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Philip "PJ" Kohn

Galesburg, MI 49053, USA

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Keeper and breeder of old world rat snakes, western hognose, and other fine colubrids.

My name is PJ Kohn. I've lived in the great state of Michigan most of my life, and like many of us in this community I have been infatuated with animals since a very young age.
My parents have often told a story from when I was around 4 years old. We were on a family vacation in the south eastern united states. We saw a lot of billboards and they told me about the reptile and gator parks in the area. At 4 years old I told my parents I wanted to grow up to be a "Reptile Rancher."
Though I had many other ideas and ambitions that came and went over the years, things eventually came full circle. Reptiles, and other animals, have now been a daily part of my life since 2009. I've kept a variety of species over the years, my first ever snake being a rhinoceros rat snake that I picked up at NARBC in Tinley Park. I earned a Zoology degree at Michigan State University, and coming out of college I was fortunate to get to work as a Zookeeper at Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, MI for a little over 4 years. There I focused mainly on the herps collection, but also regularly cared for some incredible species like snow leopards, dingoes, sloths, raptors, giraffes, and more.
My first major reptile collection consisted of a pair of rhino rat snakes and a slew of ball pythons and crested geckos. I spent a good deal of time on the Bush League Breeder's Club forums in their prime. I made good friends with some of the regulars there and learned so much. In 2014 I participated in the annual photo scavenger hunt. I went all out, did some crazy stuff, and ultimately won 1st place. My prize was a pair of Brite ball pythons (new and relatively sought after at the time) and the opportunity to be the guest in an episode of Reptile Radio with CK. Though the BLBC boards and Reptile Radio are no longer active, they've left some great memories to look back on.
A couple years later, life outside of reptiles hit and I had to get rid of my entire collection. It was a rough couple years, but I began rebuilding the collection I have now in 2017. My new passion and focus was Old World Rat Snakes. I love the bright colors, active personalities, and diversity that this group offers. They're so rewarding to work with. These species now represent the bulk of my current collection. Check out my Instagram at @handmadeherps to see some of the things I'm working with.
In more recent years, I have also started dabbling with Western Hognose snakes and I expect this part of my collection will continue to grow in the coming years.

I am so grateful to be a part of the reptile community. I have been blessed to get to work with so many wonderful animals and have built relationships with some truly exceptional people. I'm and open book and love meeting other passionate keepers, so always feel free to reach out and say hello!

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Shipping is usually $50 to $70 in the continental US for FedEx priority overnight delivery, booked through Ship Your Reptiles. Shipping costs may be outside of this estimated range based upon the size of the box and distance. Costs are subject to change depending on current pricings. Shipping is included in the price on orders over $1000. Live Arrival Insurance can be purchased, if the required criteria is met. Please see shipyourreptiles.com/pages/insurance for full terms and conditions for SYR Live Arrival Insurance. Please let us know during your inquiry if you would like insurance coverage for your shipment.

We can ship on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, via FedEx Priority Overnight. We only ship when weather is permitting (between 40°F-90°F). Health and safety of the animals come first. If weather is not favorable to ship, shipping will be delayed to a later date.

We ONLY ship to FedEx Ship Center locations in the Continental US. We cannot ship to homes, businesses, FedEx Office, or FedEx Onsite locations. Buyer is responsible for selecting the FedEx Ship Center that is most convenient for them. If you do not know your nearest location, we can happily help locate one for you. This is for the safety of the animals as well as to ensure that packages are received by their intended recipients.

We will not knowingly ship any animal to a state or area where its ownership is prohibited. Customer is responsible for knowing state and local ordinances pertaining to reptile ownership.

The party whose legal name is on the package must be the party that picks up the package. FedEx requires that ID be presented. Buyer must notify seller of DOA animals within 1 hour of pickup and provide video evidence. If an animal arrives DOA the animal will be replaced with one of equal or lesser value, or the balance can be applied toward the purchase of another animal.

How to pay:
We accept payment via PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. We will be happy to send you an invoice upon request. No animals are shipped prior to payment being made and cleared in full.

We will gladly work out short term payment plans with you if you cannot pay in full right now. Orders under $400 do not qualify for payment plans.
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We guarantee health, sex, and genetics of all animals. Upon arrival, we ask that you check the animal over. If you notice anything is wrong, please contact us immediately. If no contact has been made within 24 hours of arrival, we assume you are content with the animal(s) and we no longer take responsibility for them. We are here to help you give your pet a long and happy life, but it is your responsibility to provide them with proper care, husbandry, and healthcare.

We do not offer refunds. Any issues with orders will be resolved with either replacement or store credit. If there is any issue with your purchase under the aforementioned condition, please reach out to us and we will work with you to make it right.

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