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Jeff Exline

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Specializing in Captive Born snakes and Other Exotics. Striving for the best animal care and Customer Service out there.
- sex, health are guaranteed. Genetics are guaranteed to the best of our ability. Some genes can be difficult to distinguish in combos sometimes. with as many genes that can be stacked together, its almost impossible to get ids 100%, but we do a pretty good job at it.
- All animals are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight with insurance only.
-orders over 1250$ ship in the 48 states, unless its multiple breeders. We will ask to split shipping.
- Shipping is done tues and wed only until further notice. And is dependent on weather, work schedules, insurance etc. We will work this out with you. We do not ship without insurance. We do not control when SYR turns their insurance on and off, this is out of our control.
- Temperatures must be between 40-92F for shipping to take place to your home. Anything between 40-60 WILL BE FEDEX HUB PICKUP ONLY. Above 95 we do not ship at all. (up to 90 for residence,95 for hub)
We do not ship weeks of major holidays
-If you have 4:30pm service time we will have the animal shipped to a FedEx hub for pickup due to weather or other reasons, for the safety of the animal
- whomever pays for the animal, that is the name the animal is shipped under.
- Someone must be present to receive the animal for live arrival guarantee.
- We must be notified an hour at the latest for live arrival guarantee via email, text, or message on Face Book. ( 1 hr past service time on the box/1130am for hub pickups)

-All sales are final. Store credit can be awarded after restocking fee.


-Cash in person after initial nonrefundable deposit
- Venmo
- Zelle
-Money orders are also accepted. Payments must clear before animal is shipped. We allow 7 days to receive a money order.

- Payment plans are welcome and at our discretion. If agreed upon there is a 25% non refundable deposit required.
-25% restocking fee for any canceled purchase
-20$ will be added to ea payment plan, per animal over 30 days, for housing , feeding ect. (20 on 60 days, 40 on 90 day plans if approved. Per animal)
- Plans are as followed if agreed upon by us. Do not enter a payment plan if you do not intend to pay.
**Under $250 we offer a 2 week plan with 50% down non refundable, balance due in 2 weeks
**Animals $251 to $500 require the 25% down non refundable and paid for within 30 days.
** Animals over $500-1000 require the 25% down non refundable and paid for within 60 days.
*** Animals over 1000$ required 40% down non refundable and 60 days, 90 if terms are discussed.
*** all deposits and payments are NON REFUNDABLE as a payment plan is an binding agreement and should be fulfilled, unless it is our reason/s the payment plan was stopped. payments/not deposits are transferable. please note by sending payment you have agreed to these terms and accept them.
*** If plans are not paid for fully within the agreed upon time you forfeit your hold on said animal and it will be offered back to the public.
****All payments are to be on a weekly or Bi-weekly schedule. please follow this, YOU WILL GET 1 EMAIL AND 48 HRS TO RESPOND IF YOU ARE LATE.
**** Payment plans are on listing price of the animal only.
**** Any payment plans agreed upon that surpass the allotted days with out notification and agreed new terms will have their deposit and payments on said animal/s
*No payment plans on breeder/adult females longer than 30 days.

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Store Policy

Due to the impact of Covid 19 Fedex has suspended service commitments and there is no insurance on live arrival guarantees or insurance on the animal at this time. This applies to everyone shipping not just us. So shipments will go to a FedEx hub for pickup only if a customer chooses to take that risk. If a customer wants to purchase and have us hold till insurance is back on, we will gladly do so and prefer that, but we are giving the customers choice of taking the risk and having the animal shipped to a FedEx hub only. No residential. Shipping on Tues and Wednesdays only, until further notice. you will need to notify us by 1130am (your time) that shipment arrived ect, for live arrival guarentee.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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