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Everything from start to finish was fantastic. Animals are more beautiful in person. Thank you
It was our pleasure!
Rating by s***e for Outer Banks Eastern Kingsnake ($200.00)
Happy healthy snake, amazing communication, and all around 10/10 experience, would definitely purchase again
Rating by d***e for Lavender California Kingsnake ($200.00)
Metazotics is one of the best, Clint always takes care of me and I highly recommend them for anything
Always happy to help and so appreciate your business!
Rating by f***y for Hypo Sunrise Black Rat Eastern Rat Snake ($200.00)
From first sent message. To last check up message to the info i needed for proper care. All of it was professional, curtious and friendly. Animals top shelf . I found my go to guy for bamboo rat snakes without question. Thanks again man.
Thank you so much for such kind words! It's my pleasure to help!
Rating by r***1 for Thai Bamboo (Coxi) Bamboo Rat Snake ($300.00)
Everyone I spoke to was very kind and helpful. My baby girl arrived safe and fast. She is healthy and beautiful.
Thank you so much Joyce! Happy to help!
Rating by p***y for Het Albino California Kingsnake ($75.00)
Like always,Great service! Answered all of my questions! Thank you once again! Highly recommended!
Rating by q***s for Albino Black Eastern Rat Snake ($125.00)
A beautiful, healthy snake!
Rating by t***1 for Amber Corn Snake ($100.00)
Good person to deal with. Real petty snake very happy
Rating by w***_ for 66% Het Albino Eastern Kingsnake ($200.00)
Answered my questions quickly. Communicated to make sure shipping date was safe and worked for both parties. Snake arrived in good condition with no issues.
Rating by a***e for Striped Amber Corn Snake ($150.00)
Very easy to work with and animals came in amazing and will definitely be doing Business with them again
Rating by j***5 for Yunnan Bamboo Rat Snake ($300.00)
She came in and looks better than the pictures
Rating by g***s for Albino California Kingsnake ($125.00)
Everything went great! Bought 2 snakes. One of them was the wrong one. We are all human and make mistakes, its about how any situation is handled. The situation was handled immediately, professionally and with kindness. Will buy again any day! TY!!!
Rating by q***s for Albino Black Eastern Rat Snake ($125.00)
Looks better than pictured!!
Rating by t***h for Langtry Gray-Banded Kingsnake ($325.00)
Amazing service from Clint and his Crew! Can't wait to visit their in person store. The boa I got from them was healthy, beautiful and friendly 10/10 would recommend!!
Thank you so much Porsche! Can't wait to have you in the shop!
Rating by k***2 for Red Dominican Mountain Boa Hispaniolan boa ($700.00)
Great contact with this breeder throughout our entire transaction, and my new snake has arrived in perfect condition.
Rating by p***e for Rusty Whiteside Black Eastern Rat Snake ($200.00)
Great interaction from start to finish, was to the point and direct with great customer service and exactly what was described was received and they were healthy and active. 10/10
Thank you so much Joshua!
Rating by a***7 for Okeetee Corn Snake ($65.00)
I’ve had a great experience so far. I’ve had the little snake for just under a week now. Last night he had a healthy shed. He is socializing very well. These guys can be tricky to keep, so finding a reliable breeder is so important. Metazotics 🫡🙏
Thank you so much Michael and it was our pleasure!
Rating by t***e for Coxi Bamboo Rat Snake ($300.00)
I'm extremely pleased with my experience. Communication was great and my frog arrived very quickly. She's very plump and healthy. I would definitely do business with this seller again.
Thank you so much Brittani!
Rating by b***e for Fantasy Pacman Frog ($125.00)
We are repeat customers of Clint, that should say it all. Great guy to work with, and quality healthy snakes. This process of acquiring this snake was just as easy as the first, if not easier. We can't thank Clint enough for this great looking baby.
Thank you so much Chris and I look forward to helping you any time I can!
Rating by e***s for Rusty Whiteside Black Eastern Rat Snake ($200.00)
Animal was perfectly represented and shipped quickly. A+ seller
Thank you so much!
Rating by p***s for Hypo Tangerine Honduran Milk Snake ($300.00)
Very positive transaction with an active and open line of communication. Clint called and personally made sure of the desired animals and tracked the progress until the end. Would highly recommend anyone purchasing from Metazotics.
Rating by l***s for T Negative Albino Chinese King Other Rat Snake ($650.00)
Great ppl at Metazotics!, quality genetics and gorgeous animal altogether. I am extremely satisfied and glad I decided to do business with them. Most definitely an asset to MM!! Thanks again guys 🤘
Rating by l***n for Ultramel Ball Python ($350.00)
Fast easy transaction
Rating by k***n for Black Gap Gray-Banded Kingsnake ($400.00)
Great communication, very quickly responded to my questions. Shipping was on time to my local FedEx hub. Snake was well packaged and arrived safe and sound. Took his first fuzzy today right off the tongs no problem at all. Many thanks!
Rating by n***r for Limburg Snow Rosy Boa ($400.00)
He answered my questions and even sent extra pictures. Very good customer service.
