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Amazing service. Great communication and she is stunning. Would highly recommend and can not wait to buy more from Crystal Palace Reptiles.
Rating by s***0 for Cinnamon Bongo Ball Python (£80.00)
Seller was quick to respond and super helpful and knowledgable! Delivered m/packaged super quickly and safely considering the weather and the animal is in perfect condition and looks exactly as in the pictures and is healthy! 100% recommend! Tysmmm
Rating by c***x for 🌈 Peruvian Rainbow Boa - Epicrates Cenchria Gaigeae 🌈 Brazilian Rainbow Boa (£140.00)
Really easy to deal with, picked the snake up from the shop, staff were nice and welcoming. Beautiful snake doing everything she should. Will definitely return
Rating by s***h for Cinnamon YellowBelly 100% Het Lavender Albino 100% Het Pied Ball Python (£100.00)
My experience was what I expected for the time of the year thanks to all involved.
Rating by l***s for Cypress Lavender Albino Ball Python (£195.00)
Communication was awful, dry, short one word answers, & the questions we had left unanswered. The animal itself arrived extremely skinny, very cold and only weighing 70grams. Based off this experience I would not recommend or purchase here again.
Rating by i***e for Enchi 100% Het Clown 100% Het DesertGhost Ball Python (£85.00)
'Poots' as we have named her is absolutely stunning. Had a lot of snakes from Danny now and absolutely would buy again. A lovely helpful seller and very passionate about his snakes, the hobby could do with more breeders like you.
Rating by j***s for Bangka Island GeneticStripe Red Blood Python (£495.00)
Excellent communication and service from this seller. Snake as described and in good health. Couldn't of asked for anymore, would recommended highly.
Rating by s***k for 100% Het Desert Ghost Ball Python (£25.00)
Absolutely amazing place I’ve never placed a order over Morphmarket but these guys at Chrystal palace are really genuine very easy transaction and spot on with deliver I’ve had 3 ball pythons of them and all 3 are great collection thank you again
Rating by r***1 for Soulsucker 100% Het Albino Ball Python (£300.00)
Beautiful Snake Darren is very thorough and makes sure animal is going to a good place, also very informative and very helpful with any questions you may have. If i'm ever looking for another snake wont hesitate in going to Darren again
Rating by e***b for Axanthic (VPI)Pastel 50% Poss Het Clown Ball Python (£120.00)
Nice animal
Rating by p***s for Bold Albino TUG Snow (Tremper) Leopard Gecko (£90.00)
Amazing baby’s , always recommend Darren and his team!!
Rating by l***s for Wildtype 100% Het Lavender Albino Ball Python (£28.00)
Beautiful animal
Rating by _***r for Super Mack Snow Eclipse Leopard Gecko (£75.00)
Absolutely stunning snake quality is unreal! Arrived bigger then expected! 5* as always
Rating by g***y for Cinnie Pewter Ball Python (£48.00)
Unreal quality of boa absolutely stunning unbelievable value for money top notch service as always! 5*
Rating by g***y for Motley ReverseStripe 50% Poss Het Albino (Sharp) Boa Constrictor (£125.00)
Really easy & smooth transaction. Will definitely purchase from seller again.
Rating by m***e for Jungle Albino (Bell) Leopard Gecko (£50.00)
Quick response and easy to deal with. Stunning snake. Would definitely recommend and will buy from again.
Rating by c***7 for Albino Enchi BlackPastel Ball Python (£252.00)
Amazing experience with crystal palace reptiles,lovely people and an amazing place that they have
Rating by m***r for Pastel Fire Leopard Ball Python (£110.00)
Excellent transaction, thank you.
Rating by l***5 for Albino Mahogany Pastel Ball Python (£416.50)
Outstanding animals 👌
Rating by l***s for Ultramel Ball Python (£450.00)
Outstanding animals and service👌
Rating by l***s for Enchi Cinnamon 100% Het Lavender Albino Ball Python (£80.00)
Very happy with the Snake, exactly as described and in good condition. Communication was excellent, hope to purchase more soon
Rating by s***r for 🌈 Peruvian Rainbow Boa - Epicrates Cenchria Gaigeae 🌈 Brazilian Rainbow Boa (£195.00)
Top quality animals 👌
Rating by l***s for Mojave Enchi 100% Het Clown Ball Python (£145.00)
Beautiful snakes good quality
Rating by n***n for 100% Het Lavender Albino Ball Python (£35.00)
Fantastic service unreal quality of snake
Rating by g***y for False Water Cobra (Hydrodynastes Gigas) More Colubrid (£150.00)
Great communication, would deal with again
Rating by s***y for BlackPewter 100% Het Pied Ball Python (£295.00)
Great snake, great comms. Would be happy to buy again.
