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Excellent seller. Has great communication and response times. Items were packaged with care and arrived quickly.
Rating by a***a for Psalmopoeus Irminia Tarantula ($135.00)
There was issue with shipping, but it was with the USPS themselves, not Gran Exotics. The seller kept in contact throughout the entire transaction. I will for sure be buying from them again when I have some extra spending money.
Rating by s***s for Orange Regal Jumping Spider True Spider ($35.00)
One of the best I've worked with. Super helpful and flexible and packaging was immaculate insulation and all. Highly recommend!
Rating by a***s for Poecilotheria Regalis Tarantula ($130.00)
i got 2 galaps from Derek, one orange/robusta and a banded one. communication was great and super nice dude. the pedes arrived in excellent shape and superb packing. if you want some awsome, rare SA giants this is your guy!
Rating by h***0 for Scolopendra Galapagoensis “Orange” Centipede ($115.00)
Amazing breeder, highly recommend. He is so thorough but also cuts to the chase. Great shipping packaging and gecko came very healthy and super tame for its age.
Rating by _***h for Partial Pinstripe Harlequin Crested Gecko ($60.00)
Very responsive, helpful and everything arrived as promised! Will buy from again! Happy customer!
Rating by s***p for Anadenobolus Monilicornis Millipede ($5.00)
Great seller, purchased my Damon Medius, and all questions were answered. Packaging and care were taken and so far he looks amazing. Package arrived on the date and time discussed, I will definitely buy from this seller again in the future.
Rating by j***0 for Damon Medius Other Invertebrate ($30.00)
Will do business with aqain.
Rating by c***e for Scolopendra Galapagoensis “Orange Banded” Centipede ($115.00)
Grab Exotics was super diligent in communicating with me throughout the whole process, he even sent an extra baby sling in case any did not make it through transit. Shipping was fast and I am very happy with my little slings, Thanks so much!
Rating by f***a for Phidippus Regius True Spider ($5.00)
Baby spiders arrived alive and well and the seller answered all my questions about caring for them since they’re super tiny. I would buy from this seller again.
Rating by m***0 for Phidippus Regius True Spider ($5.00)
Clear communication, fast response time, perfectly packaged, and beautiful specimens while also having great customer service.
Rating by e***t for Poecilotheria Metallica Tarantula ($110.00)
Inquired about a purchase and seller responded quickly with detailed answers. Discussed shipping and payment options; I purchased, and the animal was shipped within a day to ensure best optimal temperatures for the animal. She looks great!
Rating by m***r for Elaphe Taeniura Friesi Beauty Rat Snake ($300.00)
Excellent delivery and packaging, all critters arrived safely! Communication could be a little faster, but all is made up for with the extra freebie centipede!
Rating by c***e for Scolopendra Polymorpha Centipede ($30.00)
Overall great transaction. T as described and doing well.
Rating by f***r for Chilobrachys Fimbriatus Tarantula ($250.00)
A+ seller
Rating by n***3 for Heteropoda Lunula True Spider ($40.00)
Absolutely fantastic all around seller. Shipping was perfect, packaging extremely safe for the animal while in transit. Quick responses. Multiple shipping options available depending on weather. Would 100% recommend, and will likely buy from again.
Rating by p***t for Scolopendra Ssp. Viridis “Nicaraguan Dark Centipede ($40.00)
He was fast to reply and pretty honest in general with what was going on and questions I had
Rating by j***1 for Scolopendra Galapagoensis Centipede ($100.00)
Such a great experience as a repeat buyer from this seller. I'm happy with my new Linothele Sericata I'm sure it will love its bioactive enclosure. I can't wait till it webs everywhere.
Rating by r***e for Coecobrya Tenebricosa (Springtails) More Invertebrate ($8.00)
Another great experience very satisfied with my purchases from this seller.
Rating by r***e for Linothele Sericata True Spider ($50.00)
seller was communicative and animal looks perfect :)
Rating by b***a for Polyspilota Griffinii Mantis ($35.00)
Everything was as described and well packaged. Communication was great and prompt. Package made it from seller to my post office/door in about two days (Florida to Illinois). I recommend and will do business with again.
Rating by m***e for Heterometrus Silenus Sling Scorpion ($5.00)
Awesome seller, awesome springtails
Rating by a***e for Red Springtails Other Invertebrate ($60.00)
What a awesome seller!! Owner is a very knowledgeable person about scorpions and a pleasure to do business with. Scorpion was in 100% perfect health and very eager to get out of shipping box container. The scorpion is doing very well in new home!!!
Rating by s***n for Hadrurus Arizonensis Scorpion ($30.00)
Derek made the whole process fast and easy. I received my scorpion and it was healthy and active. I will order again from Derek at Gran Exotics Inc.
Rating by t***0 for Leiurus Quinquestriatus Scorpion ($55.00)
Great communication, and very accommodating. Shipping was reasonably priced and arrived the next day. Scorpions were packed very carefully and safely. They arrived very active and healthy.
Rating by l***n for Androctonus Amoreuxi Scorpion ($35.00)
Great communication, and very accommodating. Shipping was reasonably priced and arrived the next day. Scorpions were packed very carefully and safely. They arrived very active and healthy.