Rating by w***3 for Silver Blonde Trans-Pecos Rat Snake ($475.00)
Clint was quick to communicate and answer any questions I had. The snake arrived on time and nicely packed. She was exactly as advertised, and very active and healthy. I am extremely satisfied and highly recommend Metazotics.
Rating by k***f for Lavender California Kingsnake ($200.00)
Perfect in every way. 😁👍
Thanks so much Eric!
Rating by e***n for Black Gap Gray-Banded Kingsnake ($400.00)
Perfect transaction. Animal came in healthy and alert
Rating by t***s for Rusty Black Possible Het Sunrise And Hypo Eastern Rat Snake ($150.00)
Gorgeous animal
Rating by t***s for Hypo Sunrise Black Eastern Rat Snake ($250.00)
Perfect transaction. Gorgeous animal.
Rating by t***s for Hypo Het Lavender Black Rat Eastern Rat Snake ($150.00)
Perfect transaction. Very fast shipping
Rating by t***s for Albino Black Eastern Rat Snake ($150.00)
Seller was really nice, but unfortunately the snake had stopped eating. He tried to work with him for a few weeks, but he still refused. He did not want to send me a sick snake so he gave me a full refund. I would work with them again.
Thank you so much Michelle and so sorry it didn't work out. I look forward to taking care of you in the future!
Rating by m***5 for Granite Line Mex Mex San Luis Potosi Kingsnake ($150.00)
Metazotics is nice to deal with. Easy transaction.
Rating by 6***s for Lemon Grey Gray Rat Snake ($250.00)
Seller was great to communicate with and they held the animal until shipping temperatures were safe. I was disappointed in packaging, there was almost no indication on the box that were was in fact a live animal in there. Animal still arrived safe.
Thank you Courtney! Unfortunately we're currently using brown boxes rather than our usual premarked "live animal" white boxes (long story) and our shipping associate didn't think about marking the box more than usual. Feedback received and shared!
Rating by c***2 for Superfly Het Ultramel Ball Python ($450.00)
Perfect transaction. Will definitely do business again.
Rating by a***z for Sandblast Pewter Het Pied Ball Python ($550.00)
Beautiful animal! Great communication, very happy with the overall service.
Rating by m***5 for 66% Het Hypo Sunrise Black Eastern Rat Snake ($50.00)
Clint with Metazotics was great to work with. I asked him about picking up two snakes at NARBC, and he was happy to work with me. The snakes are in great shape, and he answered all of my questions.
Rating by l***i for Green Bush Other Rat Snake ($400.00)
Great communication and beautiful well taken care of snakes very happy with my purchase and will definitely be buying from them again
Rating by t***t for Lesser Leopard Het Ultramel Ball Python ($300.00)
Little slower on the comms than i would have liked, but none the less snake got here safe and sound.
Rating by x***x for Sandblast Pastel Het Pied Ball Python ($300.00)
A+ experience. Would definitely buy again in the future! Thanks guys!
Thank you!
Rating by m***s for Calico Black Eastern Rat Snake ($200.00)
Clint not only made sure I was prepared to keep Kingsnakes, but talked me thru several of the genetics and opportunities you can have if you decide to breed as well. Very nice animal.
Rating by f***4 for Het Blizzard California Kingsnake ($150.00)
Great interaction with Clint. I am not totally versed in easing kingsnakes, but he took the time to give me pointers as far as keeping them (especially in multiples) I will definitely buy from him again. Very Nice Example !!!
Rating by f***4 for Blizzard California Kingsnake ($500.00)
Purchased two pairs of snakes from Clint. All 4 came in very alert, active, and healthy. Clint had great communication and was happy to answer in depth any questions I had. I couldn't reccomend him more!
Thank you so much Gavin!
Rating by s***5 for Pair! Yunnans Beauty Rat Snake ($700.00)
Awesome seller - great animal, good price, and super nice seller. Great communication - couldn't be happier! Definitely recommend this seller!
Thanks again!
Rating by f***d for 50% Het Lots! Trans-Pecos Rat Snake ($200.00)
Very healthy delivery
Rating by m***3 for Het Calico 50% Het Hypo And T Pos Chinese Beauty Rat Snake ($175.00)
Super great service! Held snake until the weather was safe to ship in and shipped to a fedex hub to make sure the snake didnt get lost in the mail. She came plump, inquisitive and exactly like her picture.
Rating by i***a for Aberrant California Kingsnake ($150.00)
Clint is an awesome person to work with. Will absolutely be working with him again in the near future.
Rating by e***n for Het Albino Korean Other Rat Snake ($300.00)
Great snake and great seller.
Rating by b***7 for Vietnamese Blue Beauty Beauty Rat Snake ($450.00)
Great customer service, excellent communication, quick & safe ship, beautiful animal. Recommended!
Rating by m***r for Snow Honduran Milk Snake ($350.00)
Easy and quick service
Rating by d***0 for Vietnamese Blue Beauty Beauty Rat Snake ($450.00)