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beautiful gecko!! arrived perfectly
Rating by o***o for "Sugarloaf" Red Phantom Poss Empty Back Crested Gecko ($100.00)
A professional breeder that’s very knowledgeable, I highly recommend! I picked up in person and the transaction went perfect and the gecko is amazing.
Rating by f***i for Tara Leigh's Produced Red Female Crested Gecko ($450.00)
Received healthy and happy geckos! Would absolutely do business with again!
Rating by m***7 for "Sweet Pea" Solid Back Harlequin Female Crested Gecko ($400.00)
Candice was extremely responsive answering all my questions, had lineage available, and was flexible scheduling local pick up. Candice knows what she’s doing and it really shows in the overwhelmingly positive experience purchasing an animal from her.
Rating by m***o for "Balmy" Red Superdal Lineage Crested Gecko ($150.00)
They were great! I love my cresite😊
Rating by c***s for "Coyal" Red Spots Superdal Crested Gecko ($700.00)
Came on time and was healthy. Looked just like the pictures.
Great buyer, fast payment, was really easy to communicate with and was ready to receive the gecko ASAP!
Rating by c***1 for "Phyden" Orange Lilly Prob Male Crested Gecko ($450.00)
Candice is wonderful to work with. I gave this crestie a few weeks to see how well she did and she is doing amazing. Shipping was smooth and if you have not dealt with Candice, I would recommend her!!
Thank you so much Aiden, means a lot to me. She's a gorgeous girl and I can't wait to see what you produce with her!
Rating by i***s for "Champlain" Female Drippy Red Extreme Harlequin Crested Gecko ($525.00)
Candice is an absolute doll. She clearly loves her animals and I have had the pleasure of working with her on both sides of it as a producer and a consumer. This female is great and is settling in beautifully! Most definitely will be back! Thanks!
You were so sweet and a total pleasure to work with Catherine! I'm thankful that "Scarborough" has a home with you where she will be loved and I can keep an eye on the pretty things she makes for you! <3
Rating by c***o for "Scarborough" Yellow Pinstripe Drippy Female Crested Gecko ($550.00)
Great animal healthy and arrived safe.
Rating by m***m for "Dottie" Orange & Red Bold Tiger Brindle Crested Gecko ($100.00)
Great communication and professionally packaged. The seller answered all of my questions and provided additional photos. The gecko is even more stunning in person. I can’t wait for offspring.
You are a dearheart, it is always a pleasure to send a gecko your way knowing they will be properly cared for and loved. Thank you my friend!
Rating by g***s for "Unity" Amelanistic Female African African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($350.00)
The entire transaction was easy and shipping was done in a timely manner. I love the gecko I got. 10/10.
Rating by a***4 for Pink Harlequin "Puck" With Red Dalmatian Spots Crested Gecko ($300.00)
100% Pleaesd and checked all boxes ,very responsible and kind.
Rating by e***1 for "Etowah" Possible Red Harlequin Crested Gecko ($175.00)
Purchasing with this seller was a very positive experience. Great packaging and the gecko arrived safe and healthy. Highly recommend this seller !
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like your gecko, it was a positive experience getting him to you as well :-)
Rating by h***3 for "Besi" Orange Brindle Male Crested Gecko ($65.00)
We got to pick up our boy in person! The seller was extremely nice and the gecko is very well taken care of! I will definitely buy from them again in the future. thanks again :)
Thank you for the kind words! It is always nice to know a gecko has a nice family to look over him. Can't wait to see what you end up producing with him! - Candice
Rating by h***s for Red Phantom Portholes Crested Gecko ($75.00)
Seller was very quick to respond and sold me two gorgeous and healthy babies. Was very friendly and knowledgeable.
Thank you my friend, I am thrilled you love them! Keep me updated, I think they are going to make awesome babies!! - Candice
Rating by l***6 for "Smidge" With Fringemorphs Pink Lineage Lavender Harlequin Crested Gecko ($150.00)
Easy transaction Met up for local pickup Definitely recommend doing business with them.
Rating by c***s for "Feldspar" Female Superdalmatian Orange Red Tiger Crested Gecko ($875.00)
High quality healthy gecko, drama free professional transaction. I am very happy with what I recovered. Will for sure buy from her again.
Rating by e***o for "Gemsbok" Empty Back / Super Stripe Project Female Crested Gecko ($550.00)
Candice was a pleasure to work with all around. Very good communication and the gecko is gorgeous!
