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Hey there! My name is Emmy. I strive to care for these incredible creatures as God cares for us, providing them with an abundance of all they need. I strive for my geckos to be as well tamed as they can get, content and comfortable with being held. I think that all are crested geckos are beautiful, but I still strive to breed the best of the best! I breed on a small scale so that I'm able to only select the highest quality breeders and give personalized care to every gecko here. I hope that these incredible creatures will bring you as much joy as they've brought me!

"And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work." - 1 Corinthians 9:8

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Store Policy

Payment plans

At MountainCresties I strive to make high-end and healthy crested geckos accessible. For this reason I offer a variety of flexible payment plans, details can be seen below!

All payments made towards payment plans are non-refundable if the payment plan is not completed. The deposit amount depends on the payment plan, but I'm flexible, so let me know if you need an exception to be made and I'll do my best to work with you!

Your gecko will not be shipped until he/she is fully paid off. Please keep this in mind when choosing a payment plan length, especially with bad weather approaching!

Payment plans are available for purchases of up to 3 geckos at all time! Special consideration will be made for larger purchases.

4-week payment plan

This payment plan is best for those who just need to wait until the next paycheck. With this payment plan you are required to pay a 15% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit and have a 4-week window to pay off the gecko, just pick a date or multiple dates and pay then!

6-week payment plan

With this payment plan you are required to pay a 20% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit. The remaining amount owed may be split equally into 4 different payments to be paid bi-weekly, 2 different payments to be paid monthly, or 8 different payments to be paid weekly.

10-week payment plan

With this payment plan you are required to play a 25% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit. The remaining amount owed may be split equally into 4 different payments to be paid bi-weekly or 10 different payments to be paid weekly.

12-week payment plan

With this payment plan you are required to pay a 25% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit. The remaining amount owed may be split equally into 6 different payments to be paid bi-weekly or 12 different payment to be paid weekly.

Pre-established geckos

I occasionally sell geckos as "Pre-established", this means that the gecko is not at a weight that I would be comfortable shipping him/her at. The health of the gecko always comes first! If you purchase a pre-established gecko you must be prepared to wait a few weeks before he/she can be shipped, although typically pre-established geckos reach shipping weight (3g) within a month of purchase. If you purchase a pre-established gecko and an established gecko in the same purchase, the established gecko will not be shipped until the pre-established gecko can be shipped with him/her unless the shipping fee is paid twice.


United States:
Geckos are not shipped to residential addresses unless discussed before purchase and found to be appropriate. Geckos are typically shipped to FedEx Ship Centers via FedEx priority overnight shipping. This is only when the weather permits, if the weather does not permit, I will hold onto your gecko until shipping is safe. Geckos are not shipped in temperatures below 40°F and above 90°F. Geckos are shipped out Monday through Wednesday. Shipping cost is a flat rate $65 regardless of number of geckos purchased.

Live-arrival guarantee and conditions

For live-arrival to be guaranteed you must pick-up your gecko from the FedEx Ship Center within two hours of being available for pick-up unless otherwise discussed before purchase, and send an unboxing video of the gecko within one hour of pick-up. If these two parameters are not met you will not receive compensation under any circumstances. A gecko may drop his/her tail before, during, or after shipping, for which I am not responsible. Once you receive your gecko you are fully responsible for him/her. If the gecko arrives dead and the parameters described above are met, you will receive store credit for the full price of the gecko plus a 10% discount.

7 day health guarantee and conditions

To be eligible for my 7 day health guarantee you must send a video of the gecko in his/her enclosure and you must provide proof that the gecko is being kept at an appropriate temperature, you must send these on the day of delivery. You must also contact me immediately if any issues arise. The gecko's passing cannot be the fault of the recipient as determined by myself or general public opinion. If the gecko passes within 7 days and you are eligible, you will receive store credit for the full price of the gecko and a 10% discount. In the event that a treatable medical issue is discovered within 7 days of delivery and you are eligible for the 7 day health guarantee, I will compensate you for treatment up to $100 or you may opt to exchange the gecko and I will treat the medical issue here.


The photos used in a listing are always the best representation that I can get of the gecko. The gecko will not look this way at all times. I can provide additional photos and/or videos upon request. Color may also vary between different computer and phone screens. Color is never guaranteed.


I do accept returns, but I am not required to pay for the gecko or the price of shipping. However once I receive the gecko I may pay for the price of shipping, and in some instances, will offer a partial refund or store credit. If you need to return your gecko contact me and I will do my best to help you!


I do accept cancellations. If the purchase is canceled within 24 hours after payment is sent you will receive a full refund. If the purchase is cancelled any later you will receive store credit equal to 75% of the purchase price. If a purchase was made and I have made efforts to contact you with no response for 2 weeks the purchase will be considered canceled and no compensation will be given.


The sex of a gecko weighing under 25g is not guaranteed unless otherwise stated. I loupe every gecko with 30X and 60X loupes to formulate my evaluation of the gecko's sex. Geckos may develop pores after the purchase was made, I can not be held responsible for this. I will check purchased geckos for pores at request, but this will disqualify you from getting store credit in the event of a cancelation.


I cannot guarantee that you will receive your gecko at the weight that he/she was listed at. It is very common for geckos to lose some weight during and after shipping. It is also likely that your gecko will gain weight while in my care. If you receive your gecko and he/she is less than 70% of his/her listed weight and he/she has not lost his/her tail, you may opt to return the gecko after he/she has a week to rest and receive full store credit plus a 10% discount.

I do not give refunds unless a purchase is canceled within 24 hours.

MorphMarket's Default Store Policy specifies any terms which have not been overridden by this Seller's stated policy.

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“The seller was absolutely wonderful. She kept in contact with me through the whole process. My gecko arrived in a timely manner . The gecko is healthy and beautiful!”


“First time ever buying a animal off this app and was extremely happy with how the seller kept me updated and answered all my questions, the gecko came to me in perfect packaging and was very healthy I would recommend this lady and her gorgeous geckos”


“This is a seller you should support! I purchased a crestie & they held it for several months until the weather was safe enough to ship. During that time they provided me with updates/photos. Little one is GORGEOUS and was packaged very nicely!”


“Absolutely perfect experience! Could not have been better! Extremely responsive & the gecko came very quickly and in great health! Great color representation in the pictures that were sent and posted! Absolutely recommend this seller!”


“Best experience I’ve had purchasing a gecko online. Seller was helpful, communicative and overall pleasant. I bought before baby was ready for shipping and the seller was great with providing updates until shipped. Baby arrived healthy and beautiful!”


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