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Fast communication and delivery.
Rating by o***s for Dreamsicle Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Very smooth transaction. Snakes are very beautiful and in good condition. Thank you so much!
Rating by m***y for Ultramel Pied Project Pair Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Great experience, excellent customer service, and smooth transaction
Rating by j***9 for Spotnose Desert Ghost Het G-Stripe Ball Python ($1,100.00)
Beautiful animal. Great communication. Would do business with again!
Rating by r***f for Black Pastel Lavender Het Pied Ball Python ($900.00)
Came the next day. Smooth transaction and a beautiful snake. Much appreciated to Mile High Mutations
Rating by j***x for Pastel Blackhead Pied 50% Het Hypo Ball Python ($700.00)
Nice person to work with and beautiful animal at a great price, thanks Dan
Rating by h***1 for Enchi YB Pin Pied Ball Python ($500.00)
Goes the extra mile with customer service. Easy to work with helped moved the snake to frozen food. Beautiful and healthy snake with a calm disposition.
Rating by m***b for Enchi YB Dbl Het Lavender Pied Ball Python ($300.00)
1st time buying one off line and they talked me trough it and made it all easy for me! Will be getting more from them.
Rating by s***e for Lavender Het Pied Ball Python ($300.00)
Got an awesome animal, very healthy and bigger then expected. Great communication the whole time. Will do business again
Rating by t***0 for Fire Redstripe Pied Het Lavender Albino Ball Python ($600.00)
Had a great experience with mile High Mutations! Paid for the ball python and they waited to Ship until the weather was at a good temperature for shipping Had great communication throughout the process 10/10 recommend!
Thanks a lot Zane! Cant wait to see what he does for you. He’s a stunner!
Rating by z***7 for Banana Leopard Spotnose Het Clown (Female Maker) Ball Python ($650.00)
Dan was great. Animal was better than described. Will definitely be buying more from Dan in the future.
Rating by a***7 for Enchi Pied Het Lavender Albino Ball Python ($400.00)
Very respectful talked with me through the whole process
Rating by k***9 for Clown (Possible Leopard) Ball Python ($150.00)
Dan was great from start to finish. This girl looks way better in person than from her photos. Would love to do business with again in the future.
Rating by w***s for YB Dreamsicle Ball Python ($2,000.00)
Working with him was very easy. Communication was amazing. Arrived perfectly and very quickly.
Rating by s***u for Mahogany Lavender Het Pied Poss YB Ball Python ($600.00)
All around great experience!
Rating by u***i for YB Lavender Het Pied Ball Python ($400.00)
Awesome service, couldn’t have asked for a better first experience
Rating by m***4 for Banana Spotnose Clown (Female Maker) Ball Python ($950.00)
Highly recommend purchasing from Dan. The snakes he produces are healthy and high quality! He’s also awesome to work with.
Rating by v***0 for Enchi YB Mahogany Dbl Het Lavender Pied Ball Python ($1,000.00)
I highly recommend this breeder - not only was he super kind , took time to provide me with answers to all my question but also was super flexible with payment plan and shipping.. super happy with this transaction 😁 100%
Rating by k***o for Blackhead Pied Het Lavender Ball Python ($1,100.00)
Dan and his family are top notch! Great people to do business with! Very clean and organized, take great pride and have a true love for their animals. Dan always answers fast, and is honest and friendly. Great snake! Thank you! Ray
Thanks brother! It was a pleasure.
Rating by r***1 for YB Dreamsicle Ball Python ($1,800.00)
Hands down one of the most awesome breeder around , will definitely be doing business again 😁
Rating by k***o for YB Lavender Het Pied Ball Python ($1,250.00)
Communication was great, got my snake on time, no complaints!
Rating by m***0 for Fire Pied Het Lavender Albino Ball Python ($750.00)
Snakes look incredible in-person! I picked up 3 they all arrived happy and healthy!! And communication through the entire transaction was fantastic! Thanks 😊
Rating by m***s for Black Pastel Yellowbelly Lavender Albino Het Pied Ball Python ($1,600.00)
Dan was great to work with. He had great communication and very responsive. I wanted to ensure I purchased from someone that handled their snakes. We are excited to let this little man get settled and acclimated to the family. Snake looks great!
Rating by g***t for Clown Ball Python ($200.00)
Zero complaints about this snake or the experience. Dan was great to work with
Rating by o***s for ODYB Pied Het Clown Ball Python ($2,500.00)
Beautiful snake. Transaction was smooth from start to finish. Very happy.
Rating by o***s for Spotnose DG Het Clown 50% Het G-Stripe Ball Python ($4,250.00)
Everything top notch and smooth. Great to deal with.
Thanks so much Jon.
