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We picked up our snake in person, this seller was very polite, professional, and knowledgeable. Their set ups were clean and they weren't in a hurry to give us the snake and get rid of us, we chatted for a good while.
Nice local buyer.
Rating by b***1 for Killer Clown Ball Python ($200.00)
Absolutely stunning snake as always, he is an amazing snake and healty! Great customer service and communication from Kandi and the team!!
Rating by c***l for Adult Black Pastel Sable Breed Ready Ball Python ($100.00)
Very pleased with the entire transaction. Communication was very good. Killer Clown male arrived right on time to the hub. A really great example of a Killer Clown. Healthy looking and alert. Definitely can recommend Kandi's Balls! Thank you!
Rating by m***6 for Killer Clown Ball Python ($200.00)
Her response time was very fast which was very helpful as the schedule to pick up the snake was busy. The snake was in great health and I am very pleased.
Rating by d***j for Killer Clown Ball Python ($200.00)
Friendly people, patient and knowledgeable. Made a hard decision, a lot easier. Presented a healthy, gorgeous snake. Counldnt be happier
Rating by r***t for Coral Glow Ghi Ball Python ($175.00)
Very nice people,beautiful snakes. enjoyed talking about morphs an all the helpful tips👍
Rating by n***4 for Jigsaw Ball Python ($100.00)
Seller is very patient and helpful. Snake was even more beautiful in person, and very healthy.
Rating by d***4 for Banana Cinnamon Clown Ball Python ($300.00)
Kandi's ball pythons is amazing! I was able to pick up our new boy and he is amazing and so is the owner, will definitely be doing business with them again!
Rating by n***c for Pastel Butter Fire Het Clown Ball Python ($125.00)
Very satisfied with this company
Rating by g***8 for Spider Ball Python ($60.00)
Absolutely beautiful snake!!! He is such a sweet boy and I can't stop staring at him. I did a payment play and Kandi was very receptive and responsive. I will recommend Kandi's snakes and will be a repeat customer.
Rating by c***l for Piebald Ball Python ($350.00)
Animals were stunning in person, and healthy upon arrival. Seller has great communication and was happy to supply any photos and additional info. Wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again!
Rating by j***s for Banana Cinnamon Mojave Clown Ball Python ($600.00)
Great looking animal. Arrived as described. Seller was quick to respond to emails, and shipping was prompt. The whole transaction was a pleasure, and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again.
Rating by k***s for Super Fire Ball Python ($200.00)
Had a great experience picking up my pair of blackheads! I left confident in quality of the snakes and with knowledge about my little noodles lives up to that point. They are Great people and I plan on buying from Kandi's Balls again!
Rating by m***s for Blackhead Ball Python ($150.00)
Worked with me on my payments and got a Quality snake
Rating by s***a for Superfly Clown Ball Python ($450.00)
Quick and easy transaction, clear communication, quick shipping, thanks so much!!
thank you
Rating by r***s for Lesser Pastel Ball Python ($75.00)
Couldn't ask for better communication. Kept me updated through the whole process.
Rating by p***t for Pastel VPI Axanthic Ball Python ($200.00)
Very informative on the care of the snakes I purchased. Beautiful and very healthy animals! Will definatly go through this seller again .
Rating by a***1 for VPI Pastel Axanthic Ball Python ($250.00)
They seemed to care about the snake dearly and even checked on it to see if I received it all in all I am very happy with my experience
Rating by s***1 for VPI Axanthic Ball Python ($250.00)
My snake arrived safe, and alert. She’s even more beautiful than the pictures. I am super satisfied with my purchase, and would 100% buy from this breeder again.
Rating by s***1 for Blue Eyed Lucy (Mojave And Lesser) Ball Python ($325.00)
Beautiful animal! Healthy and happy when delivered! Look forward to purchasing again from Kandis Balls!!! A++++
Rating by m***s for Blackhead Fire Het Clown Ball Python ($850.00)
Snake arrived safe and sound. I would recommend this seller.
