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Jeffrey Langella

Clifton Park, NY, USA

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Collector & Hobby Breeder of Leopard, Crested, and Gargoyle Geckos located in Upstate New York. Our primary focus is producing healthy geckos, educating new reptile owners while at the same time working with known genetics. We have been vending at reptile shows across New York and will continue to do so, if you cannot make it to a local show we do offer shipping a cross the contiguous USA!

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Store Policy

Be advised, not reading these terms does not void them whatsoever & we reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone!

Method of payment for shipment is through PayPal.

If you are local please send me a message & we can arrange a day & time for meet/pick up. (PayPal & cash payments only!)

Shipping & Pricing:
I ship Contiguous US only! Overnight priority shipping is flat rate of $55 minimum & shipping price may increase slightly depending on additional weight & box size when purchasing multiple. Typically 2 geckos can ship at the flat rate, more than 2 may slightly increase the price. Shipment dates are Monday through Thursday. Being we’re located in New York shipping may be limited to none throughout the winter months.

I can offer holds with a nonrefundable deposit of 25% of the Gecko/s purchase price (Shipping cost not included) Balance is due in full within 30 days of original deposit date or prior payments are forfeited!

Deposits are nonrefundable but may be transferable! (If you'd like to select a different gecko that’s currently available then your current deposit can go toward that gecko & the previously held one will become available again) You will not receive reimbursement for the difference if a lower priced gecko is selected from your original choice.

All Sales Are Final!
(No returns or refunds on any deposits/payments/purchases, the only exception being DOA)

In the event of a DOA (Dead On Arrival) I will absolutely issue a refund of that individual geckos purchase price, HOWEVER, video proof must be sent to me within 1 hour of the gecko being received by the buyer! Shipping will not be refunded.

Please note: If for whatever reason someone isn’t guaranteed to receive the Gecko at the scheduled delivery timeframe discussed or the weather on your end is questionable then the package will be held for pick up at your local hub as we will not chance shipment of our geckos with uncertainty!

Current Care: Their daily diet includes a variety of gut loaded mealworms and super worms. They're all started on calcium & vitamin supplements 1 week after hatching. Juveniles will only be available for shipment once they’re over 15grams to ensure a strong start. Our geckos are socialized as much as possible to aid in easier adjustment & calmer temperament but we cannot guarantee all geckos will be on their best behavior. All hatchling information including genetic & health history, parents photos & most current pics of your selected Gecko are available by request.

Note: All geckos are temperature sex incubated, however I cannot 100% guarantee they were accurately sexed during incubation until they reach 20+grams & can visually be confirmed

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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