Divine Morph

Sherri Pauly
Prescott, AZ, USA United States of America flag
Jun 20, 2016

Premium Breeder of Reptiles, Rats, & Rabbits

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An iguana was my first pet reptile and a ball python was my second (present for my 6th birthday).  Reptiles have been a huge part of my life and still are to this day.

Although not for everybody, they are fascinating creatures and I hope to share their beauty and intrigue with everyone I can.

Store Policy
Terms & Conditions

Shipping in the US: All of our animals are shipped Fed Ex Overnight, live delivery guaranteed. The cost for most shipments is 50-65 per box. We can fit a large number of animals in each box so there is no additional shipping charges if you purchase a group of animals. Insulated boxes will be used with heat or cold packs, determined by weather.  Animals are packaged individually in deli style containers with air holes or cloth bags.  If there are any losses, we need to be notified within 8 hours, with a photo of the deceased animal sent via email. We do not issue cash refunds for losses, but we do replace the animal at no charge. We ship in the late afternoon or early evening and the package usually arrives the following morning before noon. Someone must be present at the address to sign for the package. Shipments can be sent to your place of employment if you prefer. We usually ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Holidays or weather conditions may delay the shipment of any order, in this case an email will be sent to confirm an agreed upon delivery day.

Individual Photos: Individual pictures are taken of the animal(s) we have for sale along with the individual animals information ; sex, current weight, color morph etc.

Animal Holds/Deposits and Payment Plans: We offer payment plans on animals $500 or more. To hold a specific animal(s), a minimum deposit of 30% is required. Monthly payments can be made after that. The duration of the payment plan is determined by the value of the purchase. When a deposit and payment plan is set up, we will provide a contract that will be signed by the buyer and seller so both parties are aware of the conditions of the sale (animals purchased, purchase price, and payment plan). Once the animal(s) are paid in full, shipping arrangements will be made.  Deposits and payments are non-refundable!  Please be sure you are committed to paying the agreed price.  If no payment has been received 60 days after the last received payment, we reserve the right to cancel the payment plan entirely.  Extensions can be made if needed, however, you must contact us to arrange a new payment plan.  Extensions will not be made after the 60 day period of no payments received.

We strive to maintain and keep everything accurate and up to date, however, in the rare occurrence an error has been made and the listed price is inaccurate, we may cancel purchase of the animal.  An email will be sent to inform you of the error and allow purchase at the corrected price. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Payment Forms
We accept Paypal and cash for local pick ups. 

To Order:  Please email us on the animal you wish to purchase and we will send you a Paypal purchase link.  Shipping costs will be added to the purchase price at that time.