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Based in the Washington DC suburbs of the United States Ozzy Boids has been producing quality Ball Python and Boa Constrictor morphs since 2003. We pride ourselves on being a small boutique-style breeder of high quality designer morphs. As the originator of the infamous Orange Dream we demonstrate our passion for the hobby year after year with cutting edge designer morphs! We offer delivery to almost any part of the World! When investing with us you can count on honest and fair treatment.

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Store Policy

Please review all of my policies carefully before making a purchase. Ozzy Boids LLC encourages feedback and suggestions from any and everyone. The goal here is to ensure a fair transaction for both parties.
At Ozzy Boids LLC every effort will be made to ensure your transaction is a positive one. Emails and phone calls will be answered promptly and customers will be treated with respect. All animals will be honestly represented and 100% healthy at the time of delivery. Animals are guaranteed to be free of mites and ticks at the time of delivery. Every effort will be made to properly sex animals, but please be sure to confirm the sex upon receipt. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the animal you receive, you must notify Ozzy Boids LLC within 48 hours for a refund. The customer will be responsible for all return shipping costs and arrangements. Animals must be returned 100% healthy at the earliest possible shipping date. The animal may be held in quarantine upon return for a few days to ensure it is healthy before refunding the cost of the animal. It is the customer’s responsibility to learn how to properly care for the animals they purchase. Ozzy Boids LLC can not take responsibility for a person’s lack of knowledge or poor husbandry skills. If Ozzy Boids LLC determines that a customer lacks the proper experience or facilities to care for an animal, the transaction will be terminated.
Every heterozygous (het) gene carrier produced here at Ozzy Boids LLC is immediately photographed and assigned a unique ID code. Your invoice will come with a photographed certificate detailing the genetics of any heterozygous animals you purchase. I have photo archives of every het I have ever produced or sold. My guarantee is for the life of the animal even if you decide to sell it. I will verify the genetics of any animal I sell 1, 2, or even 10 years later as a service to my customers. This way your animal will retain it’s value and you will be able to sell it for full value even if you are not a well known breeder.
When hatching multi gene animals often times breeders will identify the combination of genes by making an educated guess based on past experience. In these cases the genetics can only be verified through actual breeding trials. All customers should understand the risk associated with purchasing an animal with a theoretical or presumptive ID. Sometimes the animal you end up with may prove to have a different genetic make up than anticipated. This could turn out to be good if the customer ends up with a new or extra genes. Or it could be bad if the customer ends up with less or an undesirable gene. Be sure to understand the difference between definitive and theoretical labels on animals you purchase from Ozzy Boids LLC or elsewhere. Ask about the parental stock that produced the offspring and consider the outcome carefully. The only guarantee that anyone can make regarding Theoretical IDs is mistakes will happen, presumptions will on occasion prove false.
Ozzy Boids LLC can only guarantee that multi-gene animals with a “Theoretical ID” will be identified to the best of our ability and we will NEVER intentionally mislead or deceive a customer regarding the genetic make up of an animal.
NOTE: Ozzy Boids LLC will only process and ship animals that were acquired directly from Ozzy Boids LLC. We do not provide broker services for CITES related shipping. We will not process CITES for another breeder’s animals.
We offer shipping to most locations around the World.
$5000 minimum order for exports
CITES fees are $301 per shipment
Shipping costs will vary, Call or email for a quote
Health Certificates cost an additional $200 per shipment
Animals must be picked up at the Airport
Packages are to be opened immediately at the cargo desk or counter and the animals should be inspected.
If there are any obvious problems with the animal (deceased or injured) or the package feels extremely cold or hot to the touch, a claim should be filed with the airlines before leaving the airport.
WE DO NOT GUARANTEE LIVE ARRIVAL FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS. All shipments are inspected by the US Fish and Wildlife Government Agency prior to boarding cargo planes. We take full responsibility up to the inspection by the US Fish and Wildlife Services agent and delivery to cargo agent. Once shipments are cleared and delivered to the cargo desk, we no longer assume responsibility for the shipment.
Any issues due to airline mishaps is not our responsibility.
We do not take responsibility for compliance related seizures of shipments at the destination country.
By placing international orders you acknowledge and assume all risk.
Broker Imports
Customers may use brokers to import animals to their country at their own risk and expense.
There is no minimum purchase requirements for broker managed exports.
We guarantee live arrival to broker export location in the US only.
Any mishaps beyond delivery to US export location is not our responsibility.
All animals will be shipped through FedEx. Ozzy Boids LLC guarantees live arrival and takes full responsibility for delivering animals safely to the customer. Ozzy Boids LLC live arrival guarantee requires hold-for-pick up when shipping through FedEx. If the customer insists on door to door delivery, then they must assume the risk and waive their live-arrival guarantee. If the animal dies in transit, Ozzy Boids LLC will replace the animal if possible with an equivalent animal or issue credit for the full amount of the purchase which can be used towards the purchase of any animal. All animals will be properly packed and shipped in a new shipping box. Ozzy Boids LLC is a known shipper with FedEx. We ship animals in clearly marked boxes in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.
When receiving an animal shipment through FedEx:
The customer must pick up the animal shipment at their closest FedEx customer center. This is the safest method of shipment since it avoids the delivery truck where most delivery mishaps occur.
Shipping is a flat $65 per shipment during most of the year. Shipping in conditions where temps are below freezing is $85 per shipment.
Customers will be provided a tracking number and should pick up the animal promptly after it arrives at the customer center and becomes available for pick up.
A photo ID is required at the time of pick up.
Animals are shipped by FedEx Monday through Wednesday only.