Rating by m***3 for Proven Breeder Gravel Male Ball Python ($375.00)
I received a banana clown male from Kandis Balls and it was awesome I definitely would buy from them again! They did a great job
Rating by b***s for Banana Clown Ball Python ($350.00)
First time buyer and very happy with my purchase- beautiful banana leopard ball python. Price was reasonable and communicating with the seller was easy. Would’ve like to have seen a heat pad in the packaging for the snake but that’s it. Thanks!
Rating by l***7 for Banana Leopard Ball Python ($250.00)
A pleasure to do business with, highly recommend.
Rating by g***e for Leopard Ball Python ($100.00)
A beautiful Pastel Gravel male in excellent condition. Very easy to work. Highly recommend.
Rating by m***e for Pastel Gravel Ball Python ($175.00)
Wonderful people, this is my fourth snake from them. I will continue to recommend them and buy from them. Strongly satisfied repeat customer here.
Rating by w***n for Pastel Gravel Ball Python ($175.00)
Great looking snake. Received in time and on time.
Rating by s***s for Bel (Mojave Lesser) Clown Ball Python ($1,100.00)
Very kind, and got the snake that I wanted! Would recommend!
Rating by l***s for Super Pastel Ghi Ball Python ($250.00)
Beautiful snake, seller answered my questions and was quick to respond! He showed up in great condition!
Rating by l***l for Prooven Breeder Superstripe. Ball Python ($175.00)
Smooth transaction, fast response time, healthy snake. Would buy from this seller again.
Rating by b***s for Super Pastel Het Clown Ball Python ($200.00)
Wonderful pastel gravel male that I'm very happy with. They were easy to communicate and work with!
Rating by b***c for Prooven Breeder Male Ball Python ($500.00)
Beautiful boy. They were great to work with. Held him until I came home from vacation. Great communication. I will look to them 1st for my next purchase
Rating by d***1 for Leopard Enchi Pastel Ball Python ($150.00)
The seller has been wonderful in communicating everything to us. we even got to talk on phone and they answered all of our questions. Our new snake who we named buttercup is exactly what was described!! We will definitely keep this seller in mind!!!
Rating by j***1 for Pastave Het Clown Ball Python ($250.00)
Absolutely wonderful people. They were so polite, knowledgeable and willing to say when they were unsure. I have bought three snakes from them and I am absolutely happy with the health of these snakes. I will be buying more from them for sure!!!!
Rating by w***n for Banana Pastel Het Clown Ball Python ($275.00)
Love her ❤ 💕 ♥ 💗
thank you
Rating by s***4 for Pastel Yellow Belly Ball Python ($100.00)
Just as described. Curtious and responsive.
Rating by w***n for Breed Size Phantom Ball Python ($150.00)
Just as described. Courteous and responsive. Will definitely do business again.
Rating by w***n for Yellow Belly Epic Ball Python ($200.00)
What a great experience! These are very kind people and you can tell they are passionate about their animals and truly care for them. I would definitely suggest ordering from them and I hope to again in the future!
Rating by t***r for Yellow Belly 66% Het Ghost Ball Python ($250.00)
Very pleasant to do business with will definitely be purchasing from them again in the future.
Rating by n***k for Enchi Het Clown Ball Python ($75.00)
Had a great experience with John. Animal is as described and he was very responsive to call questions. She is healthy and was packaged well for shipping. Will not hesitate to purchase from him again!
We thought she was healthy. Her nose was pink from rubbing and after taking her to the vet she has an infection in her mouth. 200 in vet bills later. Awesome.
full refund was given to this person. Sarabi left our home with no signs of problems.
Rating by h***1 for Vanilla Fire Calico Ball Python ($450.00)
Awesome to work with. Plan to buy from again.
Rating by c***5 for Firefly Ball Python ($125.00)
Beautiful snake and excellent communication with seller! As a first time buyer i felt confident in my purchase!
Rating by r***7 for Firefly Ball Python ($125.00)