Evans Hypo

First Produced By: Richard Evans

Aliases: T+ Albino

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: Unknown

Availability: Rarest

Last Updated: 2022-02-15

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Despite the name, Evans Hypo is actually another form of T+ Albino. [1]

Evans Hypo is a recessive mutation that reduces the dark coloration of the Western Hognose.

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“Pure” versions of the morph (ones that have not been crossed with other color lines like extreme red or purple) are quite similar to Toffee Belly, but are lower contrast and typically have wider, more diffused saddles.[2]

Areas that would normally be black, now present with a purplish or gray hue. Best seen with the belly pattern. Both Dutch and Evans Hypo are not hypomelanistic. They are a form of Albino that still retains dark pigmentation. [3]

The “pure” version of these animals have a golden-brown color for the large body spots. The bellies are pink and white with a hint of lavender. The tongue and pupils are bright purple in colour. Even if they have some similarities with Toffee Belly, the Evans Hypos are low contrast, compared to Toffee and have lighter colours. They are not compatible genetically. [4]


They look to have an overall more red or pink hue than Toffee Belly, which is why they look so good when crossed into red or purple lines. [5]


This color mutation was discovered by the American “hognose pioneer” Richard Evans and unfortunately he called it “Hypo”. There is now a growing conviction that this morph is in fact a form of tyrosine positive albinism. However, the designation “Hypo” was so well established that the “Evans” was added. [6]

Proven Lines

No known proven lines.

Related Traits

Evans Hypo is not compatible with other T+ Albinos, but is compatible with T- Albinos.


  • Ghost (Axanthic Evans Hypo)
  • Hybino (Albino Evans Hypo)
  • Ignition (Evans Hypo Toffee Belly)
  • Pink Glow (Evans Hypo Pink Pastel)
  • Purple Haze (Evans Hypo Lavender)
  • Silver Ghost (Evans Hypo Pink Pastel)
  • Sunglow (Albino Evans Hypo)
  • T+ Snow (Axanthic Evans Hypo)

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