First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Common

Last Updated: 2021-10-26

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The Vanilla Ball Python is colouration and pattern altering morph that can be difficult to tell apart from a Normal Ball Python and is extremely similar in looks to that of a Fire Ball Python, with only a few slight variations that can be used to tell the two apart without further breeding.


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The head of the Vanilla Ball Python is much like the head of a Normal Ball Pythons but with a lighter and more prominent head stamp, which usually consists of three circles close together that is often compared to an upside-down Mickey Mouse head.


The “alien heads” of the Vanilla Ball Python are usually free of markings and “eyes”. The black “puzzle” pattern normally expresses slight blushing in young snakes, that gets brighter and more apparent with age.


The tail of the Vanilla Ball Python is similar to that of a Normal Ball Pythons but following the colourations of its body.

Proven Lines


Related Traits

Disco, Flame, Lemonback, Brite, Sauce, Mota, Lucifer, Sulfur, Ember, Fire


  • Amoretti (Flame Vanilla)
  • Black Cream (Black Pastel Fire Vanilla)
  • Brass Ball (Black Pastel Vanilla)
  • Cream Diamond (Mojave Special Vanilla)
  • Dota (Het Red Axanthic Mojave Vanilla)
  • Eraserhead (Lucifer Vanilla)
  • Rodeo (Fire Pinstripe Vanilla)
  • Scream (Fire Pastel Vanilla)
  • Vanilla Bee (Spider Vanilla)
  • Vanilla Blast (Pastel Pinstripe Vanilla)
  • Vanilla Cream (Fire Vanilla)
  • Vanilla Scream (Fire Pastel Vanilla)
  • Xplosive Cream (Fire Mojave Pastel Spider Vanilla)

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