Rating by k***7 for "Wakefield" Red Male Lilly White Crested Gecko ($1,700.00)
Loved being able to purchase this beautiful guy!! 🥰 amazing person to work with and very kind ! I'll be back 🙂 thank you
Oh! Thank you so much for the kind words, and being a pleasure to work with. I'm so glad this fella will be with you so I can keep an eye on him ;-)
Rating by k***9 for "Sundown" Extreme Harlequin Orange Male Crested Gecko ($250.00)
Best transaction I’ve had on morph market. It was awesome working with someone who loves their animals as much as this seller does.
Rating by l***3 for Proven Amelanistic Tangerine Male African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($400.00)
Thank you so much for such a smooth transaction! She is so beautiful and I love her already!
Rating by f***a for "Halite" Female Dalmatian Unique Base Color Crested Gecko ($465.00)
A beautiful boy that's been well cared for
Rating by p***e for "Benton" Lavender Porthole Drippy Harlequin Crested Gecko ($250.00)
Seller was absolutely amazing throughout the entire transaction! Let me know updates as weeks turned into months of them holding a purchase due to hot weather on my end. I will definitely be purchasing again!
Rating by p***s for "Oliphant" Tricolor Lilly White Poss Female Crested Gecko ($1,100.00)
This seller was amazing with the communication from the beginning answering my question with out issues , crested geckos arrived safe and in good health and in great packaging with cold pack ,would recommend this seller ,…😁😎
Rating by p***n for "Muntok" - Patterned Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($100.00)
He is beautiful! Love him!
Rating by c***2 for "Crush" - Patterned Pintstripe Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($150.00)
He is exactly as pictured and stunning! Arrived safe and sound and seller was awesome.
Thank you so much for the kind words, and I am so glad you love him! - Candice
Rating by h***6 for "Betula" Lavendar Pinstripe With Crisp White Sides Crested Gecko ($160.00)
Thank you for your great communication and being pleasant.
Rating by r***k for "Magnolia" Orange Phantom Pinstripe Poss Female Crested Gecko ($175.00)
Highly recommend this seller! Great to work with and you can tell how much she loves her animals! The gecko I received is absolutely amazing 🙂
I'm so happy he was a great fit for you! Thank you Mandy!
Rating by m***y for "Tamale" Ruby Red Dalmatian Male Crested Gecko ($350.00)
Amazing communication! The geckos demeanor is amazing and he is perfect!
Rating by e***s for "Cheerwine" High White Tricolor W/Portholes Crested Gecko ($250.00)
Great experience with the purchase of cheddar! Can’t wait to see what she will produce!!
Rating by c***4 for "Cheddar" Tricolor Possible Female Crested Gecko ($225.00)
Will buy from them again very kind people and geckos are healthy and beautiful
Rating by b***s for Boylan - Dark Based Partial Pinstripe With Portholes Crested Gecko ($120.00)
Candice was awesome! The 2 Amels we purchased were exactly what we ordered. She was professional and courteous thought the entire process. Highly recommend this breeder and she has exceptional animals as well. —DB
Rating by b***s for 0410 Amelanistic Tangerine Striped Female African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($350.00)
User was extremely friendly, responsive and I could tell they truly cared about their animals. Fanny arrived in excellent health and condition, she's a beautiful gecko, just as described!
Rating by k***e for Fanny - Yellow Phantom Pinstripe Crested Gecko ($275.00)
Absolutely exactly what I wanted and more!
Rating by m***s for Kitty Cocktail - Nearly Black W/Cream Harlequin Possible Female Crested Gecko ($250.00)
The AFT gecko I purchased came perfectly on time and is even more amazing in person. Breeder is very kind and easy to talk to. Coordinates with you to ensure safest shipping and weather. Favorite part is much the animals are cared for and it shows
Rating by m***8 for Caramel Het Zulu L19 African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($250.00)
Loved doing but with this seller everything went smoothly had to wait to ship because of the low temps of where he was being shipped from but well worth wait and she was right in waiting to ship till the temps were more suitable for shipping.
Rating by s***0 for Cream Harlequin Male Crested Gecko ($125.00)
Amazing! Highly recommend! The crested gecko I purchased was actually prettier in person than pictured! Communication was fast and simple!
Rating by l***s for Extreme Cream Dark Based Harlequin Crested Gecko ($250.00)
Great seller A+
Rating by j***a for Orange Harlequin Dark Based Crested Gecko ($225.00)
Very nice gecko!
Rating by e***h for Orange Dalmatian Crested Gecko ($150.00)
Communication with the seller was fantastic, they answered all of my questions, helped me decide the best day for shipping, and they even sent me a few extra pictures of the reptile! I got the female African Fat Tail gecko in beautiful condition! :)
Rating by t***e for Normal Het Patternless G19 African Fat-Tailed Gecko ($125.00)