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Herp hard or no herp, it’s always HerpTime!

HerpTime specializes in appreciating the underappreciated. Expect to find high quality herps found nearly no where else. With a 3,000+ square foot facility, expect to receive incredibly cared for and quality animals; whether captive produced here, captive produced by friends in the USA and abroad, or collected and acclimated/treated here.

Please always feel free to reach out with any questions about animals available, animals that may be available in the future, or general care/husbandry questions about animals specialized at HerpTime. Always happy to help as best as possible!

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Store Policy

Buyers are liable for reading entire listing description, viewing all listing photos, and reading all terms of service when deciding to purchase an animal. By purchasing any animal listed (including payment plan), you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

Listing Policy:
All animals are sold in complete and perfect health (to the best of our knowledge), unless otherwise stated in listing description. All animals are sold unsexed unless explicitly stated in listing description that an animal is a confirmed male or female. The blue male sign or pink female sign does not necessarily indicate a confirmed sex, as it may be displayed as "possible" or "probable". If it is not explicitly stated in the listing description, we ask the buyer confirm via written message to confirm sex if this is of importance to the buyer.

HerpTime works with many rare and uncommon species that can only be established in captivity by initial generations being field collected. Many of these species have never been or are rarely offered to the general public. We ask that buyers understand wild caught animals are not intended to be "pets" but to become breeding stock to further captive produced populations. For this reason, buyers should have breeding plans in mind and understand the risks of receiving wild caught specimens. If an animal is marked "wild caught" it is best for the buyer to assume it has not been treated for internal parasites if it is not clearly stated in listing description. Animals will not be sold if there is even a possibility of immediate health issues, but buyers should understand proper acclimation and husbandry is the buyers responsibility once the buyer receives an animal.

Shipping not included in listing price unless otherwise clearly stated in listing description. Animals are not on hold until minimum payment of 25% or more is received from buyer. No exceptions: first come, first serve.

Payment Policy:
Payment is accepted via physical US Dollar, Square Invoice (credit/debit), Zelle, or Venmo. 14 day non refundable payment plans available for purchases $500 and over. Longer term payment plans are possible if requested and agreed upon by both parties in written messages. Deposit and all payments sent will be completely and totally non refundable. The only exception of refund of payment is if the animal falls ill, gets injured, or dies prior to shipment; in this case, a full refund will be issued by the same method payments were made. Dropped/broken tails do not constitute injury. Animals will not be held for more than 2 weeks after payment unless otherwise agreed upon in written messages.

Shipping Policy:
All shipping is done only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays Fedex Priority Overnight, weather permitting. Shipping will not be done in temperatures lower than 30F or higher than 95F. If the buyer choses to ship in weather below 30F the buyer waives live arrival guarantee. Shipping willnot take place if temperatures are above 95F, regardless of request of buyer. HerpTime only guarantees live arrival if the animal is shipped to a Fedex Hub. If buyer requests shipping to a residence or business they assume the risks of possible delays. Live arrival guarantee on animals shipped to a FedEx hub and picked up within 2 hours of availability for pick up. Guarantee void if shipped to any address besides a FedEx Hub (residential/business address). The buyer understands that the animal may need to be held until it is safe to ship. HerpTime will never risk the health of the animal just so the buyer may receive their animal faster. The animals well being is first priority.

Refund Policy:
The only time a full refund will be issued is if there is a DOA (dead on arrival). In this case, the buyer will need to contact HerpTime immediately within 1 hour of initial pickup time. No exceptions. Buyer is required to provide photo and video evidence in such cases to receive refund. DO NOT dispose of deceased animal until all proper documentation that is requested is received. In the case of a deceased animal, replacement of the animal is first option. If a replacement is available, credit or refund is not an option. If a direct replacement is not available, credit toward future purchase can be applied, or full refund by the same method payment was made.

If the buyer receives an animal that they believe has any sort of cosmetic, physical, or medical issue that was not disclosed prior to purchase, buyer must inform within 2 hours of pick up. Once the animal has been in the buyers care and the buyer decides there are no issues after the allotted inspection period of 2 hours, ownership of the animal shifts, and is 100% the buyers responsibility. Any death or issue after this period is on the buyer, as HerpTime can not control the buyers care, husbandry, handling, or other circumstances once the animal is no longer in our care. If an issue is found by buyer within the 2 hour inspection period, written messages with clear detail and photos must be sent immediately. Dropped/broken tails in transport do not constitute any resolution. Resolution will vary case to case. Order of resolution will include replacement, partial refund, or full refund.

Acclimation Policy:
As stated in refund policy, once an animal is received and in the buyers care for more than 2 hours, ownership and responsibility falls 100% on buyer. But to avoid issue, buyers should follow these guidelines:
- Upon receiving animal, buyer should open package as quickly as possible once in a safe and confined space. Buyer should inspect the animal for any issues. This is the buyers best chance to identify any issues the animal may have, as after the animal is placed in its housing it should not be removed for any inspection to cause further stress.
- If no immediate issues noticed by buyer, the animal should be placed in it's housing and observed for a minimum of 30 minutes. Buyer should inspect for any behavioral issues.
- If no issues apparent, buyer should leave animal undisturbed in housing for minimum 24 hours, with the possible exception of misting species that require such husbandry. The animal needs to destress from the very stressful process of shipping.
- After 24 hours of acclimation, food can be offered. Buyer should continue to let the animal settle in its housing for at minimum 72 hours before any handling or removal from housing. HerpTime recommends to avoid stressful activity or handling for 7 days after animals arrival.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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Wholesale Policy

Standard HerpTime policy applies to wholesale orders unless otherwise stated in these wholesale terms.

Minimum of $500 order (not including shipping) or minimum of 10 animals. No payment plans, no holds until payment is received. Payment via cash, Venmo, Zelle, or Square. Via Square, buyer will pay 3% credit fee. Wholesale purchases must be shipped within 7 business days of purchase.

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