Rating by l***n for Centruroides Margaritatus Scorpion ($40.00)
Scorpion arrived alive and alert great service.
I love my scorpions I purchased they are doing well. The seller was great to work with and worked to resolve a shipping issue.
Rating by r***e for Buthacus Leptochelys Nitzani Scorpion ($35.00)
This scorpion arrived alive and is alert. Great service
Rating by r***e for Androctonus Amoreuxi Scorpion ($35.00)
Awww man listen! If you haven’t hit Derek up yet nows the chance, don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to snag some invertebrates at a awesome price!! And you have the opportunity to work with an amazing person 1000%!!!
Thank you, I greatly appreciate the review! You’ve been amazing and I’m grateful to have done business with you!
Rating by s***x for Centruroides Gracilis Scorpion ($25.00)
Straight up Derek is the man! Not only is he good people, he’s very reasonable! I was able to work out a fantastic deal that we both walked away happy from and I absolutely absolutely will be dealing with Derek again!
Everything is still happy and healthy and I could not be happier! Thanks again Derek and I look forward to future business!
Rating by s***x for Centruroides Margaritatus Scorpion ($45.00)
I'm so in love with my new T. vagans and D. pentaloris! They arrived on time and in perfect condition. Thank you so much!!
Rating by g***a for Davus Pentaloris Tarantula ($25.00)
Awesome tarantula and very good packaging, shipped to us very quickly, overall great experience!
Rating by b***s for Poecilotheria Regalis Tarantula ($150.00)
Seller was very responsive, kind, and courteous. Arrived live and as described, in great condition. Very well packaged. Will buy from again in the future. Thank you!!
Rating by s***p for Phidippus Clarus True Spider ($5.00)
Great transaction as always!
Rating by c***s for Scolopendra Dehaani Centipede ($25.00)
All in all I had a great experience! The seller was very friendly and sent additional photos of the animal and provided care instructions as well. Everything was packaged great and the animals arrived in a timely manner. I would highly reccommend!
Rating by m***s for Androctonus Bicolor Scorpion ($60.00)
Good and clear communication, packaging was excellent! The millipedes arrived safely and look fantastic. The seller was very helpful answering my questions as well, to make sure these guys stay healthy in my care. Fantastic experience overall!!
Rating by a***a for Brachycybe Producta Millipede ($72.00)
This transaction was a very positive one. Seller communication before, during, and after purchase was excellent. Animals arrived quickly and in great condition. I would buy from this seller again.
Rating by j***n for Anadenobolus Monilicornis Millipede ($5.00)
Great seller, always provides extensive detail on husbandry needs, and is extremely commutative and speedy with shipping. Singh my first Small purchase I’ve ordered 5 more specimens and don’t have a single complaint!
Rating by c***s for Scolopendra Viridis DCF Centipede ($45.00)
Really quick transaction highly recommended
Rating by r***3 for Nephrurus Amyae Knob-Tailed Gecko ($350.00)
Everyone came as expected and I even got a surprise. Great communication and response time. Will be back for more!
Rating by e***2 for Phrynus Sp. “Nicaragua Other Invertebrate ($5.00)
Arrived earlier than I expected, when I was told 2-3 days I expected 3 days, not to have a package when I woke up on day 2. Box had no live sticker on it and as such was put upside down when I received it. There were no issues resulting from this.
Rating by w***o for Neoholothele Incei “gold” Tarantula ($75.00)
Fast shipping; happy, healthy millipedes!
Rating by j***8 for Brachycybe Producta Millipede ($72.00)
Item as described
Rating by f***1 for Brachypelma Albiceps Tarantula ($300.00)
Great communication and had no issues upon arrival! Very happy with my purchase~
Rating by s***4 for Anadenobolus Monilicornis Millipede ($5.00)
So nice! So fast to respond to all my questions. I bought several bugs and also a Whites TF, and everything was packed neatly. Clearly loves what he does. I have this shop saved to my tabs, and I'm super excited for my next purchase! Thanks so much!!
Rating by m***t for Parapachyamorpha Zomproi Stick Insect ($12.00)
Happy with transaction
Rating by h***e for Hierodula Venosa Mantis ($30.00)
Was a great experience quality packaging, on time shipping, plus a person willing to work with you; will definitely be buying from again.
Rating by j***7 for Cyclocosmia Ricketti True Spider ($125.00)
Best experience purchasing inverts ever! Excellent seller. Amazing communication. Fast shipping and great packaging. Very healthy animals. I am looking forward to future purchases.
Rating by a***a for Scolopendra Subspinipes Mutilans Centipede ($25.00)
Derek responded to my initial email & was in constant contact with me throughout the whole process. My new Partial Pinstripe Harlequin crested gecko was packed very well & arrived safe and sound. I’m very happy with my gecko & recommend Gran Exotics!
Rating by b***6 for Partial Pinstripe Harlequin Crested Gecko ($65.00)
First off super responsive, product was as labeled. Packaging was secure, 12/10 would buy from them again!
Rating by d***s for Didymocentrus Krausi Scorpion ($10.00)