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This little girl is in great shape and was handled beautifully to be shipped to me. Breeder was also very helpful/informative
Rating by e***0 for Albino Purple Line Conda Tiger Western Hognose ($475.00)
Seller was a pleasure to do business with. Swift communication and follow up. Snake arrived in great shape and was well packaged. It is exactly as described. Will purchase again.
Rating by a***o for Albino Purple Line Conda Western Hognose ($400.00)
Picked up two hoggies from this seller and they are both prettier in person! seller was quick to respond and helped us throughout the whole shipping process. Snakes were packaged perfectly and arrived very healthy. Will buy again!
Rating by z***1 for Albino Purple Line Tiger Western Hognose ($375.00)
Overall experience was great. Very communicative and concerned for the animal. There were issues with shipping, but I will attribute that to the shipping company and not the seller.
Rating by s***e for Conda DH Coral Western Hognose ($500.00)
No complaints!
Rating by s***r for Albino Purple Line Superconda Western Hognose ($650.00)
Arrived active and in excellent condition. A wonderful addition to my collection. Thank you!
Rating by w***s for Arctic Albino Conda (AAA) Western Hognose ($650.00)
Good communication around purchase and shipping. Heat pack had failed but the snake was stable after slowly warming up to room temperature. Unfortunately the snake did come with stuck shed on the head including eye caps.
Rating by j***e for Conda DH Coral Western Hognose ($500.00)
Extra accommodating and healthy animal
Rating by a***o for Albino Purple Line Twin Spot Western Hognose ($300.00)
Fast and friendly communication. I'm very pleased with my new pet!
Rating by t***l for Arctic Albino Conda (AAA) Western Hognose ($750.00)
Good communication regarding purchase and shipping. Heat pack did fail but the snake was fine after slowly reaching room temperature.
Rating by j***e for Caramel Western Hognose ($400.00)
Arrived in perfect condition. Excellent packaging.
Rating by s***6 for Extreme Red Albino Purple Line Tiger Western Hognose ($349.97)
Everything was quickly done and the animal arrived safely. Now I have a beautiful baby hognose. I would 100% use them for another purchase.
Rating by j***0 for Albino Superconda Western Hognose ($575.00)
10/10 seller in my opinion, answered all my questions, and responded in a timely fashion will totally recommend them to my friends when there ever in the market for a hognose snake.
Rating by p***1 for Arctic Conda Western Hognose ($450.00)
Animal arrived in great condition and looks amazing! I hope to be buying from J&C again sometime soon!
Rating by d***3 for Caramel Het Evans Western Hognose ($450.00)
Little guy arrived safe and sound great communication from the breeder and very satisfied with the transaction.
Rating by g***a for Extreme Red Albino Purple Line Western Hognose ($275.00)
Great communication, they usually responded pretty quickly. The reptile arrived right on time and in perfect condition. They're willing to hold onto your reptile after full payment until weather in your area is safe to ship. Overall a good experience
Rating by f***s for Arctic Normal DH Sunburst Western Hognose ($650.00)
Awesome breeder! Would highly recommend this seller! My hognose arrived alert, and very active. Very fussy with the hissing but that’s expected of getting a new snake. A+++++
Rating by j***2 for ExRed Albino Western Hognose ($300.00)
Communication was on point. Received responses quickly and was able to find a shipping date that was safe and accommodated my time schedule. The snake came in on time and looks amazing!
Rating by a***1 for Extreme Red Albino Purple Line Tiger Western Hognose ($500.00)
Great service and the hognose was healthy and looking great!
Rating by j***7 for Arctic Toffee Western Hognose ($650.00)
Was a pleasure to work with. Great animals.
Rating by j***n for Albino Purple Line Conda Het Axanthic Western Hognose ($650.00)
The snake was packed perfectly, was as described and communication with breeder was great. Will purchase from him again if I see something I want.
Rating by j***k for Normal DH Evans Caramel Western Hognose ($300.00)
Courteous and responsive. Excellent packaging. Snake appears to be very healthy. Very pleased and will do business with again.
Rating by j***g for Albino Purple Line Het Axanthic Western Hognose ($450.00)
Again was a pleasure and easy to work with.
Rating by j***n for Snow Western Hognose ($850.00)
Hognose came very well protected. Was calm by the first night and eating for me by the second.
Rating by d***r for Toffee Conda Western Hognose ($500.00)
Very professional transaction! Will be an ongoing customer for sure!
Rating by h***e for Snow Western Hognose ($850.00)
Great experience, thank you again! ❤️
Rating by s***k for Conda DH Coral Western Hognose ($500.00)
I have received my two new babies and they are absolutely amazing very healthy very strong. The communication with the seller was great very informative and had no problem answering my questions. will do business again in the future 😁🥰😁
Rating by c***0 for Normal Purple Line Conda Het Axanthic 66% Toffee Belly Western Hognose ($400.00)
Everything went perfect. Thank you.
