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Very responsive and helpful answered all questions and shipped over night!!
Thank you I appreciate feedback and communication
Rating by c***s for CB Black And White Tegu Salvator Tegu ($125.00)
BUYER BEWARE!! When we received our red foot, the “unique” shell pattern was more than just battle damage. It’s an ongoing issue AND he was coated in a wax substance to appear in better shape. We had our vet look at him. Seller refused to admit wrong
Red foot tortoise sold to you was in great condition we do not agree with your assessment. We offered to take tortoise back and refund you in full you declined.
Rating by a***r for C/B Red-footed Tortoise ($200.00)
Glad your pleased Mark and thank you for making time to make the transaction.
Rating by m***s for CB Black And White Tegu Salvator Tegu ($125.00)
From initial inquiry to pick-up (I'm local to seller) and payment, things went smooth and this girl is more beautiful in person than she ever was/is in pictures. I'd buy from UR again!
Thank you Erik enjoy her she is beautiful
Rating by e***9 for Pastel Leopard Ball Python ($160.00)
Communication started off pretty slow while trying to buy the snake but everyone has different schedules so it wasn’t a problem! Packaging was great, shipping was great, customer service was great! Snake was gorgeous and healthy! Would buy from again
Rating by l***s for Highway Ball Python ($500.00)
It’s been about two weeks since we received our Red Footed Tortoise, she is a fantastic eater and extremely personable. Seller was very fast to respond. If your hesitant, don’t be !! Get one while they still have them. You won’t regret it!
Thank you
Rating by v***3 for C/B Red-footed Tortoise ($200.00)
This was a great experience
Rating by j***3 for Pastel Highway Ball Python ($675.00)
I will shop with him again
Rating by l***p for Xtreme Gene Het Pied (Probably Pied) Ball Python ($200.00)
Love my new babies! Thank you!
Rating by s***2 for CB Black And White Tegu Salvator Tegu ($125.00)
Responsive…beautiful animal.
Thank you enjoy new BP
Rating by e***d for Fire Lesser Pinstripe Ball Python ($275.00)
Awesome little B&W tegu friendly and was super handable. Definitely gonna buy from these guys.
Thank you and enjoy your new Tegu
Rating by m***e for CB Black And White Tegu Salvator Tegu ($125.00)
Had a minor setback with the shipping however they were very good with getting it sorted for me within a reasonable time frame. Once it was shipped I received a healthy animal the next morning. Communication was great. Highly recommend.
Rating by w***h for CB Black And White Tegu Salvator Tegu ($125.00)
Orderd my tegu 1 day and received it the next, couldn't of asked for a better experience. Every question was answered immediately that i had, would definitely recommend for all your snake reptille lizard needs. 5 stars!
Thank you very much
Rating by j***7 for CB Black And White Tegu Salvator Tegu ($125.00)
Great customer support!
Rating by l***s for GHI 66% Het Hypo Ball Python ($170.00)
I was a little skeptical at first but my tegu arrived on time, beautifully healthy and pretty docile! Don't hesitate to order from United Reptiles. Will do bussiness again!
Thank you for the feedback enjoy your tegu.
Rating by t***4 for CB Black And White Tegu Salvator Tegu ($125.00)
Great to deal with would buy from again.
Rating by k***3 for Vanilla GHI Mojave 100% Het Hypo Ball Python ($550.00)
Awesome snake, great price. Easy transaction!
Rating by g***e for Pastel Coral Glow Lesser Het Clown Ball Python ($275.00)
I specifically asked this seller to send to a FedEx hub rather than my home address, but instead the snake spent a good portion of a hot day in a truck, which is unfortunate because otherwise I would have ordered from this seller again.
You did request a hub shipment however you provided a shipping address of your residence. If you ask for a hub, you have to provide the hub address. There are numerous hubs in some cities and we do not know which one you prefer. Sorry you are unhappy
Rating by a***s for Super Pastel Mojave Banana DH Hypo Clown Ball Python ($450.00)
Animals arrived healthy
Thank you pleased your happy with tortoises
Rating by s***s for C/B Red-footed Tortoise ($200.00)
Very happy with my purchase thru United Reptiles. Couldnt be more happier
Thank you for the feedback.
Rating by s***e for Phantom Ball Python ($115.00)
Great experience dealing with United Reptiles.