Rating by g***s for Russian - Elaphe Schrenckii Other Rat Snake (£100.00)
Absolutely stunning, nice easy transaction again. Recommend CPR A++++
Another Easy transaction Jake As always appreciate the business !!
Rating by j***s for Monarch Pinstripe Ball Python (£1,505.00)
Stunning snake, well priced and the guys are second to none…great customer service. Thanks guys see you again soon
Rating by j***s for Bamboo Cinnamon Calico Ball Python (£225.00)
So happy with my first Madagascar Tree Boa, second time using CPR and no issues. Will certainly be back
Rating by i***2 for Nosy Komba (Sanzinia Madagascarensis Volontany) Other Tree Boa (£695.00)
Absolutely 100% pleased from start to finish with the transaction!!
Rating by j***8 for Nosy Komba (Sanzinia Madagascarensis Volontany) Other Tree Boa (£695.00)
I visited this shop a week before I brought my snake back and the man that helped me was amazing! He was very friendly and made sure I had everything I needed and answered all the questions I had with patience! Snake is perfect!
Rating by k***9 for Cinnamon 100% Het Lavender Albino Ball Python (£70.00)
Great seller, had a great conversation before he would sell the snake to ensure everything was set up. Snake is healthy.
Rating by c***3 for Silver Streak 50% Poss Het Pied Ball Python (£115.00)
Nice healthy animal 👌
Rating by l***s for Enchi Fire 100% Het DesertGhost Ball Python (£129.00)
Absolutely fantastic healthy crested geckos very happy with all aspects of service. Very helpful indeed kept up to date at all times cannot fault will definitely buy from again and can recommend as a trustworthy seller.
Rating by p***1 for Pinstripe Crested Gecko (£60.00)
Fast and easy. Got withing a week of purchase. Good health. Will be buying again.
Rating by e***6 for Leopard GHI Fire Ball Python (£150.00)
Nice and easy transaction. Also the quality shines through ! Thankyou lads all the best 👍
Rating by c***s for Albino Mahogany Pastel Ball Python (£315.00)
Top seller snakes top class
Rating by a***s for Banana Clown Lesser Ball Python (£265.00)
The seller was very kind and informative, they were very thorough in making sure the snake was going to a good home. Great service and a great seller. I am very happy with my little hoggie!!
Rating by s***a for Albino 100% Het ToffeeBelly Western Hognose (£155.00)
I went to collect. Beautiful snake. Crystal palace reptiles are quick to respond to any query. Smooth purchase. 5* 100% recommend
Rating by a***k for Albino Western Hognose (£140.00)
Amazing purchase from start to finish. Lots of helpful, friendly and informative advice prior to purchase. When we went to collect, the staff were super friendly and helpful. Couldn’t fault the service. Really happy with the whole process.
Rating by n***d for Tiliqua Scincoides Chimaera Tanimbar Blue-Tongued Skink (£185.00)
Great seller awesome gtp received many thanks to you
Rating by m***2 for “Yellow Neonate” Biak Green Tree Python (£450.00)
Absolutely brilliant experience! The guys at Crystal Palace Reps certainly demonstrate their expertise professionally! Made both time for my questions and husbandry advice. Will defo be back again! :) Ryan
Rating by r***n for “Yellow Neonate” Biak Green Tree Python (£450.00)
An absolute legend gone above and beyond I couldn't ask for better service and become a good friend
Rating by s***0 for “Yellow Neonate” Biak Green Tree Python (£450.00)
Friendly seller, happy to talk and make a deal on a couple animals. Will hopefully purchase something again in the future
Rating by i***s for Hypo Super Pastel GHI (Orange Ghost) Ball Python (£425.00)
Brilliant service
Rating by d***s for Super Pastel Banana GeneticStripe (FEMALE MAKER) Ball Python (£420.00)
I got a very nice male, he's in good shape and eating well.
Rating by a***a for Champagne Banana Pewter? (BlackPastel Or Cinnamon) Poss Bongo Ball Python (£400.00)
Great snake looking forward to breeding her with my clown male to make banana clowns.
Rating by o***3 for Banana Enchi 100% Het Clown Ball Python (£325.00)
Great response time and nice and healthy animal 👍
Rating by l***s for Pastel Enchi 100% Het Albino Ball Python (£245.00)
Very professional communication was fantastic a speedy delivery time and the snake arrived nice and healthy with no problems couldn’t have asked for anymore definitely recommend and I’ll likely purchase from Darren again
Rating by t***n for Anaconda Western Hognose - Heterodon Nasicus (£115.00)
Amazing vendor who genuinely is concerned with animal welfare and husbandry. Snake is amazing, couldn't ask for more. Thank you!
Rating by c***n for Clown Ball Python (£275.00)