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Mark Huntley

Santee, CA, USA

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Tenny's Crested Geckos is a family business grown by our daughter's love, Tenny, for crested geckos. We are not a big breeder, all of our crested geckos are loved and handled as much as possible. We have lineage on just about every gecko we own and can even tell you their personalities. We have spared no expense buying investment quality reds, tricolors, and Lilly whites. Hopefully, our babies reflect that investment into the top crested gecko breeder's best offspring. We hope to pass on our passion at an affordable price. The kids run most of the social media sites, so if you get a funny response or see some spelling errors, keep that in mind. Payment plans are available with 50% down and the remainder due 30 days later (speak to us, we can work something out). We only ship to the nearest FedEx hub. We ship on Tuesday's of each week, weather permitting.

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