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Little guy arrived healthy, feisty, and ate well right away. Communication was great. the pics were good, but he's even better looking in person. I would definitely do business again.
Rating by t***6 for Miami (Milksnake Phase) Corn Snake ($200.00)
Seller is very professional and fast to reply. The snakes I received are absolutely stunning and very healthy. I highly recommend them.
Rating by s***s for Hypo Het Albino Crazy Line Honduran Milk Snake ($350.00)
Very responsive seller and beautiful snake! Very happy
Rating by t***2 for Hypo Bloodred PH Lavender (Peach Line) Corn Snake ($200.00)
Very happy with my purchase.
Rating by l***1 for Peppermint PH Lavender Stripe Corn Snake ($275.00)
Gorgeous snake with amazing potential. Everything was handled perfectly. Very happy with evetything!
Rating by s***s for Salmon Snow Motley Het Sunkissed Corn Snake ($275.00)
Snake arrived safe and sound, exactly as described! Hasn't missed a meal and is a joy to work with so far.
Rating by s***d for Salmon Snow Motley Het Sunkissed Corn Snake ($275.00)
Beautiful snake, excellent customer service.
Rating by k***n for 2019 Okeetee Het Scaleless Amel Corn Snake ($400.00)
Great with communication and request for additional pictures! Seller held snake prior to shipping due to high Temps with no problem. Snake arrived in great shape and is gorgeous! Definitely recommend!
Rating by t***y for Palmetto PH Caramel, Amel/Ultra, Stripe Corn Snake ($700.00)
Thanks again for another smoooooth transaction.
Rating by o***s for Amel Stripe Het Cinder Ph Lavender Corn Snake ($300.00)
Everything looks great. this guy is stunning. Thanks
Rating by o***s for Buttermint Tessera Het Stripe Corn Snake ($350.00)
This fire is fire ( that is amazingly cool for all the unhip people), haha. thanks again for a wonderful experience doing business with you.
Rating by o***s for Fire Tessera Het Hypo Ph Lavender Anery Lava Corn Snake ($250.00)
this snake is a beauty. thanks again
Rating by o***s for Candy Cane Tessera Het Cinder PH Lavender Corn Snake ($280.00)
Thanks for great transaction once again.
Rating by o***s for 2022 Reverse Okeetee Het Saffron Corn Snake ($200.00)
Rating by o***s for Miami PH Amel Corn Snake ($200.00)
Love love love this milk snake phase. such rich colors. thanks again
Rating by o***s for Miami (Milksnake Phase) Corn Snake ($200.00)
This is such a pretty Corn, thanks again.
Rating by o***s for 2022 Miami Tessera Corn Snake ($225.00)
Bought a couple snakes from them and both are awesome! Beautiful snakes and really easy breeder to work with !
Rating by h***6 for 2022 Red Factor Amel Tessera Corn Snake ($175.00)
These guys are amazing, ram into a very minor issue and they went way above and beyond to correct it, we will definitely be long term customers!!
Rating by m***1 for Arctic Het Albino Western Hognose ($300.00)
Beautiful little girl. Very docile. Seller was nice.
Rating by f***r for Yeti Western Hognose ($1,600.00)
Awesome new snake from them, she is healthy and eating great so far. Very quick response, Shipping was fast and she was nicely packed. Thank you so much!
Rating by l***l for Anery Palmetto Homo/Het Motley Corn Snake ($600.00)
Couldn't ask for a better experience, top class seller and snake. Hope to keep doing business with Captivating Reptiles LLC.
Rating by p***j for Super Yeti Western Hognose ($2,800.00)
A+ fast shipping awesome animal!
Rating by r***e for Crazy Line Hybino (Low Expression Crazy) Honduran Milk Snake ($400.00)
Excellent communications. Shipping was perfect. The snake arrived healthy.
Rating by j***9 for Hypo Bloodred Tessera PH Lavender Corn Snake ($275.00)
Comms at every step of transaction. Nice healthy snakes. Would definitely buy again. AAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++
Rating by t***r for 1.2 Group Of Miamis (Milksnake Phase) Corn Snake ($900.00)
Wonderful snake! So calm already and absolutely stunning!
Rating by c***s for Pos Het Lucy Gray-banded Kingsnake ($250.00)
Beautiful snakes. The seller was really easy to deal with and I'm super happy with my purchase.
