Yellow Belly

First Produced By: Amir Soleymani [1]

Aliases: YB

First Produced In: 1999

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2021-10-23

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The typical variations of a Yellow Belly from a Normal Ball Python are its rich coloration,head marking, belly flames, and a checkered pattern along the edges of the belly. Each of these characteristics may vary from one animal to the next.


Around 1997 Amir Soleymani spotted a odd looking Ball Python being sold as a Normal while at a reptile show and by 1999 he had proven it was genetic. Six years after Amir’s initially purchase, The Snake Keeper (TSK) produced a clutch from a Yellow Belly X Yellow Belly pairing and when the they finally came out of the eggs they were shocked to see a patternless creamy-white snake with a yellow stripe down its dorsal. This proved the Yellow Belly gene to be Incomplete Dominant.



The head of a Yellow Belly Ball Python is usually topped with a light tanned-brown crown, with a headstamp of light scales toward the back of the crown.


The body of a Yellow Belly Ball Python tends to have rich colouration, making the black ‘puzzle-like’ markings of a Normal Ball Python appear almost tanned. Strong “flames” can be seen between the ‘alien heads’ coming up from the belly.


The Yellow Belly Ball Python usually displays a clean belly of patternless scales with checkered/motley edging, though spotting can occasionally happen. The ‘flames’ that travel up the animals sides can be seen between markings. Despite its name, a Ball Python carrying the Yellow Belly gene does not necessarily have a yellow belly.


The tail of the Yellow Belly Ball Python is similar to that of the Normal Ball Python but filling the colouration of the Yellow Belly morph, usually coming to a end with a thick stripe or beading.

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