Hyper Xanthic

First Produced By: JMG Reptile

Issues: N/A

First Produced In: 2002

Availability: Higher

Last Updated: 2022-02-14

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Hyper Xanthic is a polygenic trait.

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This morph was first pioneered by JMG Reptile in 2002 after hatching an unusually colored leopard gecko and has been available to the public since the first release in 2008. [1]

JMG: We decided to start this project in 2002 when we hatched out a very odd looking leopard gecko, she displayed a excessive amount of yellow and she was also very high contrast. We started selective color breeding these beautiful geckos for more intense yellow, then in 2004 we started producing hyper xanthics with yellow trailing down their tails. Now in 2007 we finally really started producing what we originally had in mind when we started this project. This year we have produced hyper xanthics with bright flourescent yellow on their body, on their heads, and on the base and parts of their tails also. The hyper xanthics we have been producing also have nice velvet black spotting on their heads and body. They are very high contrast and these are such a unique morph because the only other projects you ever see focusing on yellow in leoaprd geckos are just the plain high yellows. [2]

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The Hyper Xanthic Leopard Gecko is a polygenic morph known for it’s near florescent yellow coloration and high marking contrast. These geckos exhibit an excessive amount of yellow on their bodies. [3]


The best examples also have yellow pigments extended into their tails. [4]

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