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Bryan K Childress

Munford, TN, USA

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We are a small breeder of collection grade Ball Python morphs

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Store Policy

Health Guarantee

We guarantee that your reptile is healthy and feeding for us upon arrival. In the rare event your animal arrives in any condition less than perfect, any claims must be made immediately, in writing, upon arrival. Do not call without sending a message via our morphmarket, facebook, instagram, text, or email. Any claims made over 4 hours from the Fedex delivery confirmation are invalid.


We ship FedEx priority overnight only. We ship solely at our discretion based on the weather and other factors such as holidays and local events. Our live arrival guarantee is only valid if the high and low temperatures are between 40 and 90 degrees at our location, and the final arrival destination. Our live arrival guarantee is immediately null and void if the customer is unavailable on the first Fedex delivery attempt.

We will sometimes make shipping exceptions at customers’ request but will notify the customer if their live arrival guarantee would be invalidated by that exception. We will never ship an animal if we feel there is any real risk of that animal’s health being put in jeopardy. Our animals come 100% first and we would rather lose a sale than risk a snake to poor shipping choices.

We feel it is safer to ship to your local fedex ship center for pickup, rather than send it for residential delivery.

Pickup (Local or shows): We guarantee that your reptile is healthy and feeding for us upon pickup. Please examine the animal carefully and express any concerns or questions with us before making any purchase.

We cannot extend any guarantee past these terms, as we are no longer in control of and have no way to verify the conditions in which the animal is kept. Sometimes animals’ behavior will change based on new stimuli such as: being shipped, being brought to a show, being setup in a new environment they aren’t used to, etc. Please expect that your snake may not immediately feed and may show different behavior based on the additional stress of being sold and sent to a new environment. If you choose to make different husbandry choices than our recommendations then be aware that we cannot guarantee the same results we see with our tried and true methods.


I accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX, PayPal (Friends and Family)or Venmo


I will accept a deposit to place an animal on hold. That deposit is non-refundable.


I typically will do payment plans and to start the payment plan process for animals over $1000, I require a minimum of 25%, or $200 whichever is greater of the total price. After receiving a deposit I mark the animal(s) as on hold and you make payments per a negotiated schedule, typically within 60 days however exceptions will be made especially during hot months when shipping is not possible. All down payments and or deposits are nonrefundable, if canceled those funds will be valid towards future or currently available animals. Animals will not be shipped before being paid full.

By purchasing one of our snakes you agree to these terms and conditions of sale.

I ship via and will not ship if the conditions will put the animal(s) in jeopardy. Availability to accept the animal(s) must be confirmed prior to shipping.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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