing breeder, Im always coming back and ourchasing hoggies from him cus he has some really nice babies. Thank You so much and I cant eait to breed him to my albino girl next yr . :)
Rating by s***8 for Watermelon Jag Conda Het Albino Western Hognose
Great communication responds quickly great quality animal! I will definitely do business again, and highly recommend!
Rating by d***d for Banana Lesser Spider Calico Clown Ball Python
Always great working with Nick.
Rating by t***9 for Watermelon Jag Conda Albino Western Hognose
Great communication. I was worried about the high temps in my area but was reassured, and my girl arrived safely and is beautiful. Would purchase from again.
Rating by c***r for Conda Het Ghost Western Hognose
Great communication and well cared for animals. Looking forward to doing more business with TBM
Rating by d***r for Vanilla Jolt Ball Python
Great communication! Beautiful snake! 10/10 will buy from again
I'm glad you like her! Thank you for making the process easy
Rating by d***e for RBE Pastel Het Albino Pos Het Axanthic Western Hognose
Amazing experience! Seller was consistent with communication all the way through the entire process and my boy arrived safe and healthy!
Rating by s***4 for Banana Clown Ball Python
Enjoyed my experience with TBM Reptiles they even worked with me on some extra time to complete my payment also snake looked amazing on the market but when I unboxed and expected animal was even more amazing in person
I really hope he does big things for you. If you ever need anything feel free to reach out.
Rating by p***z for Pastel Hypo Cypress Ball Python
Top notch breeder and an easy transaction. Snake got to me healthy and packaging was in great condition. Will deal with again!
Rating by j***n for Pied Ball Python
Amazing animal! We are over the top with him, his quality is perfect. Nick is a great person super easy to deal with and buy from!
Rating by j***r for Pewter Confusion Ball Python
Another high quality animal from nick as always! Good size boy! Eats like a champ and he's super easy to handle! Nick has some of the best hogs I've seen and has a plethora of knowledge on them
Rating by j***r for Sable Ph Albino Western Hognose
Beautiful clown boy, can't wait to see what the future holds for him! You definitely have some great clown combos! Will be continuing to buy from you! 5 and counting lol
Rating by j***r for *Sale*Super Pastel RS Clown Ball Python
I look forward to doing more business with this guy. Very responsive and professional and beautiful healthy animals
Rating by k***8 for Spotnose Clown Ball Python
Very easy seller to work with and most importantly the snake is in great condition!
Rating by j***s for Leopard Clown Ball Python
Great looking hognose! Thanks for working with me to pick it up!!
You're more than welcome! Hope je does big things for you.
Rating by j***7 for Extreme Red Albino Western Hognose
Would definitely buy something off Nick again. Snake looks healthy, top notch communication and shipping.
Thank you for an easy transaction. Hope you enjoy him!
Rating by c***4 for Watermelon Jag Conda Het Axanthic Western Hognose
awesome seller great to deal with he arrived in beautiful condition
Rating by b***s for Super Od Enchi Het Pied Ball Python
Amazing people, very patience and very knowledgeable. Will buy from again
Rating by r***e for Watermelon Jag Conda Het Sable Pos Albino Western Hognose
Terrific customer service and a beautiful healthy animal what more could you ask for
Rating by w***1 for Albino Pos Het Axanthic Western Hognose
Very prompt responses and beautiful animals! Highly recommend.
Thank you! Really good buyer mad everything nice and smooth.
Rating by r***0 for Sable PH Albino Western Hognose
Great communication and healthy snake. Would order from them again.
Rating by e***u for Purple Extreme Red Het Albino Ph Axanthic Western Hognose
Couldn’t of asked for a better person to buy from , very helpful and knowledgeable and overall smooth transaction . Would recommend 10/10.
Rating by a***n for Hypo Pin Ball Python
They're so nice and helpful. Will buy from them again.
Rating by _***_ for Purple Conda Ph Sable Toffee Western Hognose
Nick is an amazing Guy and Love My Albino Het Sable. Such a gorgeous hoggie. Thank you again.
Rating by s***8 for Albino Het Sable Western Hognose
Excellent customer service and communication. Very flexible payment plan, accurate pictures. Can not recommend enough. Buying animals from Nick is buying quality in both animal and service.
Rating by h***s for Hypo OD Cinny Spider Ball Python
It was perfect from start to finish! Customer service is obviously priority number 1 and I am 100% happy. These guys are not only super nice, they breed absolute quality! Pics did very little justice! I would recommend them to anyone who wants qualit
Rating by j***n for Leopard Red Stripe Ball Python
Great communication, well packed, gorgeous healthy baby suma - one of my bucket list snakes and I couldn’t be more pleased! Highly recommend buying from Nick, you won’t be disappointed!!
Rating by j***s for Suma Ball Python
Great seller. Top quality animal and very nice guy. Thank you again!
Rating by s***i for PH Lucy Western Hognose
This little guy is amazing! He attitude is everything, I love it, I love little guys with BIG BOLD attitude, he has such an amazing sponk to him, he is more gorgeous in person then in photos I got really lucky, I would definitely buy again!!
Rating by n***g for Axanthic Conda Het Albino Western Hognose
I would buy another snake from this breeder. Very professional, great at communication
Rating by c***8 for Red Het Sable Ph Albino Western Hognose
Animal recieved asap and in good health.
Rating by k***r for Het Sable PH Albino Western Hognose
Beautiful and fairly priced, seems to be absolutely healthy and Nick was easy to work with. Very Happy.
Rating by j***r for Red Sable Ph Albino Western Hognose
Nick went above and beyond to take care of my daughter and I after he found out about us getting scammed. Amazing guy to be honest. He not only took care of us but is very knowledgeable and I look forward to doing business with him in the future.
Rating by j***8 for Conda Het Hypo Ph Axanthic, Albino, Caramel Western Hognose