Thank you we hope you enjoy your new BP
Rating by s***r for Pastel Mojave Ball Python ($125.00)
Fast and friendly replies, prompt shipping, and absolutely perfect tortoises! Extremely satisfied.
Thank you Alicia for the feedback.
Rating by a***1 for C/B Red-footed Tortoise ($200.00)
The snake is healthy and exactly what was expected. There was a bit of confusion on delivery but we received her and all is well. I would purchase from United Reptiles again.
Rating by j***s for Pastel Lesser Specter Ball Python ($260.00)
This was my first time having a snake delivered and i could not have asked for anything more. Everything went smoothly.
Thank you we are pleased you are happy with your new bp
Rating by n***4 for Super Pastel Special Ball Python ($275.00)
Excellent seller! Very responsive and helpful! Strongly recommend this seller. Very pleased with my purchase.
Pleased you like your new pet. Thank you
Rating by h***n for Pinstripe Het Hypo Ball Python ($140.00)
Seller was fast at responding, tortoise was exactly as listed and in great condition. Definitely would order again from them!
Thank you I am pleased you liked him.
Rating by j***s for C/B Red-footed Tortoise ($200.00)
Seller has exceeded my expectations! My ball python was received in healthy shape and beautiful as ever. Very good service, communication, and patience. Will definitely be doing business again with Randy. Highly recommend to check out his collection
Thank you for your business
Rating by s***s for Super Pastel Chamagne Fire Ball Python ($350.00)
Had an amazing experience and got an absolutely stunning snake! The pics don’t do these guys justice, don’t hesitate, and pull the trigger on some quality animals. Communication and shipping were all on point. Thanks so much again!
Thank you very much for feedback you were a pleasure to deal with throughout the process. Have a blessed day.
Rating by g***9 for Super Vanilla GHI Hypo Ball Python ($575.00)
As described.
Rating by a***z for Pastel Coral Glow Lesser Enchi Ball Python ($400.00)
EXCELLENT! Great communication, gorgeous, healthy snake, couldn't be happier. Highly recommend!! Thanks again!! 😁
Rating by b***p for Leopard Spark Ball Python ($265.00)
Good communication. Snake delivered healthy and quick.
Rating by k***2 for Pinstripe 100% Het Hypo Ball Python ($125.00)
Awesome person to work with! FedEx messed up and this seller had communication with me the whole time I was waiting on my delivery. The snakes were packaged very well and are gorgeous! Can't stress how happy I am with the communication!
Rating by m***a for Pinstripe Ball Python ($130.00)
I am very happy with my enchi Male i bought he is absolutely beautiful and hos colors are amazing
Rating by r***2 for Enchi Ball Python ($100.00)
Great breeder to work with! Purchased a ball python as my first snake and the whole experience was great, thank you United Reptiles.
Rating by j***x for Enchi Pastel Ball Python ($135.00)
Smooth transaction, fast shipping, will be back in the future, great seller!!
Rating by j***3 for Enchi Ball Python ($90.00)
United reptile had great communication and shipped out my snake very fast and he was packaged very well. I would definitely continue buying from them again!
Rating by b***5 for Pastel Ball Python ($75.00)
Great overall experience. Did everything exceptionally well. Will buy from them again!!
Rating by p***n for Pastel Pinstripe Ball Python ($300.00)
Excellent Sellers, everything went very quick and they were fast to communicate and answer any questions. I recieved my snake fast and was the healthiest snake Ive ever bought. The snake was more beautiful than I was expecting. EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!
Rating by j***1 for Spider Ball Python ($70.00)
A very good quality pet, a highly recommended salesman and a very nice transaction. it's an excellent price. I'll definitely buy it again with this seller
Rating by f***7 for Spider Ball Python ($70.00)
Tim was very communicative, snake was packaged accordingly, arrived healthy and in well conditions! Definitely recommend them. -Joe from Daybreak Exotics
Rating by j***4 for Fire Spark Ball Python ($250.00)
Absolutely gorgeous snake, she's already my favorite and we have many. Very healthy, I have a few the same age and they're not nearly as chunky and big as this girl.
Rating by o***a for Special Spotnose Ball Python ($400.00)
Tim was very responsive and a pleasure to deal with!
Rating by h***s for Lesser Gene-X 100% Het Pied Ball Python ($175.00)
Just got my 1st spider ball python.. def reccomend
Rating by k***3 for Spider Ball Python ($70.00)
Rating by r***l for Pastel Het Clown Ball Python ($125.00)