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Transaction was great. Fast responses to my inquiries and prompt shipping of a nice healthy animal. Will definitely purchase from again! Thanks!
Rating by h***s for OD YB Enchi Leopard Blackhead Dbl Het Clown Pied Ball Python ($1,800.00)
Completely happy with this beautiful snake and traction was quick and easy fast shipping thanks so much Kinova
Rating by n***7 for Lavender Het Pied Ball Python ($250.00)
I'm new to ball pythons & this was Easy & friendly experience
Rating by m***c for OD YB Enchi Pied Het Clown Ball Python ($3,000.00)
Another amazing experience at the Kinova facility. We got to meet the manager Chase and talk with him for a bit. Such an amazing place to acquire animals to level up!!! Thank you so much Chase and the Kinova team.
Rating by m***s for Enchi Chocolate Hypo Triple Het Desert Ghost Het Clown Het G-Stripe Ball Python ($3,500.00)
A+ transaction. I had been casually looking for the right male for my project and this was the guy who got me to pull the trigger. He’s beautiful. Thanks!
Rating by b***1 for OD YB Enchi Leopard Pied Het Clown Ball Python ($2,500.00)
first time purchasing an animal from Kinova. quick response and shipped when they said they would. beautiful snake thank you Kinova!
Rating by d***n for Ultramel Het Pied Ball Python ($650.00)
This was an amazing experience super easy and I'm more than happy with my animal she healthy active shows no signs of stress...
Rating by a***o for Pied Ball Python ($200.00)
The snakes I get from here always look better than the photos. I absolutely love my most recent purchase. Summer is extremely helpful and a breeze to work with. Thanks again for everything!
Rating by y***1 for White Lace Dbl Het Hypo Clown Ball Python ($4,500.00)
I recently purchased a OD Fire Pied ball python from KINOVA and I am beyond thrilled with every aspect of my purchase. From the initial interaction to the ongoing support, this experience deserves a perfect 10/10 rating.
Rating by j***3 for OD Fire Pied Ball Python ($750.00)
Such a beautiful and healthy snake, packed perfectly, shipping was fast and staff interaction was professional. Greg
Rating by g***z for OD Fire Clown Ball Python ($400.00)
She is gorgeous extremely happy with her
Rating by n***s for OD Clown Ball Python ($500.00)
Spectacular snake, amazing customer service. Hands down one of, if not, the best in the BP world.
Rating by c***2 for Enchi Het Lavender Ball Python ($100.00)
Great communication on a beautiful snake
Rating by s***1 for Stranger Dbl Het Clown Pied Ball Python ($4,500.00)
I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!!! Communication from start to finish was top notch and the quality of this animal is better than the picture!!! Thanks again!!!
Rating by a***s for YB Clown Pied Ball Python ($2,000.00)
Two of the most beautiful animals in my collection! I’m truly blown away by the colors. These two animals are a big part of the future projects in my opinion. Beyond my expectations. Thank you to the team!
Rating by y***1 for Redstripe Mandarin Het Hypo Ball Python ($4,000.00)
Kinova is at the Top for a reason, top quality animals at a fair price.
Rating by a***2 for VPI Axanthic Clown Ball Python ($3,000.00)
Amazing customer service, above and beyond all expectations. Very thankful
Rating by a***n for VPI Axanthic Clown Het Desert Ghost Ball Python ($20,000.00)
This little girl is going to be a powerhouse and the cornerstone of my breeding projects for years to come, thanks Kinova!
Rating by a***2 for Spotnose Triple Het VPI Axanthic Desert Ghost Clown Ball Python ($4,000.00)
Quick and easy. Animal ate after unboxing!
Rating by g***s for Fire Highway Pied Het Clown (Possible Blackhead Leopard) Ball Python ($2,500.00)
Snake came in healthy and alert. As described and Shipped well and timely. Thanks Justin
Rating by m***c for OD Enchi Vanilla Pied 50% Het MJ Axanthic Ball Python ($1,500.00)
Everything was great. Professional as always. I will back for more for sure :)
Rating by s***e for Black Pastel Redstripe Special Clown Ball Python ($3,500.00)
Everything went great
Rating by k***y for Enchi Asphalt Or YB Lavender Het Pied Ball Python ($1,800.00)
Was very satisfied with the whole experience and very satisfied with the animal I got!!! Very happy with the result!!
Rating by k***3 for Clown Ball Python ($250.00)
Outstanding as expected. I want to extend a big thank you to the whole team over there. Communication was excellent and Princess got here safe and sound. I will definitely be a repeat customer!
Rating by d***8 for Blackhead Hypo Ball Python ($450.00)
I absolutely am in love with her pattern. Her color is more beautiful than the pictures. I’m grateful to have her. Thank you to Summer for always being on top of everything.
