First Produced By: The Animal Company [1]

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-05-16

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The Gravel Ball Python is both a color and pattern mutation that has similar characteristics as other genes in the superstripe complex so much that they can be difficult to differentiate from each other and often can be mistaken as a trait-less animal as adults.

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The Animal Company first produced the Gravel Ball Python mutation with a yellowbelly cross producing highways in 2011, Shane Herbold - Shane’s serpents with a yellowbelly cross producing highways in 2011, Jason Vilenica - WickedFairyMagic with a red blush outcross producing gravels in 2008. The known founding animals of this gene were imported into the states in 2008 and were thought to be a darkened line of the already established yellowbelly.

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The head of a Gravel Ball Python is very similar to that of a Normal Ball Python, though slightly darker tones fading to a light crown with a slight stamp near the neck, lip spots and connected ocular stripes. Though this is pretty consistent, it is not a rule as every outcross produces a new animal.


The body of the Gravel Ball Python usually consists of gold outlined saddles with a tendency for high contrast between pattern and background. Often they have dorsal background blushing, pattern tends to fight for banding especially in the last third. Melanin speckling/shotblast granite is also typical in the lateral pattern. They often have flamed lateral gradient in between their pattern saddles, but typically not as prevalent as its cousin the Yellowbelly.


Gravel tend to have a granite transition from their scutes to lateral pattern defined by ‘checkering’ or ‘chips and chunks’. They often can have ventral birthmarks and tinted scutes.


The tail of the Gravel Ball Python is typically bright and similar to the accentuated lateral pattern with gold outlining on high expression animals.

Proven Lines

The Animal Company (The Gourmet Rodent line), Shane’s Serpents Line, WickedFairyMagic’s Line


  • Highway (Gravel Yellow Belly)

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