Payment plans will be made available on a case-by-case basis on purchases of $500 or more. Payment plans will generally be between 1 to 3 months in duration depending on the amount of the purchase. To hold an animal Ozzy Boids LLC requires a non-refundable deposit (typically 20%) and an agreed upon due date for full payment. The 20% non-refundable deposit can not be sent through PayPal and must be sent by check or credit card. After the minimum deposit is received the animal/s will be taken off the market and held for the customer. Animals will be fed and maintained as usual with no extra charge to the customer. If for whatever reason the customer can not complete the payment plan as agreed to, all monies in excess of the non-refundable deposit will be refunded after the animal is reposted and sold at current market price as determined by Ozzy Boids LLC. The non-refundable deposit is not transferable and it is meant to absorb the costs associated with holding and removing the animal from market. NOTE: Failure to pay by the agreed upon date will result in cancellation of the payment plan and loss of non-refundable deposit. Please do not enter into a payment plan unless you are certain you can pay as agreed.

All prices are subject to change and Ozzy Boids LLC should be contacted to confirm any listed price. As these animals mature and gain weight they also gain in value. Therefore, prices may be adjusted accordingly. Ozzy Boids LLC will honor any price that was agreed upon during negotiations of sale. Package deals and discounts are always available at Ozzy Boids LLC. Please email or call for details.
For your convenience, all forms of payment are accepted at Ozzy Boids LLC including all major credit cards, checks, money orders, and PayPal. Due to the increase in online fraud, all checks and money orders will be held for 7 days.
Checks and Money Orders should be made out to “Ozzy Boids LLC” and mailed to:
Ozzy Boids LLC
PO BOX 83307
Gaithersburg, MD. 20883
Paypal payments should be made to “[email protected]

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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“As expected another smooth and fantastic transaction. Animal arrived safe and sound and better than I expected. Always a pleasure to do business with Ozzy. 🙏”


“Great experience as alway, awesome snake and customer service. Definitely recommend Ozzy!”


“Super easy to work with ! Amazing animals and I would definitely recommend ozzy !”


“Call f****** Ozzy boids!!! Best quality animal ever added to my breeding collection great communication laid back dude couldn't have had a better experience giving somebody all my money lol and money will spent f*** yea thanks Ozzy you're the goat!!”



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