Orange Dream

First Produced By: Ozzy Boids LLC

Aliases: OD

First Produced In: 2004 [1]

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2022-06-01

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The Orange Dream Ball Python is an incomplete dominant mutation that alters the colouration and pattern. The name Orange Dream comes from Ozzy Boids, the first to prove the bright orange snake as genetic, joking saying that the snake would make him millions, to which his friend replied “keep dreaming”, becoming the ‘Orange Dream’.

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In 2002, Ozzy Boids purchased a female captive hatched Ball Python from a friend named Ian Gniazdowski at Outback Reptiles.

In 2004, Ozzy paired the female to a het Albino male and produced four eggs.
When the clutch hatched, Ozzy instantly knew he had produced a new incomplete dominant trait, with two of the hatchlings looking exactly like their mother. [2]

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The head of an Orange Dream Ball Python is topped with a golden/orange crown and blushing towards the neck. It exhibits the stripes of a Normal Ball Python showing through and under the eyes.


The Orange Dream Ball Python still carries the “alien heads” pattern of a Normal Ball Python, but spots within are largely stripped away, which gives it large contrasting blotches between the jet black “puzzle” pattern.


Orange Dream Ball Pythons very rarely show any marking on their bellies, leaving a bright pearly set of scales.


The tail of an Orange Dream Ball Python is just like a Normal pattern-wise, but follows the Orange Dream colouration.

Proven Lines

No known proven lines.

Related Traits

No known related traits.


  • Black Nightmare (Black Pastel Orange Dream)
  • Triton (Enchi Fire Orange Dream Pastel)

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