Rating by y***1 for White Lace Clown (Possible YB) Ball Python ($10,000.00)
Went above and beyond for shipping. The two ball pythons are healthy and sweet.
Rating by s***6 for Firefly GHI Ball Python ($500.00)
summer has been fantastic in answering my questions. kinova always provides quality animals and customer service!!
Rating by s***s for OD Highway Pied Het MJ Axanthic (Possible Hurricane) Ball Python ($1,900.00)
Absolutely amazing! Even more impressive in person. Everyone at Kinova was respectful and responsive to all my questions! Will definitely purchase from them in the future.
Rating by j***s for YB Batman Ball Python ($5,500.00)
Awesome response time! Great communication with shipping and questions!
Rating by n***4 for Clown Het Pied Ball Python ($300.00)
Top notch absolutely love their customer service!
Rating by m***s for Hurricane YB MJ Axanthic Pied Ball Python ($5,000.00)
The Kinova team was fast in responding and the animal was delivered on time. The animal was healthy and of the highest quality.
Rating by l***s for Leopard Spotnose Crypton Quad Het Desert Ghost G-Stripe Cryptic Clown Ball Python ($3,500.00)
As Expected 100% Professional all the way through from start to finish. Animal quality is Outstanding.
Rating by s***o for Enchi Highway Dbl Het Clown Pied Ball Python ($900.00)
Absolutely STUNNING snake! Healthy, strong eater, and customer service was wonderful! Couldn’t be happier! ☺️
Rating by d***s for YB Pied Het Lavender (Possible Mahogany Blackhead Leopard Confusion) Ball Python ($6,500.00)
Rating by z***4 for FIre 66% Het Puzzle Ball Python ($200.00)
What can I say!? You know the top notch quality Kinova provides.
Rating by m***s for OD YB Clown Het Pied Ball Python ($1,500.00)
Summer was great to work with and super fast shipping! Love my beautiful new baby! Thank you Kinova for a wonderful transaction!
Rating by b***y for OD YB Fire Pied Ball Python ($900.00)
Wonderful little guy with a good temperament. Beautiful snake, very happy with Kinova and would purchase from again.
Rating by s***1 for YB Fire Pied Ball Python ($250.00)
My experience with Kinova is always amazing!! Summer is beyond helpful. Very very pleased!
Rating by l***c for Black Pastel Suma Het Pied (Possible YB) Ball Python ($1,250.00)
Can't say much about Justin and team Kinova that hasn't been said thousands of times but they continue to be the absolute gold standard of the industry.
Rating by k***s for Jaguar Ball Python ($2,000.00)
We are extremely satisfied with the whole transaction! Beautiful healthy animal! The packaging was great! The buying process was flawless! Communication was very prompt! We will definitely be purchasing again! Thank you
Rating by e***n for Black Pastel Redstripe Spotnose Clown Ball Python ($4,500.00)
I am absolutely ecstatic about the girl I received from JKR! Communication was excellent; shipping and pickup was quick and painless; and the snake itself was stunning and in perfect health!! I will 100% be a repeat customer. Thanks for everything!
Rating by w***n for OD Het Desert Ghost 50% Het Hypo Ball Python ($200.00)
Very happy with my purchase. Kinova responds to messages quickly, is helpful, shipped fast, snake carefully packaged. Thanx
Rating by j***a for Pied Het Lavender Ball Python ($300.00)
Great experience. Justin ranks high on my list of breeders from quality to professionalism. Doubt I need to make a recommendation. You will get everything you expect and more. I will continue to do business with Kinova.
Rating by g***5 for Leopard Pied Het Clown Ball Python ($750.00)
Justin’s animals somehow always surprise me with their quality. This male is even nicer in person than the pictures did justice and that is a consistent experience for me when buying from Justin. A+++++
Rating by n***s for Black Pastel Redstripe Enchi Het Clown Ball Python ($900.00)
Great transaction as always with team Kinova!
Rating by a***e for Stranger Clown 50% Het Monsoon Ball Python ($6,500.00)
Communication was great and shipping was quick and easy!
Rating by j***7 for Redstripe Special Leopard Het Clown Ball Python ($1,200.00)
Both snakes are as describe. Always a pleasure to do business with the Kinova team!
Rating by a***e for Pastel Leopard Sunset Het Clown Ball Python ($10,000.00)
It is always a pleasure doing business with Kinova. The transactions are smooth and fast and the genetics are top level.
Rating by c***l for Clown Het Sunset Ball Python ($3,500.00)
He arrived alive and well. He was very active and alert.
Rating by s***8 for Mahogany Pied Het Clown Ball Python ($800.00)
Fabulous snake, great communication, quick shipping, packaged well. 2nd Kinova purchase, not last!
Rating by m***s for Enchi Lavender Het Pied Ball Python ($525.00)