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Rating by d***s for Pastel Spotnose Puzzle Ball Python
Communications, shipping and packaging were all excellent. Snake arrived in perfect condition, and is extremely active. Would purchase from again.
Rating by a***s for Enchi YB Lavender Het Pied Ball Python
The most beautiful snakes and best service hands down.
Rating by b***y for Enchi YB Lavender Het Pied Ball Python
Excellent transaction! Very smooth... no worries at all. Will buy from again! Thank you!
Rating by c***2 for OD Ivory Pied (Super OD) Ball Python
Another beautiful snake from Kinova. Super excited to get him into this project.
Rating by t***r for Leopard Pinstripe Desert Ghost 66% Het Black Axanthic Ball Python
Quick and easy communication and my new little guy is gorgeous! Will definitely be purchasing again. 😊
Rating by r***7 for Fire Leopard YB Dbl Het DG Clown Ball Python
Thank you Kinova team!! Your the best!!
Rating by m***s for Fire YB Dbl Het Lavender Pied Ball Python
Our 3rd Kinova investment. She is more stunning than her pictures. Customer service, quality animals, and fast shipping. Can never go wrong with Justin and his team. Thank you so much for an astounding animal.
Rating by e***n for Asphalt Pied Het Lav Ball Python
Justin never disappoints! Absolutely beautiful combo! Thanks KINOVA for all you do for the industry....
Rating by g***r for Enchi Redstripe YB Leopard Dbl Het DG Clown Ball Python
Extremely happy with the entire transaction! Communication was great and shipping was fast. He’s absolutely beautiful! 😁
Rating by s***o for Pied Het Clown Ball Python
Incredible quality, incredible service.
Rating by j***4 for Super Blackhead Leopard Ultramel Ball Python
She arrived safe and sound the next day. Talking with Justin through email was great. I would order from them again and recommend others getting a snake from Kinova.
Rating by l***9 for Pastel YB Lavender Het Pied Ball Python
Justin is responsive and easy to work with, which made for a pleasant experience.
Rating by n***t for YB Lace Het Clown Ball Python
The Black Pastel Enchi YB Pied Het Lavender Albino arrived better than expected!!! The Kinova team made this experience completely seamless. Thx!!!
Rating by s***s for Black Pastel Enchi YB Pied Het Lavender Ball Python
Beautiful healthy snake when received Top quality breeder.
Rating by b***y for Pastel Dreamsicle Ball Python
Everything was excellent, it couldn’t have been better.
Rating by k***5 for Fire Leopard Clown Ball Python
I am fairly new to snakes so I was not aware that their coloration changes over time. The Kinova team was great at explaining and accommodating me by proving options for resolution. Will definitely recommend Kinova.
Rating by s***v for Enchi Lesser Dbl Het Hypo Clown 50% Het Pied Ball Python
We have purchased several snakes from Kinova and have never been disappointed. Snakes are always packaged perfectly and arrive with no issues. We will definitely be purchasing from Justin again. His animals are absolutely gorgeous!
Rating by r***s for Super OD YB Fire Dbl Het Clown Pied Ball Python
Communication was simple and our snake arrived quickly and healthy. Kinova has the most beautiful morphs, very happy with my purchase.
Rating by m***x for Blackhead Lavender Het Pied Ball Python
Great communication, ended up with a nice & healthy baby :) He was eating live when I asked, but I've already had him take a f/t for me! Thanks again
Rating by t***s for OD Ivory Pied (Super OD) Ball Python
Another amazing animal from kinova
Rating by l***0 for OD Enchi Het Lavender Het Pied Ball Python
Gorgeous animal. Cool paradox. Appreciate Justin making a point to personally say thank you when pick up at Tinley
Rating by b***s for Leopard Blackhead Het Ultramel Ball Python
Beautiful and healthy snake.
Rating by h***0 for Enchi Dreamsicle Ball Python
Awesome snake, from a very reputable breeder. Everything went great without any issues, awesome experience.
Rating by c***1 for Fire Redstripe YB Blackhead Dbl Het Hypo Pied Ball Python
What more can I say but WOW just absolutely amazing, animal was so much better in person, thanks Justin and the whole kinova team. Thanks Shawn OTCR
Rating by s***1 for Enchi Leopard Blackhead Lavender Het Pied Ball Python
Perfect experience. Justin and Summer responded quickly and answered all my questions. Payment was easy and the animals arrived quickly, healthy, and exactly as described. Will definitely be doing business with them in the future.
Rating by p***t for Super Redstripe Clown (Jungle Woma) Ball Python
Excellent customer service and communication. The snake I received looks fantastic, even better than her photos!
Rating by e***x for Enchi YB Pied Het Lavender Ball Python
Stellar Animal! Kind Folks who take the time listen and take time with their customers to ensure they are getting the best experience :) Thank You, Kind Regards! Troy
Rating by d***e for Enchi Suma Pied Ball Python
I can really recommend buying snakes from KINOVA, professionalism, great contact, turnaround time, and the people themselves make it a seller and a breeder that you can’t go wrong with.
Rating by k***s for OD Enchi Het Sunset Ball Python
all went smooth, looking to do more with this team. Thanks
Rating by c***n for OD Enchi Pied 50% Het MJ Axanthic Ball Python
Excellent and Professional transaction as always!
Rating by m***s for Desert Ghost Pied Het Hypo Ball Python
As a former business owner in the Marine fish and reef business, I know what it takes to give excellent customer service. Justin and his team are amazing. Quality snakes,fast response to questions and fast shipping.
Rating by f***y for OD Enchi Clown Ball Python
Justin and his team are the pinnacle in this hobby. Quality animals, fast customer service and timely response to inquiry. You can't go wrong with buying from them.
Rating by f***y for Ultramel Ball Python
Very happy to have this gorgeous girl. Great experience and fast communication. Thank you so much Kinova
Rating by s***y for Enchi Pied 50% Het MJ Axanthic Ball Python
Tremendous Buying experience with Justin and Summer Hit the jackpot for sure! Thank you again!!
Rating by d***e for Puzzle Het Hypo Ball Python
Best Packaging I have ever seen and dropped my jaw when I fist looked in side the bag... Wow! :). Thank you Justin and Summer for getting my babies to me safely! Troy
Rating by d***e for OD Puzzle Het Hypo Ball Python
I Adore this animal :) Sometimes circumstances do not always favor you as the buyer, sometimes things happen... Justin and Summer know this and they make sure if anything arrises that it is dealt with in the most kind and professional manner :)
Rating by d***e for OD Puzzle Het Hypo Ball Python
Easy to work with and provided an amazing animal. Great overall experience
Rating by m***7 for Enchi Triple Het Hypo Clown Pied Ball Python
Happy with the purchase.
Rating by v***r for YB Pied Het Clown Ball Python
Received him this morning. He looks great.
Rating by j***7 for Enchi Special Ivory Clown (Cypress Cinnamon) Ball Python
smooth transaction she arrived healthy and good thank you
Rating by b***s for Enchi Leopard Blackhead Dbl Het Lavender Pied Ball Python
great deal,
Rating by k***s for OD Puzzle Het Hypo Ball Python
He was a tad bit skinnier than I thought but not unhealthy at all. Just could use a few more grams. Beautiful baby boy! Shipping was fantastic and they communicated super well with me. Even sent me more photos when I asked. Communication was 10/10
Rating by o***k for Firefly PIed Ball Python
Awesome animal. She is well started, healthy, and as described. Excellent transaction and communication.
Rating by k***s for Black Pastel YB Spotnose Hypo Desert Ghost Het Clown Ball Python