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Good communication good price fast shipping and offer payment plans which is a huge plus
Rating by m***5 for Pearl 66% Het Granite Burmese Python ($300.00)
Definitely purchasing again
Rating by c***l for Albino Granite Burmese Python ($300.00)
Shipped 3 days to arrive cold and not as described. ‘Good tame temperament’ was very flighty, defensive and obviously had rarely been handled. Sent back overnight. Was told I could get less than half refund or wait months to send another. Terrible
Did not follow advice and continued to handle the animal instead of allowing it to acclimate to its new environment after a rough shipment. Without communication shipped the snake back. Buyer agreed and accepted refund then proceeded to issue threats
Should have been shipped properly in the first place and animal as described. Then ignored messages and only offered part refund or wait months to send another. Tried to reason with him, will handle another way.
Rating by z***e for 2017 Green Anaconda ($1,100.00)
Seller was upfront and honest about the reptile I received exactly what I was expecting and when weather allowed the reptile was shipped straight out!
Rating by d***r for Het Albino 66% Het Granite Burmese Python ($150.00)
Very easy responsive and wonderful animal
Rating by b***r for Granite Het Albino Burmese Python ($250.00)