Rating by d***s for Pair Of Amel Scaleless Het Anery Corn Snake ($1,600.00)
Awesome snake..great breeder..would reccomend highly
Rating by r***3 for Salmon Snow Corn Snake ($200.00)
Beautiful snake
Rating by p***d for Knoblochi Mega Band Chihuahua Mountain Kingsnake ($450.00)
She arrived beautiful and healthy! Very happy with Captivating Reptiles and would do business with them again!
Rating by s***9 for Salmon Snow Motley Het Sunkissed Corn Snake ($275.00)
Wonderful experience purchasing from Captivating Reptiles! Snake is exactly as pictured, fairly priced and arrived safely and in good health. Would definitely purchase from this seller again.
Rating by s***6 for Miami (Milksnake Phase) Corn Snake ($200.00)
Snake arrived healthy and very lively. Shipping was fast and packaged very well. They responded pretty quick and are straight to the point with questions. Would def recommend!
Rating by r***5 for Red Factor Amel Motley Masque Het Scaleless Ph Anery, Diffused, Hypo, Caramel Corn Snake ($250.00)
Very nice to work with. Answered all questions quickly. Shipped at first available window considering the safe arrival of our Palmetto corn. Snake is even more beautiful in person! Thank you!
Rating by a***s for Ultramel Palmetto PH Caramel, Stripe Corn Snake ($750.00)
Beautiful hognose. Great communication. Packaged and shipped perfectly.
Rating by s***e for 100% Het Leucistic Western Hognose ($1,600.00)
My corn came healthy and active. It was very well packaged. The only complaint is the posted pic shows a very pink corn, with almost no coral. In reality the corn has a lot of yellow and coral coloring starting at his head and fading down the neck.
Rating by m***5 for Salmon Snow Het Sunkissed Motley Corn Snake ($260.00)
Snake arrived healthy and happy, seller was very communicative and answered all my questions. 10/10 would recommend!
Rating by f***_ for Palmetto Het Amel PH Caramel, Stripe Corn Snake ($700.00)
Well shipped and received. Good communication on sellers part and understanding. Overall good experience.
Rating by a***s for Palmetto Homo/Het Motley PH Anery, Hypo Corn Snake ($675.00)
Great looking animal. Animal arrived in good shape. It was a little chilly to the touch but was coming from Florida where it was in the 80's to Montana where it was in the 40's. Overall good experience.
Rating by j***c for Cinder Lava Tessera PH Amel Corn Snake ($400.00)
Awesome snake! Thanks Caitlin!
Rating by h***2 for Salmon Snow Tessera Corn Snake ($375.00)
Beautiful snake!!! Great communication and appreciate being able to pick her up at the show!
Rating by n***r for Yeti Western Hognose ($1,600.00)
Very kind and communicative seller. There was a snowstorm in my state and Captivating Reptiles was very accommodating with shipping to make sure that I was happy and moreover, that the animal was safe. Highly recommended all the way around.
Rating by s***3 for Palmetto Het Amel PH Caramel, Stripe Corn Snake ($700.00)
Awesome experience and an awesome animal. Thanks!
Rating by c***6 for Albino Arctic PH Sable RTB Western Hognose ($800.00)
This was overall a great experience and the snake came healthy and in good condition!
Rating by r***8 for Hypo Bloodred Tessera PH Lavender (Peach Line) Corn Snake ($275.00)
Great person to buy from really cares about the animals
Rating by b***3 for Hybino Crazy Line Honduran Milk Snake ($450.00)
Seller was prompt for inquiries and helped me find the right “hub” for shipping. Snake was shipped in very professional packaging. I had a great experience overall.
Rating by n***n for Anery Palmetto Homo/Het Motley PH Hypo Corn Snake ($775.00)
Great seller. So excited as the corn snake was just as described. Would work with for sure in an instant. Grrwt communication.
Rating by r***o for Butter Hurricane Motley PH Anery Corn Snake ($275.00)
Amazing little snake I got, I'll be a repeat customer :)
Rating by c***e for Palmetto PH Caramel, Amel/ultra, Stripe Corn Snake ($675.00)
Beautiful baby. Exactly what we were looking for, great price, immediate shipping. Definitely recommend.
Rating by h***g for Amel Stripe Het Cinder Ph Lavender Corn Snake ($260.00)
Overall, a great experience!
Rating by s***1 for West Langtry Gray-banded Kingsnake ($450.00)
Very Friendly people! Great communication and service! Fast shipping!!! Such beautiful snakes. I plan to more business in the near future.
Rating by a***6 for Hypo Butter Tessera (Super Tessera) Corn Snake ($450.00)