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Overall.. great transaction.. snake was described exactly like the place said!!!
Rating by k***t for Egyptian False Cobra More Colubrid ($295.00)
Awesome transaction! Snake was exactly as described. Good communication and quick responses. Packing was safe. Thanks again 😁
Rating by s***1 for Solomon Island Male Dumeril's Boa ($125.00)
Rating by g***2 for Green Western Hognose ($250.00)
I love my new bearded dragon, she’s perfect! Thanks True Blood Exotics.
Rating by s***s for Bearded Dragon Central Bearded Dragon ($40.00)
Everything went smooth snake was exactly what was expected. Would buy from again
Rating by c***k for Yellow Belly Racer More Colubrid ($40.00)
He answered all my questions quickly and the snake came when she was suppose to and looks amazing. Was a great first experience ordering online
I wish i could change all the ratings to a 0. After looking closer at the snake its clear it was imported and not CB. The snake is covered in scars after the seller told me she had none and she has a tick on her mouth.
There was nothing wrong with the boa when shipped. Pictures were provided. And there were absolutely no ticks untill today? I Have clear photos of the mouth and all the messages. Buyer cursing at me. Making threats. Very bad experience here.
Rating by v***r for CB Emerald Tree Boa Northern Emerald Tree Boa ($425.00)
Seller answered quickly and shipped same day. The skink arrived in good health and so far doing well.
Rating by e***s for Red Eye Croc Skink Other Skink ($150.00)
Knowledgable reptiles keeper, great response time, and very fast shipping!
Rating by g***4 for Savannah Monitors ($40.00)
Awesome customer service and very professional will do business again in the future
Rating by r***1 for Savannah Monitors ($40.00)
So happy that my new little ball python got here healthy and happy! Seller communicated great and provided me with everything I asked for. Packaged great but could have maybe used a heat pack as she arrived a little cold.
Rating by s***9 for Ball Python Hatchlings ($40.00)
Niles arrived super cold after a few hours of warming up they became good perfect shape animals but needs to work on shipping skills
We always use Certified animal heat packs. Proof was provided of using the heat packs. Animals were and still are perfectly fine...
Rating by h***2 for Nile Monitors ($30.00)
Communication on time
Rating by m***n for Nile Monitors ($30.00)
Try Blood Exotics was very quick to respond and the Savannah Monitor was delivered within 48 hours of inquiring about it. The transaction could not have gone better.
Rating by k***l for Savannah Monitors ($40.00)
Awesome buying experience...wont hesitate to buy from them again!
Rating by b***i for CB Amazon Tree Boa ($75.00)
Inquiry and transaction went smoothly. Snake is healthy and adjusting to his new home nicely.
Rating by c***s for Juvenile Amazon Tree Boa ($75.00)
I love this
Rating by h***p for 2019 Male Ball Python ($45.00)
Seller was great at communicating and answering any questions I may have had
Rating by j***e for Proven Female Red Halrequin Crested Gecko ($200.00)
Will definitely come back thanks again
Rating by h***n for Dbl Het Albino Pied Ball Python ($100.00)
Extremely satisfied with my savanna monitor
Rating by a***s for Savannah Monitor ($30.00)
everything was exceptional the snake, the packaging, the time it arrived, and how the breeder explained everything answered every question i asked perfectly
Rating by v***x for Pastel Calico Female Ball Python ($225.00)
Awesome customer service! Looking forward to doing business again!
Very prompt payment and polite!
Our Albino King Snake has settled nicely into her new home with help from the seller; who has been more than helpful by answering my many questions! AWESOME customer service!
Rating by k***y for Albino Brooks King Snake Brooks' Kingsnake ($60.00)
Recently purchased 1.5 yr old sand boa. Fast and secure shipping. She arrived safe and healthy. Couldn't be more happy! True blood exotics was helpful throughout the entire transaction! Thank you! Will be a repeat customer!
Rating by r***1 for CBB 1.5yr Kenyan Sand Boa Female ($75.00)
They are awsome! They take great pride in what they do and go the extra mile to help their customers. It's hard to find people like them anymore. I got a Nile Monitor form them very healthy and can tell that they handle their reptiles.
Rating by k***3 for Nile Monitor ($40.00)
Very helpful, kind, and patient ! The shipment was delayed, but the reptile was in good condition. I definitely recommend buying from True Blood Exotics.
Rating by t***h for Halmaharen Blue Tongue Skink Other Blue-Tongued Skink ($225.00)