Albino (Prodigy)

First Produced By: Clay English

Aliases: Prodigy Albino

Issues: Photophobia

First Produced In: 2006

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2022-04-18

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A Colombian morph that is essentially another line of BWC. [1]

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While the word photophobia literally translates to a "fear of light”. Its not actually that you are scared of light, but instead, are incredibly sensitive to it. Animals with albinism experience photophobia due to the lack of pigment in the iris, which does not allow the eyes to filter out light.


Clay English made the first Prodigy Boas in 2006 using a female Jeff Ronne produced, from a bloodline Jeff had worked with for nearly 20 years. The male, Clay obtained in 2001 from a California Reptile dealer.

Jeff then became the sole keeper of all the adults carrying Prodigy. Jeff produced a litter of Hypos and Motleys het Prodigy in 2009 from a female Prodigy bred with a Hypo Motley male. May 15, 2011 Jeff was fortunate to breed a male Prodigy with a female possible Het Prodigy that proved to in fact be a Het and made a mess of Prodigies and Het Prodigies. [2]

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As babies, Prodigy seem to be the lightest of the T-Positive lines with super clean backgrounds


Prodigy have brilliant red tails, with darker colors invading the tail blotches.

Proven Lines

No known proven lines

Related Traits

Albino (Prodigy) , Albino (BWC).

Sharp is compatible with Prodigy, making the Paradise Boa.


  • Paradise (100% Het Albino (Prodigy) 100% Het Albino (Sharp))

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