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Great animal and seller. Generous with information, helpful, and willing to go the Extra 1000. Miles to make sure his chameleons go to good homes and new owners have the knowledge they need to insure success.
Rating by t***l for Male Baby Veiled For Sale Captive Bred Chameleon ($75.00)
Awesome and Fantastic
Rating by l***y for Male Baby Veiled For Sale Captive Bred Chameleon ($75.00)
Mark was incredibly helpful, and communication was quick. He was able to walk us through some things we weren't expecting and give us a good idea of how to start caring for our new Chameleon
Rating by s***s for Female Baby Veiled For Sale Captive Bred Chameleon ($60.00)
Seller was fantastic and very helpful. Would buy from again.
Rating by t***h for Male Baby Veiled For Sale Captive Bred Chameleon ($60.00)
Excellent quality, The care that he puts into his animals shows… Very fair pricing… Excellent communication… Excellent shipping…10 points out of 10 !!
Rating by h***s for Male Baby Veiled For Sale Captive Bred Chameleon ($60.00)
I’m so glad I got my baby veiled chameleon from him, he came to me perfectly fine. Aside from that the process was pretty easy, he made sure to check in with me multiple times asking how he’s doing, if he’s eaten and such. He was also very helpful!
Rating by j***s for Baby Veiled Chameleon ($60.00)
I purchased my very first chameleon from Mark and to be honest I knew very little about chameleons during my purchase, but Mark provided me with a ton of information, websites and tips on how to take care of my little guy which was a HUGE help. TY!
Rating by a***c for Baby Veiled Chameleon ($60.00)
Great Seller. Accurate Description. Well Packaged. Animal Was Safely Packaged. Seller Very Helpful. Animal Was Very Healthy. Will Definitely Do Business With Seller In The Future. No Worries. Thanks MARKSCHAMELEONS.COM
Rating by g***k for Baby Veiled Chameleon ($60.00)