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Mark Lipton

White Plains, NY, USA

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Baby Veiled Chameleons
For Sale

I am a Veiled Chameleon breeder who has been keeping reptiles for over twenty years. I hatch and raise every baby Veiled Chameleon that I sell so I know they are healthy, well-adjusted and eating well. It is important to me that each baby Veiled Chameleon that I sell goes to a good home where it will be nurtured, appreciated and enjoyed. Veiled Chameleons are beautiful, fun to watch and have great personalities. My baby Veiled Chameleons will make great pets! Check out my website:

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Store Policy

In order to ensure that your chameleon arrives safely, I ship FedEx Priority Overnight only (Mon - Wed).

The cost for FedEx Priority Overnight shipping for one Veiled Chameleon is $40 in the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT, PA) and $60 anywhere else in the United States.

Your baby Veiled Chameleon will arrive to you healthy, well-adjusted and will make a great pet! Thus far, I have never had a bad result when shipping a Chameleon or its health thereafter.

I will guarantee that your Chameleon will arrive alive and will remain alive for 30 days afterwards. In the unlikely event that something does occur during that time period, I will replace your Chameleon at no additional charge.

The size of the baby Veiled Chameleons that I sell are 3-4 inches long (including tail).

In order to ensure a successful experience for both you and your new pet Chameleon, I am available via email ([email protected]) or text (914-874-9777) to provide advice and answer questions about preparing for and caring for your new chameleon. Check out my website:

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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