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Consientious breeder and keeper of unique and spectacular quality Ball Pythons.
At From The Darkside BPs we are proud to produce beautiful, healthy ball pythons that are well started and ready to join your family. Although we have many special projects that appeal to fellow breeders and collectors, our focus is producing pets that a raised to live long, healthy lives as a member of your family. We have available animals in all price ranges that are reared with the same love and commitment as the more expensive morphs and combos. It is important to us that any animal we sell is able to settle easily into a family environment and continue to thrive for a lifetime. In order to achieve this our breeding stock is regularly health checked against all the most common viruses and diseases of ball pythons. They are kept in clean, roomy enclosures and handled regularly. Any animal that fails to eat normally and grow adequately, or shows other signs of stress is not included in our breeding program. We believe that many behaviors and temperament issues have a genetic component, so it’s vital only the best are producing babies. We keep our numbers small so we can make sure every animal gets the attention they deserve. We also only choose the best examples of their morph or combo, to enter the breeding program. We want the babies to look just as stunning into old age as they did as juveniles. Quality in, quality out.
Once our babies are out of the egg they will receive the same treatment and care regardless of price. Our normal and single gene babies are highly sought after and you can relax in the knowledge that they were fed at least six consecutive meals of appropriate sized prey and are routinely handled and socialized. Although initially raised in small tubs so they feel secure, it’s important they are allowed times to exercise and explore. Doing this means moving into a busier, larger environment rarely gives them pause. Ideally we are able to get them started on frozen thawed rats, as procuring live rodents can be difficult for pet owners. If your baby has not yet started on frozen prey we will guide you through the process when they are ready.
Providing follow up help and advise is our most important mission. Our support does not stop when you get your baby home. We promise that we will be available to help and guide you for the lifetime of your pet. No question or concern is too small, we welcome hearing from you and will do our best to find the answers. We also just love to see updates and pictures as they grow. Because we are small we get to know each of our animals and love to hear about them. We will always be willing to take back any animal that you are unable to keep. The reason does not matter, nor the amount of time passed. It is our responsibility to provide a soft place to fall should the need ever arise. We chose to bring them into the world and will ensure they continue to be loved and cared for.

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Store Policy

Failure to miss or ignore reading our terms, will under no circumstances be reason to consider them altered or void.

We reserve the right to refuse sale to any buyer for any reason.

The legality of owning a reptile in your city county and state is your responsibility.
It is not the responsibility of From The Darkside to know what regulations exist in your area.
We do not knowingly sell reptiles to persons below 18 years of age unless their parent provides consent.

Package Deals
We will offer discounts on purchases of 3 or more animals that total 750.00 or more, excludes orders requiring a payment plans.

Forms of Payment

Credit Cards, PayPal, Cash App,
US Postal Money Orders,
and cash for local sales; all sales are final. We offer a 10% discount to all military, veterans, first responders and educators with an appropriate ID.

Payment Plans
Payment plans are available with a minimum payment of $50.00 or 20% whichever is greater, payments can be made weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and the order must be paid in full within the agreed upon time, and prior to shipping. We do not accept (PayPal pay in delivery)Payments are non transferable or refundable.

Live Arrival Guaranteed
Shipping is done through FedEx Ship Your Reptiles Priority next day air on Tuesday or Wednesday with most deliveries arriving by 10:30am for pick up at your local Fed Ex Depot. We will only ship if weather conditions warrant and all animals will be shipped to a local Fed Ex depot, held for pick up. The buyer must present ID in the same name as the shipping label at pick up. They must be picked up on the same day as delivery or our live arrival guarantee is invalid.

We will notify you of shipping charges at time of sale or payment plan agreement. Any prices listed do not include shipping.

It is the buyers responsibility to furnish us the correct address and verify the closest Fed Ex Depot.
Animals Safety
For the animals safety temperatures must be between 35-90ºF en route for home or business deliveries.

Temperatures that fall between 32-34ºF and 91-98ºF may be shipped to your nearest FedEx facility but must be picked up within 4 hours of arrival or our live arrival guarantee will be terminated. The well being of the animal is our utmost focus and shipping availability is our sole decision.

We will not be deemed accountable for carrier delays or faults. Insurance is optional and must be requested by the buyer at the time of purchase. The cost for insurance is $2.50 per $100.00 if you would like to be compensated for a DOA due to a carrier delay.

Please unpack and carefully inspects your animal/s upon arrival.
Your new acquisition will need time acclimate to it’s new environment.
It is recommended that you place your animal/s in their new environment after you physically inspect them. Please allow a minimum of a week for your animal/s to acclimate before handling or feeding. After the acclimation time you may offer it’s preferred food item and give them time to digest before any handling. All animals sold to first time or novice owners will receive a comprehensive care sheet to promote responsible ownership. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We want you to be completely satisfied with our service and provide your new pet with the best care available.

Dead on Arrival
In the unlikely event an animal arrives DOA, the buyer must notify us immediately and email us a photo of the animal or all guarantees are null and void. Deceased animals must be kept for further instructions and verification.

Please be certain the animal you purchase is the one that you want. If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us within 48 hours for possible replacement, additional shipping will be at buyers expense.
If an unfortunate event the buyer receives a DOA store credit will be given for a replacement. For cash compensation please read about optional insurance.

Animals are 100% guaranteed to be properly sexed.

Genetics are based on our opinion based off their pairing. Certain combinations can be very difficult to be 100% sure on so we make our best guess based on what is provided in the clutch and opinion of other breeders. All hets are guaranteed. We are happy to send photos of the parents of any animal we produce, provided they are available.

We guarantee that all animals are healthy at the time of sale.

Effective January 1, 2022: If Buyer chooses to proactively test for contagious disease, the claim period is extended.
Buyer must have a licensed vet swab within 12 hours of receipt and ship the sample to the lab within 2 business days of receiving the animal. Photographic proof of this is required in the event of a positive result and/or dispute.
If Buyer reports positive test results within 4 weeks of the time the test kit was shipped, then Buyer has the option to return the animal for FRR (FRR does not include testing fees). The testing fee is the responsibility of the buyer.
A few popular options for testing are Fishhead Diagnostics and Research Associates Laboratory.

From The Darkside is not responsible for any veterinary expenses or costs incurred by the buyer for any animal. If you bring any animal to a veterinarian, you do so entirely at your own expense. We do encourage you to have your new animal checked by a veterinarian, both to verify good health but also the establish a relationship with an exotic vet in the buyer’s area.

All hatchlings will have had a minimum of 4 meals before offered for sale. We guarantee all animals are feeding at the time of sale unless noted.
We do not guarantee that an animal will feed under your care.

By the request of the buyer we will provide a current feeding video

We are always available to offer advice if or when an animal stops feeding.

We are always quick to answer any questions before and after the sale. We are always available for help, and will accept back any animal that we produced For the lifetime of that animal.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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