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Evan did a great job. He was very responsive quick to ship and I’m very happy with the transaction. I would recommend Evan to others . Thank you.
Rating by m***o for Super Nice Male Hermanns Tortoise Hermann's Tortoise ($150.00)
Everything was great! Beautiful snake, helpful seller, fast shipping, excellent quality. Thank you!!
Rating by b***e for Apricot Pueblan Milksnake- Baby Female Pueblan Milk Snake ($100.00)
Highly recommend! Good communication. Turtles arrived healthy.
Rating by t***2 for Reeves Turtles More Turtle ($25.00)
This is a great place to buy reptiles I'm new to buying animals online but the seller helped me every step of the way I never waited long for a reply and My baby sulcata came in 1 day and is bright and healthy it was eating right outofthebox very hap
Rating by s***5 for Baby Sulcata Tortoises- New Pic ($90.00)
Item arrived just as I would expect. Love the fact that it was a perfect day for the delivery don’t know if this was planned or just happened but worked out great. If you plan to purchase a snake and Evan has it… Do It. Great experience!
Rating by d***o for Blizzard Corn Female Corn Snake ($150.00)
The seller was quick to respond to any questions I had. The boa arrived safely and was packaged perfectly. She appears to be healthy as described other than a little dehydrated but that's easily remedied. She's alert and spicy as expected. 😄
Rating by s***1 for Surinam Red Tail Boa- Baby Female True Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor ($350.00)
Evan was nice and extremely professional. The snake arrived alive and well. I appreciate the time and effort put into packaging to ensure the safety of the snake during shipping as well. If I could rate higher I would.
Rating by n***1 for Pastel Enchi Male Ball Python ($50.00)
Great experience. Was too cold to send right away, but was informed as soon as weather permitted animal would be shipped. As soon as it was safe to ship, animal was shipped out. Received safely. Appreciate the communication and care. Thanks!
Rating by m***4 for Ultramel Anery Tessera- Yearling Male Corn Snake ($100.00)
Snake is amazing, exactly as described in beautiful condition.
Rating by b***5 for Pearl Burmese 100% Het Labyrinth And Green-new Pics Burmese Python ($350.00)
I received my Feather Leg Baboon tarantula in great condition as expected, also very fast communication from the seller and very quick shipping!
Rating by j***0 for Cobalt Blues- Sub Adults To Adults Tarantula ($100.00)
We purchased two females, both came in looking great and once warmed up were active and alert. All around positive transaction. A+
Rating by q***r for Beautiful Yearling Childrens Python Female Children's Python ($150.00)
Seller was great! 10/10
Rating by a***0 for Beautiful Carmel Albino Red Ears Slider Turtle ($65.00)
Amazing communication and shipping was excellent! Thoroughly satisfied with the transaction!
Rating by t***e for Beautiful Yearling Childrens Python Female Children's Python ($150.00)
My first transaction on morph market, Mr stahl provided a great experience. My (f) brooks kingsnake is a beauty and arrived very timely in a warm package. Thanks
Rating by a***l for Anerytheristic Brooks King Female South Florida Kingsnake ($150.00)
Great communication through the whole process. This seller was mindful of the snake's well-being through the buying/shipping process and it shows how much he cares for his reptiles. The snake met our expectations and was as described in the listing.
Rating by k***o for Black & White Kenyan Sand Boa Het Albino (Snow) ($100.00)
I was extremely happy with my purchase and also the persons care in making sure the T's didn't ship during too cold of temps. Thank you!
Rating by s***0 for Socotra Isle Blue Baboon- M.balfouri Tarantula ($35.00)
Received 2 nice females. They look great
Rating by s***1 for Beautiful 4-5" Female Hermanns Hermann's Tortoise ($150.00)
This was a great experience, seller was responsive, shipping was quick and frog was packaged well, and was delivered straight to my house. No complaints-definitely recommend!
Rating by d***1 for Baby Giant Pixie Frogs Aka African Bullfrog ($50.00)
The prices are extremely good. The owner was very nice and extremely quick with responding. Overall it was a very good experience.
Rating by m***0 for Surinam Red Tail Boa- Baby Female True Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor ($350.00)
Seller had great communication as well as lots of experience with the reptiles he has , friendly and helpful. All around great experience
Rating by l***r for Super Nice Male Hermanns Tortoise Hermann's Tortoise ($150.00)
This is my second purchase from Evan. This interaction was as great as the last one. The turtles I’ve purchased on both occasions have been very active, healthy and seemingly acclimated to humans, they are not shy at all. 100% recommend.
Rating by s***n for Beautiful Carmel Albino Red Ears Slider Turtle ($65.00)
Seller responded quickly to any questions or concerns. My beautiful lively turtle arrived on time in a excellent insulated box.
Rating by s***5 for Beautiful Carmel Albino Red Ears Slider Turtle ($65.00)
The baby came in perfect condition, heat pack was still a bit warm, the baby took some time to warm up after transit but that’s normal. No seen health issues, overall this animal and breeder are definitely recommended!
Rating by c***3 for Baby Majors Skinks More Skink ($75.00)
The transaction went smooth, great communication and the tarantula is very safe and happy in her new home
Rating by p***5 for Goliath Bird Eaters- Big Females (Stirmi) LTC Tarantula ($125.00)
Seller worked with me to get my babies home and safe. Great looking Tarantulas! Thanks Evan Stahl Reptiles!
