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I had great experience with the seller. She is very thorough from beginning to end. The animal is spot on as pictured. Great breader
Rating by j***1 for "Calsyntenin" Unique Red Based Web Banded Gargoyle Gecko ($600.00)
I had a very easy, wonderful experience with this seller! She was very quick to answer questions and help me pick out a second unrelated gargoyle to this beauty. It was my first time having a live animal shipped. I would give 10 stars if I could.
Rating by h***s for "Fluorescein" Red Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($900.00)
Kick butt animal, super helpful on information, very on top of communication and sending me things I ask for usually but did not have to. Great transaction and would and will buy from again. Cornerstone animal for a new project.
Rating by m***n for Arctic Pistachio Het Toffee 66% Albino Western Hognose ($800.00)
Kylie and her process of business are very detailed and a pleasure to purchase with.
Rating by c***t for Pistachio Het Toffee 66% Albino Western Hognose ($450.00)
Perfect sale on all counts, animal came in even better looking than photos. Would do business again, thank you!
Rating by k***o for Arctic Pistachio Ph Albino Western Hognose ($700.00)
I am so happy with Levan the gecko. Great seller and wonderful packaging. Highly recommended.
Rating by m***s for "Levan" Dark Reticulated Gargoyle Gecko ($300.00)
Very good customer service. Great communication. Simple and easy transaction and most of all great quality animal. Highly recommend.
Rating by l***4 for "Mesosome" Red/Orange Bacon Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($350.00)
Very professional, gorgeous healthy animal!
Rating by w***s for "Oncogenic" Pastel Pink Aberrant Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($400.00)
Very professional, gorgeous healthy animal! Will definitely buy from again.
Rating by w***s for "Pseudin" Red Blotch W/ Pink Base Gargoyle Gecko ($550.00)
Everything was great!
Rating by a***9 for "Katanin" Red Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($950.00)
Great Transaction..Gecko Recieved in excellent condition. Better than pictures..Will not hesitate to do business again..
Rating by f***s for "Choleretic" Red/Orange Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($385.00)
It was an absolute pleasure ordering from The Gargoyle Queen. This is a breeder that truly cares for and is passionate about the animals she works with. I am super happy with the new gecko and the secure packaging that it came in, thanks again! :)
Rating by n***t for "Parkeol" Side And Lateral Orange Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($800.00)
Gargoyle Queen is just fantastic. My gecko is healthy and beautiful, and Kylie helped me over email with a few questions I had beforehand. Loved that she came with a copy of her health check and weight record as well.
Rating by d***h for "Leconotide" Orange Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($300.00)
The seller and her animals are awesome
Rating by w***k for "Beetin" Red/Orange Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($500.00)
Everything was absolutely fabulous! She was awesome to work with and my new girl is gorgeous beyond words! I'll absolutely be doing business with GQ again 😊🖤
Rating by w***s for "Zymosterol" Red Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($450.00)
Purchased a Arctic Albino hognose from Gargoyle Queen and Kylie was a pleasure to work with. She was very responsive, great packaging and the customer service was top notch. I would not hesitate to do business with her in the future.
Rating by f***s for RTB Arctic Albino Western Hognose ($650.00)
Everything went better than expected, will do business again!
Rating by a***s for "Merphos" Proven Orange Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($1,000.00)
Kylie was great to work with. I received my Hognose is perfect condition. I would definitely purchase from her again. Thanks so much!!
Rating by m***y for RTB Arctic Albino Western Hognose ($650.00)
Such a courteous and caring seller! Goes above and beyond and the geckos I purchased are absolutely stunning! I cannot recommend Kylie enough for those looking for a quality gecko with excellent customer service. Thank you so much!
Rating by z***d for "Ganirelix" Red/Orange Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($650.00)
Purchasing from Gargoyle Queen was nothing less than amazing. The gecko is incredible quality. Very well taken care of. Fast response and amazing shipping. A pamphlet, sticker, magnet was also included! I was wowed by everything I also received!!!!
Rating by k***s for Male PI - Mani X Morphine Chahoua Gecko ($800.00)
Kylie is very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. She raises Amazing looking, Colorful, Healthy Geckos and makes the buying experience a pleasure. My Gorgeous little girl was very well packaged and arrived healthy, active and is so sweet natured!
Rating by g***a for "Triolein" Red Stripe Gargoyle Gecko ($350.00)
Kylie was a dream seller to work with! She gave me in-depth info on this cute little hognose--from eating habits, trials n successes since Fall 2018 to his attitude n personality. Kylie is an absolute joy to work with n I highly recommend her.
Rating by r***5 for Conda Het Red Albino Ph Toxic Western Hognose ($225.00)
I was very please with the entire process. Communication was excellent. Packaging and shipping were great. My hognose showed up in great condition. I look forward to purchasing from the gargoyle queen again in the future.
Rating by r***s for Arctic 66% Toffee Western Hognose ($600.00)