Rating by m***3 for Caramel Het Evans Western Hognose ($500.00)
Just received and perfect. Thanks again
Rating by a***l for Normal Conda Purple Line TH Albino Axanthic Lavender Western Hognose ($799.99)
Beautiful healthy snake with great communication
Rating by c***9 for Arctic Conda Striped Western Hognose ($550.00)
The overall experience was great. The seller is really easy to talk and ask questions too. My only complaint was that the shipping carrier knocked on the door then left her on the porch. I didn’t have to sign but wanted to for the snake’s safety.
Rating by b***g for Normal 66% DH Toxic Western Hognose ($250.00)
J&C helped a lot to accommodate me while choosing the right hogs for me! Great communication and super helpful!!
Rating by d***s for Axanthic Purple Line 66% Toffee Belly Western Hognose ($425.00)
Animal arrived healthy and as pictured/described. Seller was very professional. Great experience, I highly recommend!
Rating by n***s for Toffee Conda Western Hognose ($500.00)
Purchased my first gorgeous hognose from here, everything was as described, communication was great, shipping on time and packaged nicely. The snake was lively and ready to explore her new home. I will definitely come back for another in the future!
Rating by l***a for Snow Western Hognose ($850.00)
I'm very happy with my purchase of a hognose here at J & C hognoses. They have quality animals, they are very friendly and quick to respond. I highly recommend this company!
Rating by s***8 for Orange Albino Western Hognose ($350.00)
Returning customer and leaving happy once again. 👍👍
Rating by r***s for Toffee Het Sable Western Hognose ($1,000.00)
I received this girl yesterday. She is beautiful and with a calm disposition. She arrived on time and packed well.
Rating by d***l for Arctic Albino 50% Het Sable Western Hognose ($550.00)
Great people to buy from.
Rating by z***7 for High Red Albino Superconda Western Hognose ($600.00)
Great breeder, I would recommend
Rating by j***5 for Normal 66% DH Toxic Western Hognose ($200.00)
I would recommend everyone buy from them they shipped the day they said they would picked up early the next day I was referred by someone who purchased from them before me I will be purchasing from them again in the future
Rating by c***6 for Toffee 66% Het Axanthic Western Hognose ($300.00)
Faith arrived alive in fantastic packaging that kept her warm and safe. We cannot say enough good things about our new family member!!! Thank you J&C Hognose for taking such good care of our baby from hatching to delivery!!!
Rating by i***s for Normal 66% DH Toxic Western Hognose ($225.00)
Great community, fast shipping and animal just as described. I recommend!
Rating by s***e for Conda DH Coral Reverse Stripe Western Hognose ($500.00)
Exactly as ordered! Perfect packaging and communication was the best! Answered any questions I had and responded almost immediately! Glad I purchased from them! And if I ever end up getting another hognose I will buy again from them in the future!
Rating by r***9 for Normal 66% DH Toxic Western Hognose ($225.00)
First class all the way. Fast response and Great payment transaction. Shipping was right on time. Great price and the boxing was perfect. Don’t hesitate to buy from J&C.
Rating by t***w for Normal DH Frost Western Hognose ($250.00)
Picked our little hognose up this morning! Very well packaged and in perfect health. Highly recommend can’t wait to get another! Thank you
Rating by b***l for Extreme Red Albino Western Hognose ($350.00)
Prompt, professional communication and a beautiful healthy snake. Couldn’t ask for more. Thanks J&C!
Rating by h***s for Toffee 66% Het Axanthic Western Hognose ($375.00)
Little girl arrived safe and healthy. Seller was quick to respond and flexible with shipping. A+
Rating by q***1 for High Red Albino Conda Western Hognose ($500.00)
J&C hognose is awsome to deal with. They maintained contact the whole time and answered any and all questions I had. The hognose was packaged perfectly and arrived looking extremely healthy. i would definitely recommend them 100%!!
Rating by j***s for Arctic Albino Anaconda 50% Het Sable AAA Western Hognose ($650.00)
Everything was good, they answered pretty quickly, within a few minutes. My baby came well protected and he arrived safely. Overall great service, would definitely recommend.
Rating by l***7 for Axanthic Conda Purple Line Western Hognose ($600.00)
I purchased 2 higs from J&C and they were very helpful during the whole process. I paid for them Tuesday evening and brought them home on Thursday morning. They were packaged perfectly and they are stunning!
Rating by k***t for Albino Conda Het Toffee Western Hognose ($550.00)