Rating by l***9 for Salmon Pink Bird Eaters Tarantula ($15.00)
Good shopping experience overall.
Rating by b***3 for Goliath Bird Eaters- Big Females (Stirmi) LTC Tarantula ($125.00)
Zero complaints about the animal or the experience with the seller. Snake was as described and seems to be in good health and very active. Seller showed up to the agreed place early and was able to make the transaction without issue.
Rating by e***4 for Desert Kingsnake Aka Splendida Female ($100.00)
Both came in, absolutely gorgeous and packaging was A1 , would do more business
Rating by a***a for Beautiful Carmel Albino Red Ears Slider Turtle ($65.00)
I got exactly what I ordered. Two baby pink salmon Goliath birdeaters and a baby pink toed tarantula. They arrived safely and alive, in spite of this hellacious weather everywhere. He cares about his animals.
Rating by r***x for Earth Tiger, Cyriopagopus Longipes Tarantula ($30.00)
Communication was excellent. Received animal exactly as described.
Rating by c***y for Gooty Sapphire Ornamentals- P.metallica 3" Tarantula ($150.00)
The seller was great, we were both worried about the delivery being delayed, but it worked out.
Rating by m***t for Baby Sulcata Tortoises- New Pic ($90.00)
Seller was great with communication, I tried a few different breeders. This guy got me what I needed when I needed it. If you want someone to communicate with you through out the process , then this is the place to be
Rating by s***4 for Baby Sulcata Tortoises- New Pic ($90.00)
I love my pixie frog! Seller was communicative, and shipped right away to my doorstep! This was the easiest transaction I’ve ever had. :)
Rating by s***d for Baby Giant Pixie Frogs Aka African Bullfrog ($50.00)
Tortoise arived happy and healthy! Seller responded quickly and efficiently! Very friendly- highly recommend
Rating by m***4 for Super Nice Male Hermanns Tortoise Hermann's Tortoise ($150.00)
Described as big and healthy - was big and healthy. Well packed and arrived safe and sound (packing big tarantulas takes skill). Thanks Evan Stahl!
Rating by s***g for Goliath Bird Eaters- Big Females (Stirmi) LTC Tarantula ($125.00)
Great experience! Awesome animals! Good communication and quick shipping. Thanks again!
Rating by k***s for Mexican Red Knees- B.hamorii 3" Tarantula ($150.00)
This experience was a five star over all. Got it for my mom's for Christmas after baby sitting my baby turtle that she fell in love with. This gift made her cry :)
Everything was great. Turtle is wonderful. Delivery was wonderful. Package was wonderful. Communication was wonderful , but when my mom reached out for help because the turtle wasn't eating. She got yelled at and spoken to as if she was dumb.........
"Yelled at" never happened, never even spoke to her. Feeding some off brand food and asked me why it would not eat. Told them what to feed it. They knew better before that. All this bullshit drama for nothing
Rating by m***n for Beautiful Carmel Albino Red Ears Slider Turtle ($65.00)
Very nice healthy looking snake I’m pleased with what I purchased and would purchase more from him
Rating by r***n for Pastel Highway Big Male Breeder Ball Python ($300.00)
Great communication. Good price. Packaging and shipping were perfect! Recommended!
Rating by s***s for Gooty Sapphire Ornamentals- P.metallica 3" Tarantula ($150.00)
Great experience and a great animal.
Rating by b***1 for Pure Surinam Red Tail Boa- Baby Male True Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor ($350.00)
Met Evan to pick up my new snake. He was early and answered my questions, said if I need anything else to just reach out. Very accommodating and helpful seller! If I ever need another reptile I will be coming back. Thank you Evan!
Rating by v***8 for Black & White Kenyan Sand Boa Het Albino (Snow) ($100.00)
Everything went well, very fast and the babies arrived safely! Highly recommend to buy from this seller. The seller has reached my expectations, very thankful and happy!
Rating by m***3 for Beautiful Carmel Albino Red Ears Slider Turtle ($65.00)
Just received him a few minutes ago and he's beautiful and the packaging was perfect.
Rating by s***5 for Albino Kenyan Sand Boa Het For Snow ($125.00)
Gorgeous little snake, I am beyond thrilled! Thank you so very much!!
Rating by h***0 for Beautiful Hypo Pueblan Milksnake Female Pueblan Milk Snake ($200.00)
The item was as described and delivered on time. The item was also well packaged.
Rating by m***o for Goliath Bird Eaters- Big Females (Stirmi) LTC Tarantula ($125.00)
Great experience. The gentleman was very nice and educated and the animal was very healthy and active. Definitely recommend!!
Rating by m***j for Beautiful And Well Started Baby Red Foot Tortoises Red-Footed Tortoise ($125.00)
10/10 would recommend anyone to purchase from Evan. Communication was very fast. His shipment was timed perfectly to accommodate for my busy schedule. The packaging was nice, neat and professional. Great over all experience.
Rating by h***s for Striped Bredli Python-well Started Male-new Pics Centralian Carpet Python ($200.00)
Bought three monitors from the seller. One arrived DOA the other two were healthy and were eating fine. Both animals were in good condition. Will do business with again.
Buyer has a credit for the doa
Excellent transaction. I forgot about the credit this seller has great communication will do business with again!
Rating by d***5 for Baby Ornate Nile Monitors ($50.00)