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Oct 18, 2015

GRAZIANI REPTILES INC. is owned and operated by Greg Graziani and is a reptile breeding facility that specializes in genetic color and pattern mutations in reptiles. We also promote wildlife conservation, education and research. We provide educational presentations and talks along with training on how to deal with wildlife in captive and wild settings. We also works with Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) concerning invasive species, rules and regulations of captive wildlife and assist biologists in field research and data collection.

Our goal is to provide our customers with premium animals, service and information.

Store Policy
Please direct all Reptile Inquiries through:

Shipping is $65 flat fee in the continental U.S. for priority overnight delivery. We ship on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday weather permitting (see guidelines below). We guarantee live arrival ONLY if temperature guidelines are met and you sign for your shipment.

Temperature Guidelines:
These guidelines are according to the HIGH & LOW temps on both shipping days. These apply to both the ORIGIN and DESTINATION temperatures. Lows must be above 38°F and Highs must be below 100°F. Requesting shipping outside of these temperature guidelines nullifies any Guarantee of Live Arrival by GRAZIANI REPTILES INC. 

We accept PayPal. Our account is We accept credit card payments over the phone as well as personal checks and money orders. No animals are shipped prior to checks/money orders clearing.
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