Rating by b***s for SALE** Pied Het Clown Ball Python ($400.00)
This animal was bought as a package deal alongside a DG het Clown male. She came in a warm box and Dan’s customer service is nothing short of amazing. 5 stars every day!!!
Rating by s***s for SALE** Butter Dbl Het DG Clown 50% Het G-Stripe Ball Python ($720.00)
Dan is a pleasure to work with. He’s very involved and has incredible customer service. My animals came in a very warm box despite the cooler weather here in Denver. 5 stars every day of the week and I will be buying again!!
Rating by s***s for SALE** Desert Ghost Het Clown 50% Het G-Stripe Ball Python ($1,400.00)
I’ve purchased multiple snakes from Dan and there’s a reason for that! Dan takes the time to talk to me about the projects I want to get into! Dan ships the snakes fast and communicates with me throughout the whole process! Snakes were amazing!
Rating by s***s for Dbl Het DG Clown 50% Het G-Stripe Ball Python ($250.00)
Dan has been amazing to deal with! He took the time to talk snake morphs over with me and helped me get into a future project I’ve always wanted to get into! Dan shipped the animals fast and they arrived in excellent condition!
Rating by s***s for Pastel Spotnose Dbl Het DG Clown 50% Het G-Stripe Ball Python ($1,000.00)
Professionally packaged, great value, high level of communication, will do business with anytime!
Thanks so much Jeff. It was a pleasure. Hopefully she makes some beautiful YB DG Pieds for you in the future.
Rating by j***s for SALE** YB Dbl Het DG Pied 50% Het G-Stripe Ball Python ($675.00)
MILE HIGH CUSTOMER SERVICE! Dan of Mile High Mutations was responsive and informative throughout my purchasing experience. The store is aptly named as they produce the highest quality snakes and provide top notch, personalized customer service.
Thanks again. I hope they both do great things for you in the future!
Rating by a***i for SALE** Spotnose Clown Ball Python ($825.00)
Amazing seller. Wonderful communication. The snake arrived safe and healthy. The packaging was done very thoughtfully and carefully, and also included some nice additions. I highly recommend this store to everyone
Thank you Brendan. I’m glad you’re happy with her.
Rating by b***h for ** SALE Pied Het Lavender Ball Python ($450.00)
This was the most amazing experience buying a pet. I was skeptical at first but it’s was truly the best. They answered any questions that I had and can still reach out if I have anymore. They even FaceTimed went way above and beyond for me
Thank you so much. I’m glad you and your son are happy with him. Happy Holidays.
Rating by s***x for SALE** Lavender Albino Het Pied Ball Python ($375.00)
One of the best experiences we’ve had purchasing a snake. Very responsive with communication, easy shipping options, and the best packaging of anyone we’ve bought a snake from. Top notch quality on this girl! Would highly recommend! Will be back!
Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you’re happy with her.
Rating by j***d for SALE** Blade Clown Ball Python ($225.00)
Dan is a great guy to do business with. He went above and beyond to answer any and all questions. Beautiful snake. Definitely would recommend him for your next purchase.
Rating by m***t for SALE** Pied Het Lavender Ball Python ($450.00)
Beautiful snake and over all great quality from communication, packaging, presentation and shipping! I would recommend purchasing from Dan as he produces some gorgeous and healthy snakes. It was a pleasure and I would buy from him again!
Rating by v***0 for SALE** Blackhead Lavender Het Pied Ball Python ($600.00)
Dan was awesome to work with. He always responded quickly and was transparent through the whole deal. The way he packaged them up was awesome, the snakes were warm when I opened the box. Perfect!!!
Thanks Chris. I’m glad you like them. It was a pleasure.
This leopard clown is so darn cool! She eats frozen thawed and is super friendly. When I take her out to spend time with her she's always so curious. I am so happy to have her in my collection. Thanks again Dan!
Rating by 9***k for Leopard Clown Ball Python ($700.00)
Received my leopard clown and am very happy with him. I highly recommend theses guys. Good communication and awesome pricing. Highly recommend!!!
Thanks again bro. Cant wait to see what he does for you in the future.
Rating by a***s for Leopard Clown Ball Python ($500.00)
Very good communication. Awesome prices. I would highly recommend buying from them
Thank you Andy. It was a pleasure. I hope she does great things for you!
Rating by a***s for Spotnose Clown Ball Python ($1,200.00)
Spotnose clown is even better looking in person. Amazing looking animal.
Thank you. Hopefully you find out she has more going on then just Spotnose!!
Rating by s***a for Spotnose Clown Ball Python ($1,200.00)
Seller was very responsive and I will definitely do business with him again. Recommended highly.
Thanks bro. I hope he does some amazing things for you!!
Rating by t***s for Confusion Clown Ball Python ($5,500.00)