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Thank you for visiting our store. Email us for a hognose care guide!

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Store Policy

Store policy. J & C Hognoses, LLC Terms and Conditions
We at J & C Hognoses, LLC take pride in the quality of our animals. We want to first and foremost say that our animals’ health and our customers happiness take priority. We have spelled out our terms below to best protect buyer, seller, and animal(s). If you have any questions or need any clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.
* All sales final and we have a zero-return policy. Although, we do have a live arrival guarantee that applies only to the state of the animal(s) once it arrives at the destination.
* Payment is due in full at the time of purchase unless other arrangements have been made prior to purchase.
* Payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.
* Any DEPOSIT(S) made toward the total purchase price of the animal(s) are NONREFUNDABLE.
* By making this purchase, buyer confirms they are at least 18 years of age.
* We accept PayPal and cash-in-hand only. Please note PayPal allows buyers to use other methods of payment for our invoices, including credit cards.

* Animals can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States where the species is legal to own. The buyer is responsible to check the regulations in their receiving state, county and city prior to purchasing the animal(s).
*P.O. Box, APOs, or FPOs are not acceptable forms of delivery addresses.
*Our Shipping Days are Tuesday and Wednesday only. There will be no shipping Thursday – Monday.
* Animal(s) are shipped overnight through FedEx and in strict compliance with the weather guideline below. When weather conditions do not permit at both sending and receiving, we will continue feeding, watering, and otherwise caring for your animal(s)
*A flat rate fee of $60 USD will be added to any box shipped. If you are buying multiple animals, and as long as they fit safely in one box, only one shipping fee will apply. The multiple animals purchased must be made on the same transaction for this to apply.
* When shipping to a FedEx Hub, it is strongly recommended that you contact the hub prior to shipping to ensure the location will accept packages containing live animals.
*Weather plays a key role on when animals can be shipped safely. If temperatures at the FedEx hub located in Memphis, TN or the destination zip code are under (Overnight Low) 32°F or over 99°F we will not ship as it is not safe for the animals. We will ship on the next available shipping day that temperatures allow.
* Driver released packages are not eligible for refunds--you must be home to receive your shipment. If you are not going to be available to receive the package, we recommend communicating a specific delivery date at the time of purchase.
* If there is any problem, please notify J & C Hognoses, LLC as soon as possible.
* International shipping available in certain cases. Contact J & C Hognoses, LLC for further information.
Live Arrival Guarantees:
*We offer a 100% live arrival guarantee on all our animals. There are, however, circumstances that will void the live arrival guarantee.
1. The buyer or a member of the household must be present to sign for the package on the first delivery attempt (FedEx provides time of delivery stamp).
2. A delay in shipping due to carrier mishandling.
3. Temperatures at the hub or destination being under 35°F or over 99°F.
4. Animals held for pickup at a FedEx location must be picked up the same day as arrival.
5. A delay in shipping resulting in rerouting due to an inaccurate delivery address being entered during checkout.
*Should the animal(s) arrive dead we will need you to provide a picture of the deceased animal(s) and to contact us immediately upon receipt of the animal(s).
*Live arrival guarantee only applies to the shipping period and is void once you take possession of the animal(s).
*Live arrival guarantee will only apply to the cost of the animal and not the cost of shipping. Shipping costs for replacement animal(s) are the responsibility of the buyer.
*Once inspected and accepted the well-being of the animal(s) is the sole responsibility of the buyer. J & C Hognoses, LLC will not be responsible for any veterinary costs incurred by the buyer for the maintenance and upkeep of the animal(s).

Health Guarantees:
* All animals sold were produced by J & C Hognoses, LLC unless explicitly stated otherwise.
* If there is *any* health concern, please notify J & C Hognoses, LLC immediately.
* Animals listed for sale have had a minimum of five (5) consecutive meals unless otherwise stated.
* We strongly urge any new animals (from us or otherwise) go through a minimum 30-day period of quarantine in a new environment.
* J & C Hognoses, LLC reserves the right to refuse guarantees due to poor husbandry and/or insufficient evidence. We strongly recommend documenting your animal’s condition with photos and keeping weight, feeding, and shed records.

Hognose Care Information:
* Size Matters. Keep the starter cage very small. A 6 quart bin (shoebox size) will work great.
* Keep them Hot. UTH on one side of the bin set to 85-88 works best.
* Let them dig. Aspen holds it shape for tunneling and is digestible if it gets into their mouth.
* Leave them be. If they don’t eat right away, leave the pinky in the bin overnight and check back in the morning.
* Mite Prevention. DO NOT USE IT ON HOGNOSE!!! Most solutions are highly toxic to hognose and they will not survive.
* Email us for a detailed care guide.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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