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Clint Bartley

Chandler, IN, USA

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Looking for Bartley Reptiles (Clint Bartley)?? You found us! In 2022, we formed a new company, Metazotics, as we moved into a 9000 sq ft facility and opened a 3200 sq ft retail showroom. This new venture has allowed us to expand into many new species we didn't have the room or time to move into previously as well as giving us the opportunity to offer our customers all of their husbandry and feeder needs!

For over 30 years, I kept, learned from, bred, and admired reptiles. This passion and love for the herp hobby has grown into a nice collection of snakes. While I work with many species, colubrids and asian rat snakes have become my emphasis and passion. Some of our highlights are our success with Chinese king rats, green bush rats, mandarins, and my most proud moment was being the 2nd person to produce bella rats in the US and the first to do it twice in the states! In 2023, I was asked to come on board and became a co host of Colubrid and Colubroid Radio, a podcast dedicated to bringing the best information available to our listeners from experts on various colubrid species. Give us a listen!

Metazotics looks forward to working for you!

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Store Policy

These are the terms and conditions of sale for Metazotics. Please read these in their entirety before placing an order. By placing an order, you agree to these terms. These terms are in place to protect all parties involved. You may order directly off of our website!

* All animals are packaged for safe, live delivery with a heat pack or cool pack as necessary via Fed-Ex next day delivery. Live arrival is guaranteed if package is received and signed for on the FIRST delivery attempt. Packages left on the porch, step, or in any way not signed for will not be covered under the live arrival guarantee. Any problems with the box or animal must be reported to Fed-Ex at time of receipt and then immediately to us. If Fed-Ex leaves the package without a signature due to a signature release being on file for your delivery address, we are not liable if the animal is deceased or otherwise ill due to the package being left in the elements. In the even of a DOA, the animal must be preserved and we reserve the right to request photos or to have the animal shipped back before issuing a refund.

* Shipping is done on Monday through Wednesday. We only ship when temperatures are above 40 and below 90 degrees in both the origination and destination locations. Large variances in temperature in the two locations will result in the shipment being delayed until a more suitable window.

* Payment plans on available animals will be accepted and function as follows with a 25% minimum deposit required:

Animals under $500: we will NOT accept a payment plan.
Animals over $500: a 60 day payment plan will be allowed. The total balance will be due within 60 days of initial deposit.

* Deposits are Non-Refundable, but are transferable. If you default on a payment plan, your animal will be put back on the market. If it should sell before you pay off the animal, you can transfer your entire account to another animal, or receive a refund LESS your deposit.

* Health is guaranteed for 48 hours.

* Sex of the animal is guaranteed for a period of seven days. This means that it is the purchaser's responsibility to have the animal checked by either themselves or a trusted party to verify accuracy within seven days of receipt.

* Visual genetics are taken for face value. This means that any and all animals sold as a visual genetic combination are done so with the full honest belief that the genes marketed are present and visual by both Metazotics and the buyer.

* All heterzygous animals will be fully guaranteed with a full refund if no visual animals are produced within two successful breeding and hatching attempts.

* All animals guaranteed feeding unless listed and sold as a non-feeding animal. Any animal sold as non-feeding still carries the live arrival guarantee as well as the health guarantee.

* Any non feeding issue needs to be addressed within 30 days to make exchange arrangements.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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“Very positive transaction with an active and open line of communication. Clint called and personally made sure of the desired animals and tracked the progress until the end. Would highly recommend anyone purchasing from Metazotics.”


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