Albino (Sharp)

First Produced By: Brian Sharp

Aliases: Sharp Albino

Issues: Photophobia

First Produced In: 1990s

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2022-06-30

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Sharp Albino is a recessive mutation founded by Brian Sharp in the 1990s.

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While the word photophobia literally translates to a "fear of light”. Its not actually that you are scared of light, but instead, are incredibly sensitive to it. Animals with albinism experience photophobia due to the lack of pigment in the iris, which does not allow the eyes to filter out light.


In 1991, Brian Sharp imported a wild caught female Albino Boa from Colombia. He successfully bred her and his strain (or line) of Albino Boas was created. [1]

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Sharp Strain Albinos have pink tongues and red pupils.


The Sharp Strain Albino still carries the pattern of a Normal Boa but all dark pigmentation is stripped away, which gives it a large contrast against especially into adulthood.


The tail follows the same colouration as the rest of the body.

Proven Lines

No known proven lines

Related Traits

Albino (Prodigy), Albino (BWC).

Sharp and BWC are compatible and produce the Paradigm.
Sharp is also compatible with Prodigy, making the Paradise Boa.

Paradigm Boa

The Paradigm Boa is a genetic anomaly first produced by Mike Weitzman in 2004. They are a product of breeding a BW Caramel to a Sharp Strain Albino. It seems by crossing the BW Caramel and Sharp Albino genes interrupt the production of melanin or black pigment to such an extent to generate the unique look of a “T-Positive” Albino. [2]


  • Artic (Albino (BWC) Albino (Sharp) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • Artic Glow (Hypo Albino (BWC) Albino (Sharp) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • Blizzard (Anerythristic (RDR Black Eye) Albino (Sharp))
  • Paradigm (100% Het Albino (BWC) 100% Het Albino (Sharp))
  • Paradise (100% Het Albino (Prodigy) 100% Het Albino (Sharp))
  • Paraglow (Hypo 100% Het Albino (BWC) 100% Het Albino (Sharp))
  • Sharp Albino Junglow (Hypo Jungle Albino (Sharp))
  • Sharp Albino Snow (Albino (Sharp) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • Sharp Albino Sunglow (Hypo Albino (Sharp))
  • Sharp Junglow (Hypo Jungle Albino (Sharp))
  • Sharp Snow (Albino (Sharp) Anerythristic (Type 1))
  • Sharp Sunglow (Hypo Albino (Sharp))
  • Snow Glow (Hypo Albino (Sharp) Anerythristic (Type 1))

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